Wing Commander Armada Intro remake in 4K


Rear Admiral
Remember the render I made for the CIC's 22nd Birthday celebration?

You probably have guessed already what it is all about:
It's a remake of the intro sequence of "Wing Commander Armada" in 4K, using the Privateer 3D assets:

Depending in the interest and the feedback, I may rework the sequence again and perhabs remake the other cutscenes from that game.

Should anyone ever do a modernisation of WC Armada like it is being done for WC4 right now, I'd be happy to contribute my remake.


Models: Origin Systems (Privateer 3D Archive)
Vectorized logos: elend
Animation, rendering, cut: Fek’Leyr Targ
Music: Midian’
Reorchestration: Fek’Leyr Targ
Soundfont used: Timbres of Heaven 4.0
Programs used: 3D Exploration, Blender, Synthfont, Premiere Pro
Special thanks: Chris Roberts, Jeff Everett, elend, ODVS, Wing Commander CIC
Man, I poured so many hours into Armada... Underappreciated game, I feel. Nice work!

Can't agree more! And it's surprisingly playable online in 2021, although more stable in quick combat form. A high res update to the actual game would be just amazing.
Sorry for the late reply.
I'm glad you guys like my video.
Oh wow! Also wow! Where did you find ToH4.0? I didn't realize Don Allen sent anything on the Midkar email list. Can't seem to find it. :(
Yeah, I made a minor mistake: It's actually ToH3.94.