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Welcome to the CIC's 22nd Birthday celebration! We had to reschedule a couple times due to 2020-related awfulness, but we're extremely happy to have finally made it here today. Once again, super talented Wingnuts have shown up in force to put together a ton of fantastic updates below. There are substantial releases for well established projects and some truly exciting teasers for new items fans are working hard to bring you next. Even this kickoff image put together by FekLeyrTarg is itself a preview of something special in the works! We're glad you could be here with us - please enjoy the updates!

This year, inspired by the recent efforts to bring the later WC titles into 4K, I'd like to present a small teaser for things to come. :)

Original update published on October 11, 2020
Armada, y'all - a Shok'lar flying out of the landing bay of Shiraak. You see that image pretty much frame for frame when you fire up the game. It's a really nice re-mastered render.

Wish I could've made the party this year, but it corresponded with the first playtesting event my local board game designer group has had in close to a year; it was good to see everybody. I'm afraid the party completely slipped my mind...
It's just amazing to me how much of an upgrade this preview is! The original for comparison from Moby Games
Worked on the next two scenes.
"Launch from Lexington" is pretty much done and "Dogfight" still needs effects.


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A new thread has been opened for that project: