Who's hottest?

Who's hottest?

  • Flint

    Votes: 11 19.0%
  • Rachel

    Votes: 8 13.8%
  • Panther

    Votes: 31 53.4%
  • Sosa

    Votes: 8 13.8%

  • Total voters


Originally posted by pygmypiranha
All I want is Hot women and a hot car. One of those women certainly qualify.
i'd rather a hot woman and a FAST car,
or a FAST woman and a FAST car.
or maybe just a woman....


Rogue Leader
Originally posted by vax
Yeah, that plastered, pulled back too far, helmet-head look wasn't very pretty.
It wasn't meant to be. Far more realistic for a military setting than Finley's boofhead hair.

Originally posted by Starkey
Like almost all sequels, this thread is worse than that other one.
Which is why I haven't voted and why I wasn't going to post, initially (not that I've posted anything much relevant to the original question, anyway). I always thought 'drooling' over women is a silly (not to mention, unattractive) thing to do.

Originally posted by Ripper
Hobbes: So how is the fine friend, and comrade Angel?

Blair: Aaaa... gutted like a fish. But theres two babes on board that have the hots for me! I'm gonna try to get them both together! Woo Hoo!
Heh, funny, if sickeningly twisted. :)


Originally posted by Starkey
<sigh> no.

A few months ago, Col.Dom posted a thread - there´s a link to it in my post below - named "For the Gents" which was very similar to this thread. So, I meant that THIS thread is a SEQUEL to that OTHER thread. The Gents thread was better and funnier than this one. I never said anything about a movie and AFAIK there´s is no sequel planned.

"It's like old home week."

Is it just me or am I being referrenced often, these days? Yeah, I know I'm that influential :cool:

Anyway- when I saw the thread name, I was gonna' post how I already made one. Thanks Starkey :D And, yes, mine was wicked funny!

Oh yes- I voted for Panther. W00T W00T!!