Who's hottest?

Who's hottest?

  • Flint

    Votes: 11 19.0%
  • Rachel

    Votes: 8 13.8%
  • Panther

    Votes: 31 53.4%
  • Sosa

    Votes: 8 13.8%

  • Total voters
Originally posted by UCFKevin
From Friends.
Pfft, Friends...

Originally posted by UCFKevin
That pic of Stiletto is very nice, I didn't know she had that nice of a body.
Ahh, you're so fickle. ;) I just think it's nice to actually see her with her hair down. :)

Originally posted by Meson
This entire thread is a joke, but I could be wrong.
I'd bet you're right. :)
Originally posted by Wedge009
...I just think it's nice to actually see her with her hair down. :)

Yeah, that plastered, pulled back too far, helmet-head look wasn't very pretty. :( That nice black and white picture down there makes me change my opinion of her :D
Bah, anybody can do that with a hazy light.

Shadows man! Emotion! But then again, if I was in a sudio with her, my mind would be on other things too.
I'd say its a layup between Sosa and Panther. Finley really creeped me out with the whole kissing casey thing. She must be at least 30 (shes a Lt Commander!)and Casey barely in his twenties.
I don't know guys... Stiletto was hot, and that whole ice queen hard to get act just helped that along... And Rachel.... ewwww
Come to think of it, Stilletto was hella (excuse me for not being k-rad) hot. Please disregard my former post.

"Stiletto, stiletto, I wonder what that is..." Maestro is a complete idiot. It is a type of blade.

Casey really will never get with anyone. The guy, even after rakin in some of the highest awards in confed and getting his 1st Lt, not to mention working with Colonel (HE WILL ALWAYS BE A COLONEL IN MY BOOK, sorry all of you navy-lovers out there) Christopher "Maverick" Blair, still, Casey has that newbie look on his face. I've seen Stephen Petrarca in a movie or two, but PLEASE, that newbie look on his face totally f@cked up the WCP ending.

Recap: Stiletto is hot. That's about it.
If you don't want to call him Commodore, you could at least recognize that he made Brigadier General...
Big mistake making a topic on this subject, 'cause now you hafta put up with my drool over Sosa. MMMMM, Sooooossaaaaa......
Person 1: I like woman X!
Person 2: No, woman Y is better!
Person 3: I like woman X!
LeHah: Music is awesome!
Person 4: No, woman Y is better!

Repeat. Over and over and over and over and over.
<sigh> no.

A few months ago, Col.Dom posted a thread - there´s a link to it in my post below - named "For the Gents" which was very similar to this thread. So, I meant that THIS thread is a SEQUEL to that OTHER thread. The Gents thread was better and funnier than this one. I never said anything about a movie and AFAIK there´s is no sequel planned.
Get it? The movie sequel would be worse than the original (is that possible)?:D

But back to the ladies...

Hobbes: So how is the fine friend, and comrade Angel?

Blair: Aaaa... gutted like a fish. But theres two babes on board that have the hots for me! I'm gonna try to get them both together! Woo Hoo!
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