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Well,in his position I would choose nothing,not cause of Angel but cause I actually dont like neither Rachel nor Flint ;)
Yeah, I wish there was a way to avoid Angel getting killed. She was my favourite aside from Spirit. Especially Yolanda Jilot. I'm tempted to get all mushey, but I won't.
Of course Stilleto is hot.

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Not doing anything about it didn't help Casey stabilishing himself as a macho protagonist. Look at Blair. 5 games, 4 girls. And that even doing nothing onscreen on WCIV and WCP. Not to mention Patricia Drake, who looked him in a very... particular... way. But that's open for debate. We could aslo talk about Major Edmond, but hey, I think Blair would pass on her. And the mechanic from WC2, Blair didn't have a problem with that. But Casey was more interested on Maestro. Chancellor's daughter... yeah, right. But I digress.

As for the girls:
Some Mandarin girl from SM2

And I think Panther did really admire him as a friend. And got the funnier, better ending.
Originally posted by ChrisReid
Maria "Minx" Grimaldi from SO2. You need to clean out a few of those cobwebs.

Oh yeah, Minx. I still have a good general idea of it, but I would not be on the TOP15 of any trivia. :)
Navigating the WC Guide can be a bit tricky. The web page is meant to be designed as a monitor, with buttens that you push and such. When you go to the Flight Roster, you'll be confronted by the ranks as you said. To the left there should be able to click on links that take you to the various members of Confed, Kilrathi, Boarder Worlds, et al. Click on the grey butten next to the logo where you want to look up. You should be able to scroll through the characters in the usual manner. And here's a cool trick; move your mouse over the picture to see the character from the various games he's been in, so, say, Blair would be shown first from the movie, then WC1, WC2, then WC 3-Prophecy. (It's all the one picture, unlike that characters guide I put up). And no SWC, which could be seen as a blessing.

And for those who don't mind gallows humor, in reply to an old thread about whether Kilrathi eat humans, all I'll say is that if Yolanda Jilot wanted to eat me, I wouldn't particularly mind.
Hmmm? You sure you don't mean the other character guide I mentioned? That one has the author having personal thoughts and interpretations, things like saying how they like Hunter where the general WC site does not show favortism. But if you want my opinion, I'd take the script as the holy writ above all else.