Who did you *think* it was?

Who did you *think* it was (traitor in WC 2)

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Originally posted by mpanty
Angel???? How could you guys suspect the love of your life???

Well, I didn't think relationship between Blair and Angel was that strong prior to the later stages of WC2. I thought she and Bossman were meant to be an item, although I must admit I haven't played the Special Ops? Secret Missions? whatever ... the addon to WC1 (no, don't go posting just to tell me. I really don't care that much).

Anyway, I didn't have any strong feelings for Angel at the start of WC2. I just base my reasoning on:
a) She had been on board the Tiger's Claw for even longer than Blair, so she would have a good reason for hating him, if she believed him responsible for its destruction.
b) She supported Blair, got him back on the flight roster etc. (in much the same way Blair supports, or at least can support, Hobbes). If she was the traitor, it would be much easier to operate with Blair there to take the blame.

I must admit I struggle to see how Angel could be the traitor in WC3 though, considering that she is/was on Kilrah and not the Victory.


oh okay, I wouldn't of thought Angel either, but then again, I had played WC III before WC I and WC II :)


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Actually, Hobbes is listed as being 'excellent' in combat in Academy. I don't care, anyway, all computer wingmen are bad pilots, it's their attitude which concerns me, and Hobbes was nice enough to get you on the flight roster, despite Blair's initial prejudice.


Re: Re: Re: Who did you *think* it was?

Originally posted by redwolf

Some would argue (including myself) he wasn't a traitor to the Confederation in the sense of the word traitor. More a concerned but misguided leader.

However, with regards to humanity on the other hand...

Call me crazy, but I think that trying to manipulate a democraticly elected government into a needless war of agression against a peacefull neighbour, carrying out terror attacks against the civilians you're sworn to protect (the refugees), killing your fellow soldiers both directly (the Orlando depot) and indirectly (all the Confed pilots and Navy crew who died in the Border Worlds Conflict), to say nothing of plotting wipe out *ninety percent* of Confed's population, are all treasonous activities.

In short, once you get through with subverting your nation's government, slaughtering its people, and trying to destroy its values of freedom, peace and the sancity of human life, you've pretty covered the gaumet of what it means to be a traitor. The fact that you personally believe that what you're doing is right doesn't enter into it. As we've seen in the last couple of day, the very worst of things can be done those who believe that what they're doing is right.

Best, Raptor


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Originally posted by Dralthi5

But when I first played WC3, that was a different story. I suspected Angel, for some dumb reason. Didn't suspect Hobbes until too late, then I felt like an idiot for yelling at Cobra.

Don't feel bad, she deserved that yelling.

Although suspecting Angel seems strange to me too. ;) I mean, of course she could have passed on information to Thrakhath while on Kilrah (possibly through torture) but as someone else said, she wasn't onboard the Victory, so couldn't have sent the information about the Behemoth we see in the curscene. I'd really like to know how you came up with this idea? :)