Who did you *think* it was?

Who did you *think* it was (traitor in WC 2)

  • Spirit

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • Hobbes

    Votes: 6 21.4%
  • Jazz

    Votes: 11 39.3%
  • Other (specify)

    Votes: 8 28.6%

  • Total voters


Who do you think was the traitor in WC 2 and why?

Personally I just went along with it not suspecting anyone :)


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Never ever did the possibility that Spirit could be the traitor cross my mind... She'd never do that...
IIRC, maybe I thought of Stingray... but I don't think I thought of Jazz until a few missions before Angel discovers the truth...


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Downtown because he could have been brainwashed, and then purposely let him escape to Confed, but making people believe he actually had to struggle to escape.


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Originally posted by Mav23
Personally I just went along with it not suspecting anyone
I don't think I suspected anyone either, since WC2 was my first WC game. But I would wonder why Jazz showed such hate for Blair and asked questions about Stingray when he was investigated. Dead giveaways, I think.


Tolwyn, just because he was such a jerk. Well, I was right about him being a traitor, just wrong about the timing. :)

Best, Raptor


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Again, I can't use the 'vote' button but I always thought it to be Jazz and was sure when I saw the scene where that communications guy was killed, because the murderer said 'kid' which Jazz kept saying in other cutscenes.


Re: Re: Who did you *think* it was?

Originally posted by Raptor
Tolwyn, just because he was such a jerk. Well, I was right about him being a traitor, just wrong about the timing. :)

Some would argue (including myself) he wasn't a traitor to the Confederation in the sense of the word traitor. More a concerned but misguided leader.

However, with regards to humanity on the other hand...


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Well he was found guilty of treason, that seems to be the definition of traitor to me...


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Ok then...
...but in the Kilrathi War context, I don't think Tolwyn would have ever betrayed Confed...


I can't really remember, my first time WC2 was so long ago!!
I don't think I really suspected anyone though. I never thought it was Spirit or Hobbes though. Man was I shocked when Hobbes turned out to be traitor in WC3! (or does that mean he wasn't really a traitor, since he betrayed the Kilrathi, and by going back to them, does that make him a traitor twice, or not a traitor to begin with, and if you go by the personality overlay explanation... AARGGHH am I still making sense?) :confused:


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Ok, that was a good point about Hobbes there, because I am STILL confused about that! I mean, he defected, right? So how could he have been brainwashed in the first place? Unless...the Gorrah Khar rebellion was a ruse from the beginning? Hmmmmm...


Yeah, there was always SOMETHING about Jazz.

Who the hell else, though, is as smooth as him during a fight?

The Tolwyn thing....erm....I don't think he would have betrayed the Confederation during the War. Like Eisen said "Loyalty to Confed needed very little encouragement. After all, what was the alternative?"

He didn't really think he was destroying the Confederation, merely making it stronger.


I thought it might have been the Tolwyn. He always seemed to be suspicious and trying to get Blair away from everyone.


Well, I didn't pick anybody, although I must admit I really didn't think too hard about it. I did get real suspicious when you started to fly with Jazz right about the time those Stealth fighters turned up.

If I had bothered to guess a traitor, I think Jazz would have been one of my first picks ... he was always too smart, and eager to cast doubt on both you and Stingray.

I may also have gone for Angel ... she was kinda the opposite of Jazz in that she supported you and got you back on the flight roster, when perhaps she should have been a little less eager considering.


When I first played WC2, I already knew it was Jazz, 'cause I had been hanging around here for a while.

But when I first played WC3, that was a different story. I suspected Angel, for some dumb reason. Didn't suspect Hobbes until too late, then I felt like an idiot for yelling at Cobra. ;)