Which Confed Uniform do you like?

yea Paladins shirt on WC2 was shiznitt but considering uniforms,Id have to say WC1 the brown flight jacket gave it that WW1, WW2 feel
What? Don't trust my loadouts:D

I only regret that I have but one life to give confed,,Loozer>>Hells Kitchen, Vega Sector
Well personally I like the Wc4 Blacklance uniform, but from confed I would also have to go with the Wc4 version.
Well, technically speaking the Black Lance were a branch of the Confed military. A renegade branch, it's true, and one that was acting without the approval of the Confed government in WC4, but they were still Confed.

Best, Raptor
I like the WC4 uniforms, but WCP's are cool too. I think I'm going to get a red shirt and have TCS Midway printed on the front :)
I think me and LOAF discussed making those shirts (and white ones with TCS Victory across the front) but couldn't due to EA's silly licensing. :)
I was just going to have my local sports wear shop make one for myself. Maybe a couple more for my WC friends.... no one will ever know......:)