Where did we first see the Confederation symbol

Gunner: I guess I will start a new thread all about the concordia. That's a good idea...
Its also on the podium that blair gives the briefings on in WING 3.

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I don't know about you guys, but did you ever think that the Concordia looked like an old 50s car with the tail fins.

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Terrorizer I've sent you the pictures, there's about 10 of them. I send them in the .zip format so I hope you have Win.zip or something else that can open zip files.

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Kalk... you do realize the reason that the first picture was put up was to show the star... I put the side shot because it was easiest to see... On your shot you can't even see the star


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Hey terrorizer can ya make me one of the Dralthi
i always wanted a toy model or anything of the Dralthi
never saw the toy of the one from the movie
but i did find a kilrathi general packaged in the Kilrathi Pilots box for 99 cents

i never should have opened it though

ummm i dunno
i just don't wanna leave this blank :p
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they made my pics to save list
i still want a model or toy of one of the variants (except the movies i like the games better)
wich u didn't post a pic of :p
i wish they made model kits of all the WC fighter all the way up to WC4
that would kick
i would buy them all dralthi first of course :p
Oh... I don't know if I should be impressed... or gratified...

Well... quite frankly... It is hard to say where exactly it was first seen.
i never payed attention to the symbol
but what i would like to know is what that one on Tolwyns floor and on the armpatches in WC3 is for
is that the space forces symbol?
Oh that thing... hmm... I've never paid too much attention to that feature. Yet... it is interesting. Have any clues?

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The man who designed it posted to agwc many years ago -- it's the Confederation 'Unified Forces' symbol... it was retired after the war.

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