Well sorry everyone....

Let's start a poll! Which type of CZ do you think would attract the most weirdos?

1. Granny Porn CZ
2. Goatse CZ
3. WC CZ

Or perhaps not.
We do get quite a few weirdos as it is... but a Goatse CZ would get all those crazy Slashdot people linking to it in their comments... so even more weirdos would come... and then SA would do something... and it would never end :(
Wow, I don't remember that... that's even cooler than the LEGO (tm) Mindstorm webserver...
I can't think of any more cool webservers. If we ever get our own server, we should do something fun to it. But since we're cheap, it won't happen.
A C64 server can't be expensive... It can stream 1 bit music off its tape deck (seriously!)
The bandwidth is the expensive part. We'd need to buy a fast line. I don't think Chris' cable modem would cut it.
How much bandwidth could a C64 really take, though? And it's better than Chris' 56k.. to bad he upgraded, that was great for jokes :(
It could be c64.wcnews.com and have information about that C64 Wing Commander game with the airplanes in it.
It's going to be interesting seeing if he can pull off SWC on the system... he'll have to get a TV-out card for a mac or somesuch... or he could emulate, but that's less fun and more your job.
I dunno if there are any good mac emulators. I bet people throw out macs every day anyway so it should be easy to find one. And if they don't throw out macs every day, I want to know why not.
Yeah, if you could ever get the thing to work.

Speaking of which, I have to go work again now. This time.. I probably won't return. :(

So be back later.
mkay, I'll probably be around for another hour if you show up... just post and I'll notice eventually