Weapons of the marines/army

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This picture was on this site:

In the pegasus scene, theres some security cam footage of a passageway shootout. Thats the same girl who in the final cut is shooting a big rifle and then runs away. This is probably a pose on set just for fun rather than an actual frame of unused footage
I saw this picture of "The deadly Kilrathi Dor-Chak on a table at Digital Anvil's lobby." in the Wing Commander movie coverage and thought it belonged in this thread.

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The card game

It looks like the wing commander card game has at least one weapon in it:
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Wow, long time since this got a response. Anyway, this thread could benefit from a picture of those rifles used by the humans in WC3.

During the funeral scenes and when they rescued that doctor guy who got popped by Vagabond, the marines were carrying a gray rifle that fired blue lasers. I'm guessing that was a standard firearm in 2669.