Weapons of the marines/army

What I said
This would seem to be some kind of non-laser rifle
Here's why I thought it wasn't a laser rifle
At no point did I "try to make determinations." I never tried to settle this question or thought the question was settled. We'd have to talk to the artist about what he or she intended for this 27th century weapon.

How can you tell anything from that pixelicious image, though?
I agree that the picture is open to interpretation. Certainly a more detailed picture would be helpful. I don't think one exists. My posts contained my "best guesses" nothing less, nothing more. I welcome the discussion of these "best guesses."

Why wouldn't a laser rifle need a 2x15 pixel "handguard" just as much as any projectile rifle?
As I understand the purpose of a handguard on a rifle (again I'm not a firearms expert), it protects the user's hand from the heat of the barrel when the gun is fired.

The way these laser or beam rifles from earlier in the thread are being held suggests that the user (who presumably is trained) is not concerned about a hot barrel


Your 2x4 pixel "ejection port" might as well be a switch to select how powerful you want the laser to shoot
I agree. It could also be a handle folded down. I think it would be a poor location for a switch because it is away from the user's hands. Why would such an important switch be placed in a non-intuitive location? I think it would be a good location for an ejection port, though.

Note how these laser or beam rifles don't have a magazine in front of the trigger


The 2x4 pixel magazine on this weapon could also hold batteries

The weapon, however, looks remarkably like a WWII submachine gun, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grease_Gun or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MP_40
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st3lt3k said:
At no point did I "try to make determinations." I never tried to settle this question or thought the question was settled.

You're spending a whole bunch of time making determinations and trying to settle the questions based on black and gray dots the size of a pencil tip. A lot of your assumptions are far fetched or rely on arbitrary ideas. You're welcome to continue, but I've been waiting for an opportunity to push the forum's "Tachy Goes to Coventry" button for a while now.
I'm not sure what that means.

Anyway, St3lt3k e-mailed me to suggest I look up these images from Privateer:


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I am sorry but I am going to interrupt here
But did we not have made a proper list of all the weapons used in the marines/army from both sides yet??
Do we have a list of all the weapons used in the marines/army from both sides... in the thread where everyone is posting additions to the list of weapons used in the marines/army from both sides... that's a tough one.
See if your making a WC FPS game just make up weapons like they did in Star trek Voyager Elite Forces but base the made up ones on the real weapons!
I'm sorry I have seen people posting up pics, specs and details of the weapons used on both sides and I am wondering if there was a list of all the weapons used on both sides?
I suppose I agree with you loaf that would be a hard thing to list
Hehe, Elite Force is about as far as you can get from an example of how to smoothly introduce retroactive continuity.

Oh, yeah... there's space marines on Voyager... we just never *see* them on TV! That's the ticket!
now there is something they should have done next for the star trek series
a marines based series, maybe on the dominion war or something
I think a Star Trek-based marines game would suffer from too much pause-acting from its cast.

"There's............TOO MANY of them! We should...............fall back and regroup from our losses!"

"They're dead, Jim!"
privfan said:
well, It's not a problem on a prop, but in real life his setup would be bad. The red dot sight is mounted on the magazine


What are you talking about? In the prophecy picture theres a laser sight mounted on the end of the barrel (it hangs down from the barrel actually), no where near a magazine would be. Blair grips what, in todays rifles might be a clip, behind the laser sight:


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on a Calico that round blocky thing on top is the magazine
and there's a red dot sight (not the same thing as a laser sight) on top of it

although now that I found a clearer picture, the red dot might be connected to the normal iron sight post at the front of the magazine and just hang back over it
In Wing Commander Academy episode 4 (based on airdate), Word of Honor, Paz uses this weapon toward the end of the episode. Earlier in the episode, he has a different weapon.


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