WCU TODO list. Will be added to as needed. Items will be crossed as needed.

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alright Spirit, as i promised here is the Excel file with the current orginized information. From now on you may use it to add there tasks and the stuff. Also its good to track down the progress.

So if you released the build of WCU you now easily may look up the date of the finished stuff and than list fixes/updates of the current build you are letting people to download. Giving thus more transperency on the project.


So i guess you may add this link to the top of the thread and write down the stuff there or here if you wish adn i'll update the file as the new info popups.
hey Spirit what do you mean by making realistic Planets bigger? you need bigger models for them or better textures or what? if that touches any 3D field i'll do it, i loved planets ALWAYS! ;)

P.S. ohh and make the date field wider, otherwise you can't see the date clearly, only after you click the field. not too good ;)

P.S.S. ohhh ya, and do not forget to put the link to the first post of this thread, otherwise newcomers will be a little bit puzzled ;)
The planet textures are more or less OK, I just need to tell the autogen to make bigger spheres for planets.... "Hey, autogen! Grow bigger balls!"
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