WCU TODO list. Will be added to as needed. Items will be crossed as needed.

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big list! I'll help what I can ;)

About uninhabitate planets: well you might not remember, but a while ago I was assigned (volunteered) to do the backgrounds (landscapes) for the uninhabitate planets. So i think you may rephrase (delete?) this part of a "to do" list. Check the new thread, i posted here few minutes earlier ;)

Something I would love to see is resorce use. Like if you import too much of X then X becomes depriciated untell its used up at Y units / day. That way a cargo run would become over saturated if its just "Agri - Refinery - Industrial - Agri" in a small loop. Instead a larger string of cargo destinations would be required. Also demand for some products should increase with distance. A sector with a large amount of mining bases would have refinery's that pay less for ore than sectors that dont.

Conserning pirates. It should be possable to make a system "safe" for a time, by destroying enough pirates. Criminals tend to scatter like roaches with you turn on the lights (blast them with lasers). Doing "police" missions would decrease the price of goods. At the same time doing "criminal" missions could accually increase the prices of goods as the system would be more desprate for resorses.

Different systems have diffrent contaband. What is legal in one system could be contraband in another depending on local government. Instead of being attacked right of a fine and confiscation of the contraband option (with a bribe and keep contraband option).

Importing some cargo could stablise / destablise a system. Importing large ammounts of weapons to a neutral planet would drive down the price on weapons allowing more pirates to opperate. Importing needed goods to a confed base would allow greater security patrolls in the area decreasing piracy.

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #34 "War is good for business."
During war large quantitys or weapons can be sold at a large proffit. And if there isn't a war, well saturate the market with weapons then start antagnising the closest faction. Do enough "military" and / or "criminal" missions from one factions territory into anothers and war could start. Big wars could attract confed attention forcing peace but small territoryal battles could last untell one side or the other runs out of money and unable to defend itself and calls on confed help. It would be interesting for a faction to loose a system or two this way. The captured system could then slowly slip back into the original factions controll as the new faction finds itself over streached (think Iraq today as billions are spent to occupy the new territory).

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #34 "Peace of good for buisness." Just like forcing war, makeing diplomatic missions could inspire peace between factions. Increased trade means less chance of being caught in the crossfire, allowing large slow, traders to transport without needing expensive escorts.

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #270 "In business deals, a disruptor can be almost as important as a calculator." When dealing with criminals it can easily go bad unless your in a favorable possision. There is no honor among thives. Killing pirate should not bring down your pirate faction. Only doing "police" or "military" missions aginst them. Maybe a seperate "ruthlesness" score could be added to pirate encounters, if too large no body will do buisness with you. If its too small many of your deals will go bad. This score should drop slowly over time.

"5K credits and your cargo or die." Arrrr matey, its da life 'f a pirate fer me. It demanding your target to drop its cargo before engaging is often cheaper and better for both partys than opeining fire and possable destroying expensive cargo, and risking damage to your own ship. If the target dose kowtow to your demands and you still attack then your pirate score should take a large hit and your ruthless raiting should skyrocket (no one will do buisness with you as you are both dishonest and are endangering the racket for others). If your target makes a run for it though it should be possable to disable it and bord. A new weapon "bording party" could be installed on your ship. Once you dock it would be checked aginst a reppeling force and any cargo taken would appear in your hold. A large and / or strong bording party may be able to take over a ship. A strong reppeling force (military ships or well armed merchents, or a trap) could accually disable or destroy your ship and its systems.

Thats my wishlist. While I tend to play the good guy I love having the option to be the bad guy once in a while. Feel free to move or delete this if its not the correct thread.
Ohh forgot to say, could you post some reference images of the requested ships? I would love to model what I can. So I would need those images to model the ships (can't find some of them)

Also so far i'll start modeling Sheffield Class ship fo far, shouldb e done in a day or two (shouldn't take long cause i was in the works for some time ;))
spiritplumber said:
"Bob's Steltek World" -- guy selling "authentic" Steltek technology
which turns out to be really crappy.

WTF! That was my idea. Posted it ages back!!! :eek:

Also it would be cool if using those boarding parties actually triggers a little 2D screen with marine sprites shooting the hell out of eachother.
At least I'm getting some school credit for it...

Just got done with the destroyable asteroids, although I can't figure out how to mine them just yet -- working on it.
Hey Spritiplumber,

would it be feasible, as a quick and easy plot source, to use some of the WC novels or even the original games for navy missions in WCU. We could copy them completely, scatter them around naval bases with fixers, as prerequisites for obtaining naval craft.
I'm not going to do ANY extra plotlines, but what stops you :) right now I feel that my job is to get the FRAMEWORK just right, what I expect will happen is that people will make their own plotlines and upload them somewhere.

About the Dorkathi, I have high res screenshots at http://www.spiritplumber.com/priv_remake/so2_screenies.zip It's the Kilrathi cargo ship. Since this is some time post WC2, a slightly different design is acceptable and perhaps even desirable... the transports in WC3/WC4 really lacked personality, so I'd rather not use those, but that's just me.
you're kidding me right spirit? why not just throw out the lot of the WC designs and have someone design completely new designs, and then *call* it wing commander.....seriously.
What I meant is that looks wise, the Dorkir/Lumbari/Dorkathi had a LOT more distinctive look than the Kilrathi transports in WC3 and WC4 (which don't even have a name!), so in this case, if I had to choose between a WC2 design and a WC3 design I'd go for the former. About slight changes (which happen anyway when the model is being done by someone else), they can be explained away as such: if you look the WC2 rapier is a little different than the WC1 rapier -- particle guns instead of neutrons for example. It's reasonable to say that a Priv-era Dorkathi would have a few differences from a WC2-era Dorkathi, maybe an extra turret, or a paint scheme that's more in line with the other Kilrathi ships we are using. This is really why I'm not being too accurate for things like weapon loadout on fighters -- time has passed, a lot more weapons seem to be available from WC2 to Priv, and so on. Plus, loadouts change sometimes -- the Sabre in WC2 had two different loadouts, plus a third (almost all torpedos) which you use in the final mission -- this tells me that missile hardpoints are at least somewhat flexible. Most Confed fighters use tachyon guns instead of particle cannons because from what I saw in PrivR that's confed-specific technology, so maybe they're phasing out older equipment, in fact if you notice, the main difference between a Confed caernaven and a BW caernaven is that the first has tachyon turrets and the second has neutron and stormfire turrets (I am guessing that stormfire is something that BW'ers like since it's used a lot in WC4, and it's conceptually low-tech enough to fit in an earlier game). Guns seem to be VERY modular in the WC universe, enough so that there's no significant overcharge to mount or unmount a $1000 laser gun and the player is able to adapt a Steltek weapon to his ship with the sort of basic tools you'd carry in your spaceship on everyday missions, so swapping them out isn't that much of a big deal -- it's probably a few bolts and a power socket of some sort, I would guess. Of course militaries would tend to stick to a standard, but what stops them from upgrading the standard -- the USAF is flying 60 year old B-52's with upgraded electronics and engines, for example.
Would it make sense to have Mod or Block variants (i.e. a modern SM-2 Block III, Block IIIA, or Block IV, or the commonly referenced Mark I Mod 0 Eyeball)
Google is our friend :)

Mark I Mod 0 Eyeball is a sensor ( a rather old one it seems, even found reference of it's use on the titanic, while others seems about aircraft detecting sub reference etc ). The rest of the name's seem to be other modern radar equipment.

Looks like Nadrek is in the army :)
spiritplumber said:
Sounds like that "Mark 1 Mod 0 Eyeball" is technician speak for "there's no sensor, go outside and look".... am I wrong?

Mark I Mod 0 Eyeball = Your eye's :)

Mark I = first version?, Mod 0 = no modifications, Eyeball = Eye.

I was wondering why all reference using this term seems so strange ( like the titanic one ).

Taken from a A10 report:

In a time when high-tech sensors are the norm, the A-10 proved in Kosovo that sometimes the most effective sensor is the Mk.1, Mod 0 eyeball. When tactics resort to high-speed drops of smart weapons, experience in every theater in the past decade showed that there's true combat value for 'dumb' weapons controlled by the smartest of smart systems, the human pilot.

Daim, forgot that this page was still open for over a hour, nadrek beat me to it :)

Nadrek said:
The Mark 1 Mod 0 Eyeball is issued to most humans at birth, and is located in the middle of the cranium, pointed forwards.

The nose? :) j/k
Okay, the inflight gfx's are mostly done for now.


DONE (0) Asteroids. WC2 or WC3 style?

(1) Put turrets and dock ports in appropriate places on the new bases (capships are done)

DONE (2) Turrets: Maybe give laser turrets more range in order to defeat "park and plink" exploit

(3) Autogen: Do we want small (priv style) or realistic planets? I'd rather have realistic.

(4) Autogen: Got to make sure ships/factions are spawned properly

(5) Autogen: Capship classes maybe? Right now it's too random, a faction could get a carrier or a transport.

DONE (6) AI: We need more AI types.

(7) More cockpits?

(8) Base interiors: Any takers? Esp. kilrathi bases...
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