WC4 DVD Problems

Looking forward to 1.3, though I've had it working flawlessly since your first release. Getting over this dxr board requirement is just like dosbox in the community's ability to get old stuff to run on modern computers easily.
For me the DXR patch is probably THE single most important/impressive one. Dosbox is nice, but I can just as well get an old PC. However getting the DVD hardware decoder is hard at best.
cff said:
However getting the DVD hardware decoder is hard at best.

The thing is, even if you had a DXR2 card (I should find out where my brother put mine), They were always very, very finiky to Keep running so that WC4DVD would work properly. Any kind of hardware change would screw it up and and it would require driver reinstalls that needed to be done in a particular order for the game to work... So even having the card, it was sometimes more trouble than it was worth the play the game. It wasnt untill the patch that it was made relatively easy to install and run... almost hassle free. So even if I sold it to you, I'm not sure why you would want a DXR2 card for playing it.
Well...it's really luck that WC4 does not use DXR directly but through MCI interface - or life would be much more complicated :D
I'm really excited about the new dxmci version, I almost rewrote the whole thing (I was ignoring a few DShow rules :blush:). I thought to test it a bit more but I'll put a link to the beta version anyway. You can find dxmci 1.3b1 here.
There's a new configuration dialog that allows you to set how DShow is treated incase you have problems. There are 5 levels - lower level means there will be a shorter delay when loading videos (but that of course will depend on your computer speed...you might not even notice the difference between L4 and L0). L0 is how the original used to work (the very very first version), L1 is the updates, L2 is similar to test2, L3 to test 3 and L4 will reset entire DShow between clips. L1 is the default, TurboTim07 obviously has to select L3 :). The configuration is stored inside the dll itself, so there's no ini files or messing with the registry therefore no uninstall required :). Configuration dialog can be found by clicking on the link file also in the archive or alternatively you can type 'rundll32 dxmci.dll,configuration' to get to it.
Well...since it seems there are no problems b1 could be considered final ;). No really, other than that I added a feature request to be able to play the vobs from a different location so that could be considered b2, but unless somebody reports something is not working then I have very little to do - dxmci has always worked on my machine since the very first release :D
Well, if you'd like to put your b2 up, we could mention it in the news. If you wanted to sum up the changes at your website, we could quote that.
I was on vacation...I'll try to put the code in order and make a release shortly. Stay tuned :)
The new version is up. Sorry it took so long :p. Report any problems :D.
Use the shorcut to access the configuration dialog. I'd really like to know if it works for you. Alternativly it can be accessed by running 'rundll32 dxmci,configure' (from a dos window) although this is somewhat inconvenient...
Hehe...good summary on the main page. When I compiled 1.3 and thought what to write on my page, my mind suddenly went blank. I had no idea what to put there :D
I rather like my new avatar ;)
I'm reviving this old thread just to let you know my page has moved. New address is in my signature. :)
I tried playing WC4DVD with the patch, but the game crashes right after launch. All I see is a black screen for a second then the "xxx has encountered a problem" Windows message. Any ideas what could be wrong? I tried all of the settings (using 1.3), and have the exe set to Win 98 compatiblity mode.
95 compatibility does the same. I just tried version 1.2 with both compatibility settings and it was the same.
Well, the patch works through some modifications of directx. You might try upgrading that or making sure you don't have any conflict in regards to video drivers there.
I have DirectX 9.0c. My drivers aren't new, but they're fairly up to date (maybe a few months old, newer drivers conflict with a game I'm playing). The only difference I can think of is I recently installed the DirectX SDK, but I wouldn't think that would matter. I don't have problems with any other recent games acting weird.
See what module is crashing the game (should be somewhere in the "details" of the crash dialog). Some powerdvd filters are known to crash dxmci. Try installing mpeg2dec from my page.