WC3 KS Version fix on XP

I don't have any problems running WC1 and WC2 from Kilrathi Saga on Windows XP, except this: the music is stuttering in cutscenes like the Briefing.

Could the superpatch fix this music issue? The opening post only tells something about keyboard lag, however I never felt any keyboard lag playing the game. Shall I apply the patch anyway or may it cause more problems than it solves?
I think you should be okay trying it. Sometimes the sound stuttering issue can be resolved by adjusting sound card settings like hardware acceleration and duplex.
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Few people wrote that they tried everything to run WC3 KS on XP. I read this http://www.crius.net/zone/showthread.php?t=24874 and tried killing explorer proccess on XP.
I've been able to run the game for 40 minutes without any problem, whereas before I could play 10 min max without transitions and saving on almost every possible screen, even with those precautions the game would eventually freeze.
Seems like killing the explorer fixed the problem.
I'm running XP SP2 on athlon 64x2 3600+, ati x1600, 1gb ram and joystick - saitek cyborg evo. Hope it will also work for other WC fans.

P.S I'm almost 100% sure it has not been posted before, I spent a lot of time reading almost every thread here. But if I'm wrong, I'm really sorry.
Hmm. Tried in vain all night to get the game to work. As others have reported, flight works fine, but the game freezes on transitions aboard the victory (meaning when initiating dialogue, changing location, turning on the main terminal...).

I tried all the compatibility admin rules here, tried various compatibility modes, tried the superpatch, lowered souns and video acceleration, tried it with a virtual machine (where it seems like it works otherwise, but with stuttering videos and a haywire joystick - any way to fix those?)

I have a Core 2 Duo CPU and a Gefore 8800 vid card.
Okay, seems like doing no compatibility mode with "lower than normal" priority seems to work okay, with very occasional skipping. The "Low" priority skipped a bit too frequently IMO.

Also have the W2000 patch and the superpatch....
I have tried 10 times to get the dang ApplicationCompatiblityToolkitSetup.exe and the download stops at 9.6 every time. Can some kind person PLEASE upload a copy and share a link? I own a full authentic Microsoft XP installation disk and system... i will keep trying but hope someone will help as i want to try the superpatch.