WC2 freezes at Niven A : Patrol before landing


2nd Lieutenant
Hi mates!

I went back to the old WC2 on DosBOX 0.74-3 using the original CD-ROM "deluxe edition" (the content of the CD mounted as CD-Rom drive in own folder).

Everything seems fine, but as in the title: The game freezes just when I have finished the first patrol with the broadsword in the Niven system.

Any ideas?
Or may the problem be the CD-ROM version?
Thank you. However, the "loadfix" trick also worked here.
Strange, as the first four missions seemed to be okay.

But I did also copy the content from the CD-Rom folder "WING2" to my DOS path "c:\wc2" and then copied the config file and the savegames from the previous installation into there. So, no more need to mout the virtual CD-ROM drive.

It seemed that the loadfix command does only work directly with the exe file, and starting the CD-Rom version runs via a batch file.

...well, computers are not always logic, and this way worked for me, so I am happy. :)
Hmm, I'd been running off HDD the whole time - I think I had just copied all the data from CD a long time ago and just moved around the directories as time went by (originally played on a 386, whose HDD is now dead...)

Anyway, glad it worked out for you. Must have got lucky with the first few missions.
Hi, last year or about a year ago I've replayed the whole of WC2 plus special ops 1 and 2 via Dosbox 0.74 without any problems in Windows 10 with the latest updates, I've tapped about alt+ twice to get the game speed accurate or near perfect (Dosbox).

Earlier this year I've played WC2 KS editon (plus added WCDX patch) - through til the end, the in-game speed etc was not as accurate but still very playable. Both versions had no crashes or hangs, controllers also good, I did have the recommended settings for the dosbox.conf config file and the loadfix -32 setting but not sure if that is what you are referring to...

I also used Munt emulation for Roland32 midi sound...