All right, I found you...

And to update on the TC: I've just added three ships from WC Armada and the Banshee from WC4.

Right now I'm working on the four remaining fighters from WC Armada...
I wonder where I can get the Lexington (I added the Shiraak long ago) or perhaps the transports...
why is it every time a good loking WC mod is being made for somthing its dropped?? i ned more Wing Commander i even installed the amiga emulator last night and had a quick fly on wc1.. My dream world me a WC game like Armada wher you have every ship and race and move up through technology's as any race and able to fly any available ship for that race in battle. but were never likely to see that.. Also i wouldent mind seeing a game based with the Confed and Kilrathi marines..that area has never been covered. boarding ships and slaughtering

Fureballs / Hairless Apes (delete as appropiate)

now that would be cool. or how about a big online wing comander game with players fihting for both sides against human flyers for the struggle for the galexy.. but as usual Origin would never do any big mone makers like that. becuase they hate there WC Fans :P
Don't worry, this mod's not being dropped any time soon. I have a released semi-working version, and I'm doing my best to continue the mod alone (the X-wing series community is fragmented and unmotivated, although that's nothing against the co-founders of the WCTC).
Bloody hell!

You guys have been very busy!

Having a complete TC for XWA, with practically every WC ship will be great!!

A whole new board game, multiplayer at last!

Oh yeah is a new .zip out with all the additions?

If yes where is it so I can download it!
The current "build" I'm developing isn't quite ready for primetime, but I've got some AWESOME asteroids going; got to take some pics of that.

I might release a new beta once I get a couple of things tweaked. Right now I'm really, really frustrated with my OPT editing tools and I'm also hiring right now...especially if you make missions or you can get some of these OBJ and 3DS models I have into XWA!

I'd also like a LOT of feedback from anybody who's played the current version available for download.
I've played whats out there, its good, but doesn't cross over well if you're doing WC vs XWA style things (Like flying Hornets against Imperials) as the WCTCs weapons are way to powerfull, we should be able to add weapons without making them horrible (for instence the AMGs on Fralthras fire far too often and do perhaps too much damage, a problem I haven't been able to correct) problems like these unbalance the entire experience ( hence I'm waiting for a 'newer' version thats hopefully corrected this).

Second point is shields and hull values, I think they too need to be converted to XW standard not just using the WC values. Example:
A Jalthi is presently almost invulnarable to laser fire from XWA vessels (unless you're an Star Destroyer, even then Jalthi's are as tough as feth!).

Visually it rocks big time!

Also if this will be a TC could we place the WC ships in corresponding XWA slots? This would make mission building a dozen times easier.

Hope these observations prove helpfull.

(If I can I'd love to try some mission making for ya!)

deddnott: I know people seem to read the first two posts and don't bother to try and read all to the end to find this mod is still rolling on.
he is referring to a good looking WC mod.... there was a possibility that he IS talking about it. And besides, I took it as example... I could name WCU as well
This thread must be ON TOPIC.

It's in reference to MY XWA MOD which is in continuing production, but *was* presumed dead a couple of YEARS ago. As of now, the XWA WCTC is FAR from dead.

Hmm...You really think the Fralthra is too powerful, AMG-wise?

I've tweaked all the capship settings like mad since the current download, so my current setup may not reflect what you experience as far as rate of fire (although I do know I've not changed the actual damage).

It does take a few direct antimatter hits to wipe out a Broadsword, which is quite in keeping with the games. The only thing I don't really like is the whole collateral damage thing. I might eliminate the whole 'exploding antimatter' deal because it interferes with light fighters a bit too much (and there doesn't seem to be a way I can discourage capital ships from firing them at fighters). Perhaps in complete missions it'll be a bit easier..and at least the capships don't usually use AMGs when you're at point blank range!

The XWA shield and armor system is a few hundred times removed from the WC system - I had to get a fancy conversion setup going in order to scale properly from Hornet to Jalthi while keeping somewhat with what XWA does. There's no way I could've used the values directly from WC - but they still scale exactly the same way.

The lighter fighters are more lightly armored in general than XWA light fighters, but the heavy fighters are far, FAR tougher. There's also the issue of Rebel fighters using the new WC laser, which is, I recall, something like half as strong as the Rebel laser is.

There's absolutely no way to reconcile or realistically cross-over Star Wars and Wing Commander because of the exclusive way in which the limited number of weapon slots work - can't have WC missiles and XWA missiles, and the same goes for the lasers. Once I added WC particle cannons where I *had* to (for various reasons), the TIE Fighters shoot them out of necessity.

I told you earlier I can set up the species text file to make mission creation a LOT easier...if the programs are still set up the way I think they are.

And of course I'll hire you in an instant, Hornet. E-mail me a copy of your mission editor or at least the text/data files so I can check them out...

I need to uninstall XWA and try the mod again (I tried to tweak it and it crashed!)

Most of the WC1 missions should be pretty straight forward.

Not really too powerfull but the way in which it uses it turrets, I keep finding that the Capships in Mission and in the Simulator fire the AMGs like laser turrets. Yeah I noticed that about lasers, flying the mission to give the Bacta to the Rebels and finding a Fraltha that launches waves of Jalthi is enough to give you a heart attack! (And a bad taste of left over AMG residue!)

Anyway I'll get a uninstalling, and XWA working with addon, and which specific files are you after (shiplist and species I presume). I'll send these on soon.

Catchya! :D

P.S. To everyone else, as you can easily see the WCTC for XWA is far from dead! In fact soon there may even be missions based on WC1 for the mod! :)

So we're NOT talking about WCSaga or other mods, just the WCTC for XWA.
Oh just a thought.

How about making the mod split into different groups (by era) to make downloading easier (so you don't have to download a huge 20+mb file), and it would make adding stuff easier I guess. Not to mention the fact we could make missions based on the games (maybe the Chapters could be broken down by game (Much like how WC1 splits missions by area like in Venice and such) have to look into this.

Any way just another two cents!
I was thinking a consolidated, complete set of WC1, WC2, and possibly Privateer and Armada ships - then you could release several mission "packs" which would each replace the original chapters.

20 megs isn't that big anyways. Not for the relatively good graphics you're getting...

And of course they fire the AMGs like laser turrets. It's not really any different from WC2 - if you sat in front of a Ralatha for a while, getting a lock, you would likely end up with antimatter in your face.

I *might* decrease the rate of fire drastically...I *might* increase the damage it does dramatically...I *probably* will slow them down...and I *definitely* will get rid of the whole explosion/collateral damage thing.
That'll be cool!

Yes but AMGs are anti-capship weapons and bombers, not for taging little light fighters! (Thats just cruelty to animals!)

Yeah that all sounds cool mate.
good idea dreddnott how soon can ya get started?????

oh by the way u do know that dreddnott is actually spelt dreadnaught right???
Awww...I'm touched.

You may spell it as either 'dreadnaught' or 'dreadnought' depending on regionalization and/or the specific definition of the word, but when I chose it as my original 'net name back in 1997, I was looking for something that couldn't possibly be already extant as a username, so I intentionally corrupted the spelling. I think it's easier to type this way, too.

College finals/concerts are over so I can get back to getting Beta #2 in gear pretty shortly!