I dunno why but I never made it to import the ships grom XWA mod into XWA............

Anyway Its was going to be a great mod .....:(

As it stands, in Alphabetical order:

Banshee (WC4)
Bloodfang 2
Centurion (with and without turret/missile launchers)
Dralthi IV
Drayman 2
Hornet (with 3D cockpit)
Kilrathi Dreadnaught
Rapier A
Rapier G (with 3D cockpit)
Shoklar (Salthi 2?)
Strakha 2
"Super" Ferret

A few of these ships, particularly the WC4, Armada, and WCP ones, are not actually set up in the EXE to show up in-game, due to time and space limitations, but I included the OPTs anyways for the more advanced users and editors to play around with. In order to add these into the game, I'll have to start actually replacing existing XWA ships because all of the empty slots are filled up.

You can see a few nice ship classes completely missing from the TC. One thing I'd really like is the Stations and Transports from WC1 and WC2. I'm missing the Dorkir, Lumbari, Star Post, Dorkathi, Kamekh, Clydesdale, Free Trader, Star Base, Fuel Depot, and K'tithrak Mang, as well as the more famous Sabre, Exeter and Waterloo classes. These ships are crucial for building decent missions...J'rathek and Wraith might be nice, too!

This is kind of a plea for help...although really all I need are the 3DS files, as the conversion tools for 3DS>OPT were created in my absence. The fine-tuning is child's play, for me at least (in case you didn't notice, this thing is comprehensive and has had a complete weapons system overhaul from the Star Wars standard).
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Forgive me of my notoriously poor people-memory. I'd like a refresher if you would, please.
So you have trouble remembering *poor* people, then ?... :p
Ooooh! Lots of purty ships!!:p

Hmmm Missing the Exeter and the Trns AND the Starposts is a big problem.

Also how the feth do you make missions with an addon like this? Could we just put the WC ships in the X-WA slots and just have a txt file showing whats where?

(I realize that would do tremendous change/damage to flying X-WA normally but this is a TC right?)

If someone could do this I'd happily write missions for it (hmmm WC1 in XWA? I like it!) though we couldn't have the win lose style that WC has but hey! It'd still rock!:cool:
If someone could do this I'd happily write missions for it

PS Forgot to mention I've only just started making missions, and can't get them working in the first part of XWA (Chapter at the Family base), if anyone knows how, please do let me know.
All that really needs to be done, concerning mission creation, is to replace the "Unknown" or "Reserved XXX" lines in AlliED's TXT file with the proper ship names.

I've added all the ships into the game without replacing any XWA ships so far - the only thing goofy with the regular ships and missions are the weapons, which have been changed globally (T/Fs with particle beams!).
Oh. I see that simple huh?

Hmm might have to have a look into it. I take it that the place numbers would be the same in the ship editor as the mission editor.
Yeah, it depends on whether the mission editor list files use the Species or Slotlist - I think it's the Species, like shiplist.txt, but it's been so long I don't really remember. If you have the files handy, I can hook you up real quick.

I also wanted to let everybody know that I've successfully added the following ships:

Drayman II

Only two of these are transports, but it really rounds the game out to have the militia/civilian-style fighters.

I have several nifty models in .JED format, but nobody wants to tell me how to convert that to DXF or other useful formats. JED itself certainly doesn't want to tell me.

Also, if I get the time, I'll run OPT>3DS and submit all of this junk to the WC3D archives.

Most of what I need to do now is find what little extra slots are left and then start squeezing less-used ships out, and some tasty WC Armada treats in!
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Also, if I get the time, I'll run OPT>3DS and submit all of this junk to the WC3D archives.
Would be good... the Ralatha y'all have is still the only one in existence.
Originally posted by dreddnott
I have several nifty models in .JED format, but nobody wants to tell me how to convert that to DXF or other useful formats. JED itself certainly doesn't want to tell me.

You need the Jedi Knight level editor called JED, and possibly a plugin. Try some of the old JK sites for this (I don't have these tools anymore, and I think I was the only one who modelled in JED :p)

Yes, that Ralatha is a beauty!

I'm very proud of 'Brad' for making the model and even somewhat happy with the texture job I gave it.

I do have JED, and JK, so there's no problem there, but I could find no plugin! I'll do another search and see if I can.

You got any nice WC 3DS files I might be able to use?
dreddnott: Where can I get the new ships? It'd be great to have the Drayman, I'd be able to recreated the WC1 missions!
Originally posted by dreddnott
You got any nice WC 3DS files I might be able to use?
Well, there are all sorts of great models out there... might be better if you ask about specific ships. Easier to reply, then :).
Well, *anything* you don't see in that passably long list I typed up quite a few posts ago; but more specifically, the Exeter, Sabre, Waterloo, Clydesdale, Free Trader, WC2 Confed Space Station, Dorkir/Lumbari, WC1 Kilrathi Star Post, Dorkathi, Kamekh, Fuel/Supply Depot, WC2 Kilrathi Star Base, or Thrakhath's first Bloodfang would be really nice at the moment.

I'm much less concerned with WC3 and beyond since the weapons system I've created, although a hybrid, is much more concerned with the WC1 and WC2 methods.

I have the meshes for almost all of the WC Armada ships (including the Wraith and J'rathek for which I will undoubtedly use the WC Academy stats) and adding them in will simply be a matter of time and wedging them into any slots I can find. I will almost definitely be forced to replace some existing and hopefully less-used Star Wars fighters.
Yes, Eder/Hades was the original co-founder of the WCTC for XWA along with Nob Akimoto, then I jumped in and he jumped out (after making tremendous contributions, of course)...so I was kind of asking HIM TOO just in case he wasn't listening. :)
Oh, sorry dredd. I got carried away with trying to put people off Freelancer in some other thread ;)

I'm afraid I have none of the Kilrathi stuff. I'm more of a dog person. Here's what I do have:
Sabre, Waterloo, Clydesdale, Free Trader, WC2 Confed Space Station (old model, might need work)

Quick reminder: I have no problem in sharing most models, but I'd like to keep all textures as being Standoff exclusives, so you'd have to come up with your own maps (Everyone should, anyway, so that their mods don't look like ugly patchwork made from someone else's leftovers).

Oh, and the Clydesdale and WC2 Starbase don't even have texture mapping info yet.

That's perfectly all right, Eder!

I much, much prefer creating and modifying my own textures for any wireframes I receive.

I've tried to create a distinctive yet not terribly generic "look" with all of the ships in the WCTC, since I've had to texture about 90% of them myself.

So, in closing, please, GIMME those meshes! :)