WC Standoff, Secret Ops and Darkest Dawn Movies?


Rear Admiral

I want my best friend to finally experience the Wing Commander Story. He hates space sims, so he refuses to play the titles for more than 10 years now.
However he agreed to watch the game movies.

So I know, that there are some game movies, but is there also a movie for the above mentioned titles?
I think I agree with Vidmaster. When your friend is completly against the genre you will most likely never convince him.
At best I would say get together and you play the game and he can watch you play.

Pick a mission you realy like or a cutscene, show him how much fun you have and if he still goes "Meee not my stuff" then let it rest.
I am also the only one around my friends who plays Space Sims and they just can't get into it....but they like to watch me play. What can also be fun but also leads to sometimes annoying backset drivers ^_^

Happend the last time I showed them StarCitizen. While none of them wanted to play or invest into the alpha at least they said "When its finaly done show it again to me, maybe I could get into it then."

As for game movies...do you mean "Lets play" or a cut together from the cutscenes?
I know there are "film" editions of WC 3+4 that have all the cutscenes plus some gameplay combined into a movie. You can find them on youtube and here -> https://www.wcnews.com/holovids/
Look under "Full-Length Fan Edits" on the right side.

I know there are also some "Lets play" on youtube for Saga, I remember at least one in german. Don't know about the others.