WC ground forces

Nep Parth

It was Das Boot, but it now is called "The Boat".

I need to get one of those hats. They're...pretty unique.

Kilrathi 7 feet tall, eh? That's not so bad...a human in powered armor could probably take them. Mind you, with a weapon, humans become far deadlier, if they've been trained in the usage of said weapon. A human who has been trained in the use of his/her body can be even deadlier than that. Besides, the Kilrathi is only smarter, by the only universal law, if he shoots first.


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
I still have to post the pics I have of the WCM Tiger Claw Special Effects Crew hat I got from Roberts...is a keen hat! I wore it all hrough the end of my Senoir Year, pretending I was either a Wing Commander or Jurgen Prochnow. :D

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
I'm pretending to be Blair *right now*.

Actually, I'm not... the hat doesn't really jive with my work clothes.