WC ground forces


Alrighty, we know there are both Marines and a Confed Army that are used groundside...

Equipment-wise we only know generalities. They use laser weapons on the ground normally, because they don't need to fear hull breaches. They have armour, though we don't know much about it... Grenades, charges, medical kits and all kinds of other equipment are present. There are many little details in the books that you'd have to put together, but it's basically an idealized extension of modern day forces.

We know they have a form of hover tank thing that is used on the ground. Turrets and gun emplacements are used as well. We've seen both missile launchers and silos.

For air support, both space-craft and specialized air-craft are used.

[edit:] Also, the only detailed information we have on most marine technology is in the Confed Hanbook... That is, of course, out of date through most of the series.


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I'd imagine the current Confed Marine weaponry and armor is variations on that found in the Confederation Handbook from the movie.


The Confed Hanbook has equipment that was used in 2654.

Currently in the early 2680's, I don't think you'd find much of that equipment.


You actually get to see wartime Marine combat armor in WC2. Near the end, when Blair is talking to Jazz, under guard, you can see two Marines in armored space suits standing in the background.

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The only time we see any sort of heavy armor is for security purposes -- the guy in Rightous Fire, the guards in WC2 and so forth...


Well, if Confed is anything like the good ol US, they'll be using the equipment well into 2700. Heh heh, seriously. Besides, in "Fleet Action," I think Tolwyn says that their Wildcat fighter had been in service for over 100 years. Now that's quality.


Things that look like other things....

The rear of the Scimitar look like the rear of a Star Destroyer.And the Fighter ship from Stargate (Goa´uld)look like the toad-Kilrathi-Retro ship from RF.


The Scimitar makes the Rapier look like a pile a puke! Seriously though, its much better than the original Rapier.