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My name with a Roman numeral instead of an Arabic one. Well, I can't say I approve of that. ;)

Yeah, I was powerful pissed off that I couldn't play P2 to get those names (yeah, I knew there were a lot, I just couldn't remember 'em!), so I had to make do with the cast list from imbd.com, and the names in the P2 briefings posted on the main page for a while. :)

I took my computer over to Best Buy (hoping they'd fix the D drive which they didn't last time), but I couldn't get it back in time. Just got it back on Wednesday. Oh, well... But one of the first things I did was pop in WC2 and look for some names I missed, like Primetime, Banzai, Krihak, Jeager, and Alexa. But to misquote Tolwyn, I was "too little, too late."


Congrats,Dralthi5.Yeah,there are lots of obscure names in Privateer2.Shaftus Destructivus,ZimZam Edifice,Bonzo(the evil hacker/clown)to name a few.A lot of these were from news bulletins, so you could have looked in the CIC's articles section where they have them.By the way,did you put Rita the cantina owner from Wing1; I don't remember seeing it.


Well, it seems you know a lot of names. Did you send a list in?

No, I didn't put Rita. I got all my names, basically, from novels and manuals. Still, that's a lot of names, huh? I'm anxious to see what LOAF got.


Well me and TC got around 650 (damn he miscounted at one point and said 750)
anyway since you apparently missed some P2 ones heres what I got (but I didn't get them all by a long shot)

Vel Ricaud II
Joe the Barteneder
Dr. Loomis
Dr. Frevel
Hal Taffin
Angus Santana
Jan Mitorr
David Hassan
Hugo Carmicheal
Dimitri Avigoni
Shiela Nabakov
Tamessa Ames
Melissa Banks
Bernice Barlow
Maria Gabriel
Dr Graham Gould
Uncle Kasumai
Alberta Fossa
Bill Madox
Ralph McCloud
Louissa Phillips
Nelson Ramirez
Xavier Shondi
Lord Mike Vonx
Arl Shoeyer
Coin Lacedaisy
Baron Conrad Velder
Count Perrymore
Buddy Carlson
Ronula Smitts
Slade "Tex" Carver
Conrad Bikunsti
Finbhar Cratchett
Helena Shegel
Kain Borman
Olenka Yolsen
Youri Halargin
Norman Blagger
Ragnar Dannes
Rutger O'Malley
Aaron Strebor
Brad Stroker
Simon Charger
Phillipe Rellem
Bullman Korder
Nudger Carlson
Vigo Carnel
Julia Derek


Originally posted by Bandit LOAF
Howdy gents,

DralthiV was far and away the winner -- several other people got around 600 or so.

The big secret which Dralthi missed, though, was names from Privateer 2. There are a *WHOLE LOT* of them :)

I had 760 :(

Also, Dralthi... I don't remember working with you...

As far as P2 goes... I had a few hundred from the news items alone...:

Tony Knox
Alec Trofobe
Phlamin Omer
Shane Cleft
Anna Wrack
Betty Swollocks
Gwyn Cannar
Niff Tiddell
Zak Skintight
Shiela Nabokov
Uncle Kashumai
Cliff Mallone
Voluptua de Sire
Harold Berkely
Norman Barry
Stapleton (Stapleton Brothers)
Mark Larx
Jack Bliteworthy
Randy Yelp
Qarl Ferrik
Yohan Gert
Simon Freak
Nik Silverworthy
Colin McClarty
Tony Countdown
Lars Mifsud
B.B. Finn
Athane Runter
Ser Vester Ilson
Marvin 'Merciless' McSlaughter
Muvin Belimice
Digby Chnauzer
Cathryn Selim-Ffithings
Doug Rostrum
Burt 'Shortarse' Beckley
Perry Patetik
Augustus Higgens
Nick Brazen
Zara H. Ginger
Lady Ffyona Tweaks-Phraenum
Thark Matcher
Anne Di. Bakker
Professor Eric Maenad
Chip Senpisces
Zachari Monty
Starsky Blackstone
Vicky Benhur
Steve Unis
Jervis Frintner
Norman Marasares
Simon Cagoule
Alan Weeton
Marcus Peabody
Kris Molson
Serra Magda Lyssom
Odrong Nendyk
Tania Gell
Selton Tubsworth
Burford Gumba
'Corkscrew' Jones
Special Agent Feltham
Col Digger
Cate Yensen
Jose Qire
Toni Cowey
Lara J. Righteous
Zimzam Edific
Mark Gibbon
Jefrey Littlechair
Adrian Spam
'Hollow Legs' McGinty
Derwin Bedloe
Chairman Alson Olver
Tristram Ponsonby
Drestin Blakk
Weltham Kelty
Baskle Frintmen
Jerwyn Gooson
Allan Poltroon
Jenkin Foster
Derwin Hengstrom
Crispin Lickton-Fudley
Nelson Stoneman
Toni Cowey
Nigel Firkin
Ben O'Leigh
Fat Larry
Hugh Pain
Arfa 'Soprano' Bellgon
Conrad Feef
Nik Nak Noo
Yosser Wilkins
Zeus Padanga
Alvus Quint
Shame Tone
Filbert Candid
Bill Tongita
Serra Mellian Bessly
Ser Valstov Becklin
Serrina Binky Tootles
Ser Sar Ricaud
Serra Lastra Golsin
Ser Gelt Boswell
Ser Fark Surname not known
Ser Davin Fostrum
Serra Lavinia Soxder
Serra Weslie Poggins
Ser Bolso
Neil 'Chipolata' Cook
Deeson Prose
Aldi Bestwork
Hizza Sistant
Yurt Nemble
Lucan Vasage
Lemsly Gopno
Wilbert Strumford
Johan Tomst
Gill Bates
Sarah Blurp
Dave Cool
Nilrom Bach
Reverend Jane Parsley
Harriet Mydinna
Lynne Caring
Elspeth Caldwell
Richass Creesus
Lefty Opus
Zimzam Edific
Varma Jyles
Jim Polo
Terry Young
Warkin Perbeck
Krispin Barosso
Noel Dibley
Mary Brazeel
Gert Tegray
Eno Barbus
Hal C. Andays
Sybaris de Licious
George Gretner
Stacey Urklow
Limph Grue
Eira Reeves
Freddy Parkinson
Lenny J. Kelly
Ian Stroke
Hal Indigo
Aaron Float
Larry Trousers
Derwin Limpers
Natassja Haigh
Aubrey Teller
Speaker Blake Muttner
Sangwyn Juspen
Hypp O'Crates
Lynn Guini
'Baby' Johnson
Professor Norm Packer
Jae Viril
Belinda Keel
Brian Turnell
Daniel Jepody
Richass Creesus
Japel Hoohar
Kelly Lemon
Aaron Strange
Derich Glenfires
Les Dylan
Flint 'The Muscler' Ferguson
'Smooth' Jack Jimson
Norry Lekter
Georgh Divver
Agent Gumble
Agent Wiggum
Davy (he delivers doughnuts)
Jiles Gretner
Mint Strider
Michael Schmeichel
Rosmery Mount
Daniel Toughroan
Freddi Jorkel
Foghorn Armhorn
M.C. Gammer
Blossom Mooncow
Myra Kews
Opera Whimsy
Jurg Bellini
Bjorn Diddler
Spike Brampton
Andrew Bramley-Hill
Gerald Hopkins
Chunky Stewart
Will Enford
Lendel H. Hill
President De Bargos
Hilton Tavares
Felton Binkley
Pat Ronysin
Finley Buscombe
Harold Binkum
Sirrek Engsley
Jak Kershwin
Henri Souza
John Wilmott
Carlos T. Decson
Rachel Domusa
Zake Blackwar
Senator Ray Cox
Howard Napkin
Annie Blackburn
Adam Reefer
Pete O'Hara
The Grand High Mu of Ineffable Damnation
Jenny Vixen
Velham Jedley
Diveset Opes
Lucy Stultus
Valen Messina
Chairman Adem Velt
Fraser Moores
Christopher Fatanis
Jeremy Allison
Jonathan Heastie
Matara Leigh
Sevastian Hague
Vlotr Karstein
Cally Pige
Lou Stall
Tom L. Keefer
Arnold Viril
Liam Drake
Field Admiral Generalissimo Bert Jones


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If I had the novels I might have given it a shot. I don't have P2 either.

BTW, congrats Dralthi5. I noticed all the Wolf Pack squadron callsigns. I can't remember the rules, but would the callsigns from the WC1 sim be included? May have scabbed a half dozen more. How many has LOAF come up with?


Wedge, yeh, I'm in the same boat. Course, we can't easily get hte novels out here, without paying stacks in shipping... Like I said before, the Novels really should not be counted in this kind of comp.
... /me kicks 90 seconds between posts.