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Hey, what do ya know? I won!

Okay, I didn't beat LOAF, but I never expected to. My D drive had been busted, and so I couldn't go back and play some of my games to get more names ("Hey, that rhymes! And you know it rhymes! Admit it!"-- Homer Simpson). Oh, well. ;)

Anyway, I'm just curious. How many others here sent in lists (or was it just me :)), and how many did you get?

Oh, and hey, that makes it twice now that my name has appeared on the main page. Neat. ;)
Dude, where did you get all those names? My list (which I never actually sent in) was about 550. And even the 550 was stretching it.
Nah, the list was rather easy. I spent two long, uncomfortable days replaying Prophecy, though, to get the names for the Wolf Pack pilots (I played it on this computer I'm on now, which has a working D drive, but no DOS mode).

Ladiesman^: All I did was look through every WC product I had. I started off looking through Claw Marks, then Freedom Flight, then the Confed Handbook, then the Movie Novelization, then Pilgrim Stars (which I did during the Rock Show on VH1... The Cult was on it. They rock!), then my SO1/SO2 manual, then End Run, then Fleet Action, then the WC3 novelization, then Victory Streak, then False Colors, I played WC4 (my PSX version), then I looked through the WC4 novelization, then Action Stations, then the Privateer manual, then imbd.com for some of the Priv2 names I couldn't remember, then I played Prophecy, then I looked through the Prophecy manual, then I looked at the Secret Ops fiction, then the Academy manual, then the Armada manual, then I checked out some info on the Academy TV series, then info on the CCG. Only took a couple days.

Oh, and what do you mean, "stretching it?" :)
Of course the books would've counted? Why not? We don't neglect anything in the WC community. This isn't Star Wars fandom, for cryin' out loud! :p
Probably more than half of them. The books have a major habit of giving every technician that walks by a name. THe Pegasus Base scene from the movie novelization has like twenty names by itself.
yep this is all true, but remember that in SW the books all count as official which means that they are canon until lucas decides he wishes to disagree with them.
I had 760... but I only had four or five hours to work on it.


[edit: assuming you count The Grand High Mu of Ineffable Damnation]
Originally posted by Napoleon
yep this is all true, but remember that in SW the books all count as official which means that they are canon until lucas decides he wishes to disagree with them.

This isn't Star Wars.
He didnt say it was.

We have three different kinds of fiction here

Star Trek: The books are in no way part of the "official" continuity

Star Wars: Books are official until some part of them is made in correct by Lucas in one of the movies

Wing Commander: Everything under the sun is part of "official" continuity (and somethings hidden away too)
Interesting... So it's going to be interesting to see how the community takes the two projects/storylines being worked on by myself and a few others - Standoff included.
I guess i have to be more specific:) Officially licensed stuff in WC is official ie books, movies, tv series, games. Stuff that Origin makes some money off of. Those are in continuity. Star Trek books are licenesed by Paramount but still arent in continuity. Fan projects, in any way, are not in continuity no matter how cool they are.
Everything that we have, the games (including Priv2), the movie, the books, and the TV series (i think thats everything) are all incontinuity.
Howdy gents,

DralthiV was far and away the winner -- several other people got around 600 or so.

The big secret which Dralthi missed, though, was names from Privateer 2. There are a *WHOLE LOT* of them :)