WC:CD "Midway Class Carrier"

That’s awesome they look beautiful but and idea for the dishes could be longer-range sensors or COM arrays cause there are making the Coral Sea better then the Midway so that could be one improvements she has over the Midway, but they do look great.
I really like the bulkiness of the new version. I have to say, I never really cared for the antennae and such that were added for Arena; I felt they diminished the scale and made the old gal look a bit like the Cygnus from "The Black Hole", but all in all this is a nice piece of work!
Oh, one more note: to the fellow who was wondering what the purpose of the giant fins at the back of the ship were: in my original design for the Midway the large pod at the back of the ship was supposed to contain living quarters, mess halls, all the "people" related parts of the ship. There was even supposed to be a larger landing bay at the top of the pod that would be used for shuttles and supply ships and the like. It occurred to me that this was all sitting beside those big old engine exhausts and those would likely have a mess of radiation spilling out of them, so I added the fins - which are really nothing more than huge radiation shields - to keep everyone at the back of the ship from becoming sterile and having all their hair fall out!