video footage from WC games


Hi, I've got a question. Does anyone know where I can get video footage from the games. I'm looking for both FMV cutscenes and some battle shots. I already have the deleted scenes the CIC has, but I'm looking for more.

If you must know, I'm going through a music video phase, I'v already done everything except Wing Commander so I thought, why not even though it is a massive waste of my time to make something no one except me is going to have any interest in.
Actually, something with my drive gives me trouble ripping scenes off of DVD's. I dunno what it is, I've tried it before and I've gotten it to work at school(can't use now because ain't in school anymore) and at work(really shouldn't have been goofin off there in the first place), but it won't work on my computer here at home.

Anyway if anyone's interested I'm thinking of a bunch of songs, of course they'd all be out of my personal music taste.

It's My Life(Bon Jovi)
Prophecy(Cobalt 60 or whoever did the Prophecy movie)
Live and Learn(Sonic Adventure 2 album(don't knock it till you've heard it))

and a few others I'm sem-serious about.
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...whoever did the Prophecy movie...
What Prophecy movie? Cobalt 60 made the simulator and credits music used in Prophecy, if that's what you meant.
Wow, that makes things so much easier. I was going through compiling my own list, now I can skip straight to getting a clipbin and arranging the timeling.

I actually made a decision on which song I'm going to use. I just heard it yesterday for the first time on the radio and its a perfect fit. "Fly Away From Here" by Aerosmith.

I'm hoping to have it done in two weeks at the most.
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Sorry, small SNAFU, I meant to say the song that plays over the ending credits movie.
Heh, heh. Might it be worth mentioning that the credits sequence is game engine rendered as with SO, and not a movie? ;)
Doesn't matter, I just need the mp3.

Which I have.

Which also doesn't matter because I'm not doing that one.....yet.

I have run into other problems though, so it may take a little longer than I thought.