Vesuvius and Star Destroyer Size?

Bandit LOAF said:
I'm pretty sure I said "EU material".

My previous statement connecting Boba Fett to the equasion made me think you were disagreeing with me by stating "EU material".
why the vesuvius when you can have the concordia or the tigers claw of even better yet the midway.....
Sarty said:
The Vesuvius carries more fighters and is more heavily armed than any one of those.

"Ships don't fly themselves"
The problem is that a number of these just don't fit with what we see in the games and other things. The Wing Commander craft dimensions given in the books are simply TOO big compared to what we see in the games.

Well, that depends. The manual lengths given for fighters in Wing Commander II and Wing Commander Prophecy are quite reasonable -- the ones given in Wing Commander I, III and Armada are not.

If you want to 'scale down' the lengths, a reasonable way would be to use the Rapier II's two lengths to calculate everything. The F-44G (WC2) is 19 meters long, while the F-44A (WC1) is 24 meters long. Factor everything else from the 'too big' games using this information.

Either way it is pretty clear that the Star Wars craft are by far the smallest fighters in the lineup. Quite an achievement to pack so much power into such compact units, with TIEs being just over half the length of even a small ferret

Wing Commander does have a TIE Fighter sized fighter (other than the Remora) -- the movie version of the Salthi, which clocks in at 6.5 meters in length.
The problem with using the 2 sizes of the Rapier to scale the designs is that the two versions of the Rapier are not identical. The WC 1 Rapier has a noticably pointier nose and backwards extending tail flabs which could easily make it longer then the WC 2 Rapier. They also have noticably dissimilar cockpits so it is hard to measure based on those. That is why I decided to use Blair as a measuring stick as he is a constant fixture seen compared to every ship in each game.

Heh, as for the movie Salthi.... well I have trouble with the movie until I take it as a stand alone instead of part of the Wing Commander series. ;-)
Rictheron said:
Heh, as for the movie Salthi.... well I have trouble with the movie until I take it as a stand alone instead of part of the Wing Commander series. ;-)

Because, of course, there are never enough "I refuse to believe in facts I don't like" posts around here...
The Salthi was intended for use in the movie, which is why they were listed in the CH, but for some reason or other didn't make it into the final movie cut.
Bandit LOAF said:
Hehehe, and we complain about our poor movie. Imagine having to be part of the fandom that has to explain the Holiday Special.

Oh, I think a WC Holiday Special would do wonders to the discussions about what fits within the continuity.
Actually, I would say the Star Wars Holiday Special fits very well into the Star Wars continuity...

... it's just very, very bad.
I'm actually generally annoying by how 'hardcore' Star Wars fans treat the Holiday Special. It's such an amazing oddity -- you shouldn't be able to look away from it... I remember trying to get people to watch it while we were in line for Episode III, and they'd just outright refuse to even though they'd never seen it before.

It's also a great sociological question -- what was Star Wars fandom like in 1978, when the whole of the Star Wars canon was the original movie, its various tie-ins and the holiday special? I can't imagine it.

... that said! The story of the movie Salthi is as follows:

The shooting script for the Wing Commander movie has three Kilrathi fighters rather than one - Dralthi, Salthi and Krant. The 3D work for the film ended up being a lot more expensive and time-consuming than anyone thought. The Salthi and Krant were 'cut' from the movie at some point - it's not known whether or not any work was actually done on them. At the time the Confederation Handbook went to press, though, it was still possible that they'd be included in the movie - so it has specifications and histories for both fighters.

(Another ship, the Fralthi-class, also wasn't done when the Handbook had to be finished - it appears as an untextured 'intel' model in the book.)