Travel Down the Academy Press Kit Rabbit Hole (September 7, 2023)

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Long Live the Confederation!
The Blair character bio Universal included with the press kit it so strange. His dad is a space hippie? And his grandma is a senator? He idolizes a World War I fighter pilot? Most of this is never referenced anywhere.



Name: Christopher Blair

Callsign: Maverick

Callsign Origination: Maverick received his callsign as a joke from Maniac. When after months as the "perfect" cadet at the Academy, Blair actually bent a rule, and Maniac sarcastically told him, "You're a real maverick, aren't you?"

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Pedigree: Since the time of the American Civil War, the Blair family has maintained a tradition of wealth and influence combined with public service. Maverick's grandmother is a member of the Confederation Council, while his father is the chairman of StarPeace, an organization dedicated to promoting understanding among the inhabited worlds of the galaxy.

Flight Pattern: An old-fashioned man, a Jeffersonian gentleman, the cheerful innocent, conscientious and boyishly enthusiastic Maverick is motivated by a sense of personal and family honor, without snobbery, greed or petty ambitious. Though highly competitive, Maverick almost always maintains honesty and a sense of fair play.

Personal Turbulence: Some pilots dislike Maverick, doubting his sincerity, and mistaking his eagerness to do a good job for desire to curry favor with his superiors.

Standard Issue Quote: "I'm a Blair, sir. The Blairs never lie."

Idol: World War I ace Eddie Rickenbacker

This is just one page from the Wing Commander Academy press kit. You can find read the rest here!

Original update published on September 7, 2023