This Mod is Dead.

Hi Bob.

Just so you know, all I have really been doing at the moment is building the ships into 'test mods', so that we can debug the ships on an individual basis. Work out things like what hardpoints are working and the like. We have been doing some work on agility, etc. and also setting engine effects.

I am more than happy to work with you on this, I have no intention of building everything from scratch. if you have time, I would love to hear from you about how you were going to achieve the different ship speeds, etc. Just going through the ini files in the beta I could tell you were implementing some interesting stuff, although to be fair my analysis focussed almost solely on the ships for now.

The other major change is that the test mods are built in FLMM 1.2 format, so instead of including all the ini files I have built the XML to adjust the existing ones on the fly. This helps keep the size down and also makes it far more simpler to maintain.

Anyway, send me an email when you get the chance, I would really enjoy speaking with you about what you have done so far. I am thinking of setting up another forum for technical discussions (team members only), let me know if you think that would be a good idea. This has been done on several other projects I've worked with in the past and it helps keep a history of what is happening as well as speeding communication given the disparate time zones. I am GMT+10, BTW.

WC FL MOD Wanted

Greetings. I would much appreciate having a WC ONLY MOD for FL. There are some ships here and there but not an actual all WC MOD. One specific reason I would like one is I am interested in setting up a FL Faction {Wing Commander Eagle Squadron} and eventually a server. It would be open to all but those that pine for WC would have a way to fly the ships and hopefully missions against foes from the various games. With even the possability of flying Kitty Fighters or those of the Buggers. Just think of a Cap Ship mission against a Kitty Carrier. YYYYUUUMMM!!!!

I would even be willing to working as a tester.

Thanks for listening.
If you folks need a composer to write music in the style of Wing Commander, or just a simple reorchestration of themes found in the original games, let me know.

To show you guys that I'm serious about what I do, check out this page.
You know, I was always interested in trying to find music from the lost WC3 scenes. The ground attack on Freya, the Temblor Run on Kilrah, the Hyperion T-bomb test. Those videos are on the CIC.
Hmm, IIRC you can't extract that straight from the game - since it's part of the cut scene's sound mix... so you'd have to contact whoever did the music (I'm not even sure if it's Mr. Oldziey -- might have been someone at Lion, since those scenes were added for the console ports...).
need good file

Can some one help me plezz i got a copy of the FLTRV0.ZIP from but the file is bad. I keep geting errors when unziping. I can load the mod up load a game but when i try to get into space the game crash's every time.
Ar that might be it then hope you can fide it soon! thank you.
a beta version is in the work: it will replace Liberty with the Terran Confederations.

Regards Tolwyn
arr it TC not files but got it. Thank you now to see if it works
For another thing, enthusiasm has dropped off considerably. This may be due to the fact that I have been unable to get my mod submitted to LancersReactor due to the stupidity of the average users.

I visit Lancersreactor a lot...

What do you mean, do they just not want a Wing Commander mod?

Then they ARE stupid! Since I got into Freelancer, I've wanted nothing but to see a Wing Commander mod...
it works ! the ship go far to fast a it crash a bit but it works sort of.
You know, it usually helps to put a name to the face so we don't get you confused with the six dozen other unregistered people :)

The download is exactly seven posts down, just replace the files in the URL with "TC"
Unregistered said:
where can i download this cool sounding mod?

I want this mod too, if only to see the ships and a trip down memory lane to the ships of Privateer.

It would be unbelievably cool to return to Farris, Clarke, Humboldt, and Potter. Not to mention smoking a few kitties and an encounter with Stelteks, and scrap with some Retros and Pirates.