This Mod is Dead.

Bob McDob

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This Mod is Alive!

No real work has been done on this mod in over a month. As per tradition, it is therefore my duty to announce this mod is dead.


Well, for one thing, I completed everything I set out to do, with some notable exceptions. Almost all the ships I wanted converted have, along with weapons, and I'm satisified with their stats. I think the progression is fluid enough, as well. If there are any future changes to this, it will likely be at the expense of the ship skins, which I fully intend to upgrade to WCS standard once I get off my lazy ass and get around to asking Tolwyn.

For another thing, enthusiasm has dropped off considerably. This may be due to the fact that I have been unable to get my mod submitted to LancersReactor due to the stupidity of the average users. I am still debating whether this is a good thing.

Also, I ran out of ideas. Quite frankly, when "working on the mod" means picking mp3s that nobody else will listen to due to the swelling size of the file and questionable legality, it's time to stop deluding yourself.

Therefore, this mod is dead until further notice. I won't be handing this off to other people a la Fleet Action (although as per the Open-Open Source philosophy, anyone who downloads the mod is free to edit it and upload their changes, provided they credit both me and themself). Nor am I willing to abandon hope entirely. Like Fleet Action, what really killed this mod was lack of single-player modding (and also in no small part due to lack of multi-player modding). I really doubt these two things will be solved in future patches / hacks, but, you know, "there's always hope". Or maybe I'm just dumb. Whatever.

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hmm... I would say the mod is temporary on hold, nothing more and nothing less. As I already told you we have to update the website from time to time and we need more members. Have you already tried to find a few? I mean, editing FL is quite easy, nothing compared to Freespace 2.

Unfortunately I was not able to do anything, due to my lack of time. WCS is taking almost every bit of my free time.

but I'll be back... Right now I have to finish the design for the new WCS website, review all inis, edit voice overs. After that I might do some work for the mod.

Meanwhile you should tell me what you need. For example I do have a much better Broadsword, Crossbow, Rapier, etc textures, models are the same.

I also have the Razor: the advancement of the model is, that it has only one texture map. I am sure you can convert it very quick.

Regards Tolwyn
Tolwyn said:
I mean, editing FL is quite easy, nothing compared to Freespace 2.

Only to a point. Like I said, when you can't really edit either the Single-Player or Multi-Player modes, that kind of limits the direction your mod can take :)
well, at least we can replace all freelancer with wing commander ships... this and having weapons from the game will improve the overall game experience...
Please don't give up on this project. This is a valuable mod for those of use who grew up with Wing Comander. I can speak on your behalf to Lancers Reactor. Tell me why they haven't accepted yet and where can I get what you have already finished. Is it on the Download section of WCNews?

Well - the primary reason it hasn't been accepted yet (debilitating email viruses aside) is because when one of the Lancers betatesters attempted to compile it into a self-extracting FLMMZIP, it crashed his version of Freelancer :)
Let me know if you want help converting your mod into .flmod format for FLMM. If you do the easiest method, all you'd need to do is create a one-page script.xml file that contains the description of your mod, zip up the folder that contains your mod and the script.xml file, and rename it to FLMM includes a much more detailed explanation, if you want further info.
Yeah, I have a great average posts-per-day ;). I'm a fan of WC too; I have the original boxed Wing Commander I, with 3 1/2 and 5 1/4 disks and all the manuals, I completed WCI and single-handedly won the war, and I played WC: SO when new missions were still coming out. :) I was pretty surprised that I had previously registered here, though; not sure what the reason was for.

Anyway, please let me know if you need or want any help; I'll be glad to help :).
Please consider this

Hello, my name is Duriel_LOP (at least my alias :P)
and I am the systems designer for Starfyre Studios, The Next Generation Modification for Freelancer.
Endorsed by Reynen, our project leader, We would like to offer you something.

Now I learnt about this mod on the site, and did not actually know it was yours :P

I have played Wing Commander 1 - 3 and Privateer, which I believed was worth every single cent I spent on it.

Till now I did not know your mod was in such a Dire state, and really want to offer you this,

I, and Rey and the rest of Starfyre Studios believe your teams work is excellent, and would like it if you would join with us. If you do not know TNG is famed for it's stability (woot! :D)
I love WC soo much that I just had todo something, and Rey leaves this offer open on the table for you to join us. Please think about it, We would be honoured if you did,

Duriel out.

Please think about this, and when you have thought about it, reply to

I would hate to see this mod dissappear, or any of the work contained in it, so please think it through :)

I hope Rey hears a response from you
on the side note: the mod has been resurrected... yes, that is true, after a long time I have returned to the mod and what do I see? Not much, indeed.

Anyway, progress is being done. Since I am using WCS models, I have nearly to start from scratch, except a few models I converted a while ago. So far, six ships are being debugged, they are full FLMM compatible. I'll post some screens soon.

I have also to add, that our new member Acid is doing wonderful job on implementing new models into the game. I hope he will discover this forum soon.

... And I have! :D

I have already posted a new thread to say that as far as I am concerned the mod is a going concern, even if going means a slow crawl.

Chris Reid and IGx89 both posting to the same thread! Cool.

Just a quick note to IGx89, I love your work on the FLMM, I have been building heaps of scripts for my personal modding projects for Freelancer doing lots of things with XML. As I have no idea how to contact you normally, I just thought I would mention one small thing here about FLMM.

Dynamic DLL Generation (A wonderful tool, btw) has a couple of small issues in v1.2. Firstly, there is a limit to the number of entries you can put into the DLL without it going pear shaped when you attempt to copy it in. The error I usually get is that there was an error with the DLL, but when I check the EXE directory it is only 16.5k in size. It looks like I am blowing a limit there.

Also, with some of the larger mods I have created in the past FLMM completely restores everything on deactivation, but still tells me that there is a problem and that I have to restore from backups, which it does happily and then tells me it restored 0 files and 0 directories.

Is any of this in the next beta? Do you need a hand testing it? If so let me know. I can easliy run the test mods for this mod (as well as some of my more gnarly personal ones) through it and let you know what happens.

Just so the others of you know, I am having a ball working on a project like this, and as Tolwyn says there is plenty happening behind the scenes at the moment.

The mods I am building for test purposes at the moment would work as easily in SP as MP, although we have not tried to get very tricky yet. We have added flyable ships and introduced new ships to the NPC factions as a proof of concept.

This is the tricky bit of course, Freelancer will forgive you if you get something wrong on a ship for your player, but not for its own. Anyway, we have proved that it works just fine if you get it right.

All I can say in conclusion is watch this space. The Mod is NOT dead, I simply cannot wait to be flying a Tarsus around Sirius...

Cool! Its back!

I grabbed a version of the mod, had to change the speed of the craft, and now it crashes everytime you exit from a trade lane, any ideas?
I do not know... we are developing the mod almost from scratch. No offense but the most of the models used in the game (there are as always a few exceptions like the Hornet or the Thunderbolt) are just crap. WE are taking care of that right now.
Quite Right, Tolwyn. We.

Sorry if I sounded like a one man army there, I still have the rush of blood from coming on board.

Acid said:
Quite Right, Tolwyn. We.

Sorry if I sounded like a one man army there, I still have the rush of blood from coming on board.


right ;)

you can expect either Epee or the Razor today... hehehe
Looks great. I realize I'm pretty much a third wheel on this, but I'd appreciate if you wouldn't change the game stats (i.e., shield recharge, ship HP) without discussing it. It's pretty much the only thing I did for the last, oh, five monthes :\
Bob McDob said:
Looks great. I realize I'm pretty much a third wheel on this, but I'd appreciate if you wouldn't change the game stats (i.e., shield recharge, ship HP) without discussing it. It's pretty much the only thing I did for the last, oh, five monthes :\

speaking of which: could you sent me your stats? And the formula you used to convert them?

Also, your help in converting ships will be invaluable, since in a few weeks I will barely have time to work on the mod. So, if you could/want to help, just tell me.