The WC4 'Price Of Freedom' Movie Project

Ok, seems I'm a year to late or so...

If Queeg is still around, I would like to ask why you didn't realise an interactive movie of WC3 or 4? The material would have supported some A/B-decision-based plot chances and it isn't hard to do it (at least with DVD-files and DVD-menu-scripting). Dragons Lair for DVD-players works in a similar way.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to complain like "why didn't you work harder" ;) I'm just curious if you didn't have thought of that, or if there where other reasons.

And of course I realy would like to see the scenes again where Marc Hamill get's killed by the kilrathi :p
Doesn't that go against the whole purpose of the project? If you really want interactivity... play the game! :confused:
Well, I think the purpose should be to enjoy the very well made movie-scenes of the game without the trouble (availability, hardware, software, needed time) of playing the game.

I think Queeg did a very good job in cutting and filling the plot vacancies which emerged through the lack of space-gameplay.

Maybe you are right and an interactive movie should be a new project.
What the movie is is a way to experience the story as a movie without any "trouble" at all. Before Queeg made this, people were begging for exactly what this is. There really hasn't been a demand for an interactive thing with all cutscenes interactively. Like Wedge says, they can just play the game. If you want to see it all, you'll have to as story is also conveyed during the missions.
Hello Queeg,
I am a Pal from Germany an I played WC since WC 1. You have done an extraordenary great work and everybody, who was in WC since beginning, will be very thankfull for you. As an old WC Fan, seeing your movies made my heart jumping and it was a big pleasure, feeling heart-warmed and having flashbacks of very good memorys. Are you going to intend to make the same with WC5 Prophecy, too ?
However, thank you very much at least

Greetings from Germany

Dirk Michael
Awesome work of art Queeg ! WCIV they way you played it was abit different from how I did it hehe, but yeah the movie was very cool to watch it brought up alot of good memories from the best Wing Commander made as how I expereinced them :)