The Perfect Fighter?

It may not be my perfect fighter but one I've wanted to see and fly would be a sorthak with tachyons for weapons all imrec save some torps and a cloak
I reckon anything with a decent long range ability as well as tough enough shields and armour and the ability to take out medium to large cap ships would be great. So I'd take the Dragon, although I have to admit that it's firepower isn't that crash hot, except for that fission stuff but there isn't too much fun in chasing and aiming the darn thing, so I might add an extra set of guns, maybe a fast gun like a particle gun. Something in the rear end would work out pretty good as well
I guess a perfect fighter depends on your style . I always liked to either take one enemy at a time if I had a really good wingman , or just go in with guns blazing in a free for all. Anyway I say stuff a few more guns on the Dragon or Excalibur and lets go for it.
Cross between a Thunderbolt and a hellcat, no question. There are problems with the two of them apart. The hellcat always seemed to lack alittle punch. the T-Bolt seemed to lack alot of finesse. Mate those two suckers together and you have one hell of a fine craft. The Hellcat's armor and manueverability with the T-Bolts shields and guns? That's a beautiful union! (always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Boo Hooo! *tear* :) )
Lets see what would I call it? WC 1/2 seemed to enjoy edged weapons and late medieval armament (rapier, scimitar, sabre, broadsword, crossbow,etc). WC3/4 seemed to to like old WWII planes and mythical objects (Thunderbolt and Hellcat, excalibur and dragon). WCP seemed to like animals and insects (pirhana, panther,etc). So lets keep with the WCP ritual of naming schemes and call this the Jaguar. Small, swift, agile and carrying a big punch, yeah I like that! Doesn't hurt that that's my favorite NFL team either :).
Dragon Mk2!!!
It would be an advanced heavy fighter, with Vampire's manuverability and speed, Devastator's firepower, armor and shields, AM powerplant for infinite AB, cloak that works... and a really, really cool design :D
But then again, I wouldn't argue against a captured and customized Devil Ray, with Confed weaponry and avionics.
For now...
My choice would be second version of super ferret. WCP
era armor, shields and power generator. Two fast firing tachyon or plasma cannons and some modern missiles like swarmers and
I'd like a medium to heavy fighter-bomber. Now of course I'll try not to make it too good but for WC4, something like this:

Max. Speed: 420-450 kps [AB: 1100 kps]
Max. YPR: 60/60/60 dps
Guns: 2 Heavy Ion and 2 Particle, Stormfire
Torps: 2*1
Missiles: 6-8
Decoys: 36
Shields: 300 cm
Armour: 100 cm
Enough gun energy and decent recharge rate for shields and guns
The Raptor has always been my perfect fighter, no modifications necessary(except possibly autoslide.)
I've gotten so familiar with that fighter I could take on anybody:D

I forgot. My real perfect fighter already exists (at least in fanfic/aces board etc).

It is, of course, the Retaliator. If you haven't heard of it, Raptor has the details. (Its just a shame it wasn't in service in WC4)

Hey Boys ( and girls?)!

I'll say something: the perfect Fighter in all the Games was the Dralthi Mk2. Yes, with its MassDriverCannons and the HS Rockets was it a hard Enemy. And my favorite Figher. But only of the existing Fighters.

My selfcreated perfect Fighter is already posted.
My Dream fighter?

A Piranha with Pulse Particles instead of Ions, and a single dust cannon replacing the Lasers. Keep that nice ol' Stormfire. Maybe spice up the engines so it can outrun the Vampire, and I'll kill you all! :D .

Piranha looks pretty damn cool.
The Banshee is the coolest fighter.:cool:

I would like an upgraded Banshee, the leechguns replaced with a stormfire, and four neutrons or particles instead of the lasers.
The Bearcat is a good fighter too. I like its F-22 look.

I think it has enough hardpoints, but you are right with the gunpoints. And other guns would be better. I never liked the light tachyons. They should be replaced with a weapon that has a higher fire rate.
I think a great weapon to go with the Light tacyons is the reaper cannon. I just would like to see the two hardpoints turned into 4 so your missles could be launched faster at cap ships.
Originally posted by Hooyah
I think a great weapon to go with the Light tacyons is the reaper cannon. I just would like to see the two hardpoints turned into 4 so your missles could be launched faster at cap ships.

As far as I know the number of the hardpoint groups doesn't affect how fast you can launch missiles? But four hardpoint groups(like the Banshee has;) ) would indeed be better cause you can load a bigger variety of missiles at once. Like you load two hardpoints with dumbfires for a possible encounter with a cap ship, and the rest with a dogfight array instead of wasting four hardpoints on dumbfires cause you have only two hardpoint groups with four hardpoints each.
Swap off the guns on an Arrow, replace them with a pair of Tachyon Cannons and, if it'll fit, two more missile hardpoints.
What I ment is you could lauch them in bigger groups, I think by bressing the b key in WC4 and lauch one missle per hardpoiint at once. It is good with Dumbfires for taking down Capships.
IIRC with the Banshee and the full Dumbfire loadout your probably carrying on the missions where you go against the jamming hole, you are able to release 4DF salvoed (one of the reasons I LOVE THE BANSHEE AND THE ARROW!!!), with another dose of the same a second later... making the instant pain potential of the Banshee almost equal to a torp from a Longbow, and far more deliverable on a far more survivable spaceframe.

Now, if you take this to the WCP level where torps cause a pansy 1600-2000 CM damage, then salvoed DFs if they still existed and were still capable of damaging capships would become obscene... I tweaked Excal to simulate this and quite simply OWNED a Bug cruiser in about than ten seconds from first shot to last. Of course... this is in a universe where you have to deliver slightly more damage to kill a Bug Superdestroyer than you did to kill a 60plus year old light carrier, if you were quick and efficient about killing the carrier (more if you werent!!!) [Instert anti-prophecy rant here] This of course is negated if the badarse 8000-cm penetration torps from WC3 and 4 cant do anything against the Bugs either... is there any word on that?
Well, I think the best Fighter would be one with atmospheric abilities to.

Hellcat (any variation) is my favorite , and I think that with a few upgrades ,like missle hardpoints , better gubs and so, would be the best.
I really didnt like the Tigershark as the new Confeds Multy role Fighter cause it doesnt have any atmospheric capabilities, so it is not Multi roled!

Hellcat the best!!:cool: