The Nephilim in Nexus (Note: Image heavy)


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Exarch said:
I do have a question I'd like to pose to you all. Do you think it'd be ok legally to reuse the sounds from Prophecy in the mod? Of course... I'm already using the models, so I guess it's a moot point, but I was just curious. Origin is gone, certainly, but wasn't EA currently in control of the liscense?

The Origin Austin office is closed, but they still exist as a brand within EA, as they have for the last thirteen years or so. There's probably all sorts of technical things that every fan project could be held for in regards to models and sounds and such, but EA is typically pretty open to fan mods and things like that. They also freely distributes the Prophecy Demo (not to mention the Secret Ops starter pack) which includes the sound effects you're talking about


Update on the Shrike. Still not quite finished, just a few more details to add, but I wanted to show this shot to all of you. Notice the reflection in the windshield. ;)



Victory, you say?
Nice close up. If only it would fly as good as it looks. No plasma guns, can you imagine?


Yeah, the thing was a pig to fly. At least in Secret Ops they gave it those wicked dust cannons. Now THOSE were a blast. :D


These look great! I actually did think the Strikes were actually cutscene renders until I read more!


Thanks for the comments, everyone. :D

Chevie, just so you know, I'd be more than happy to help with Lightwave in whatever way I can, though I'm no expert with it myself. But if there's anything I can do, I'll try to do my best. I love your WC1 mod, and would like to see it finished as well.

And finally, I posted on the Nexus boards with some of these pictures, and also a description of the mod. You can see it here!


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I think it looks great. Especially the subtle use of specular, right Privateer Remake.:p


And now the ship you've probably all been waiting for... the TCS Midway!



If someone can find a nice white Confederation star like the original texture had so I can slap it onto the front pylon things, that'd be great. I couldn't find one, oddly.

And yes, I realize the Midway text is backwards... I'm going to fix that soon. I still have a couple of things to do on it anyways.


they are massive, yes:D
but you should've used the same texture as on the barracudas(maybe with a darker touch on the colored map)


The thing is, the Barracuda and the Tiamat clearly have different kinds of skins on the prophecy textures. The tiamat has a soft, rainbow-colored skin underneath a hard, bone-like exoskeleton that extends over most of the ship. The Barracuda is just like a fish. It took a very long time to replicate the Tiamat's skin, and I think it turned out pretty accurate.