The Nephilim in Nexus (Note: Image heavy)


Just a little something I've been working on. Yes, that is the original game model, but I gave the texture a bit of an overhaul with the help of some images I had sitting on my computer.

At this moment, the Barracuda is only a model, no weapon hardpoints or anything have been added to it, so it's not really release worthy even if anyone wanted it. So, here it is!





Thanks, LOAF!

Another quick update, just showing off my next retexture, this time of the Shrike.



It's not completed yet, just showing some progress I made in a few hours of work. :)

EDIT: Here's the almost-completed Shrike inside the game's model viewer, which shows the ship in the game engine itself.



gevatter Lars

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Both ships are looking quite good. I like it...especially the Barracuda.
Do you have any other plans or is it just a test?


I'm going to attempt to convert as many Prophecy and WC3 Kilrathi ships as I can to Nexus and see if I can get a total conversion working for multiplayer at least. It's been kinda floating around in my head for the past week, but the main thing holding me back was that the models looked so dated. But, as you can see, even a texture facelift can go a long ways in making even these decade-old models look like something new.


Hey, Chevie! Yep, got it last month for my birthday, and I've been loving it. It'd be awesome for a Wing Commander mod in my opinion, even with the emphasis on capital ships.


i know. this is why i'm working on one :D

the baracuda wouln't really fit a wc1 scenario(though i haven't given up on ther idea of a wc sequel yet) but i do can use some help in lightwave...


Much thanks to LOAF for posting this up on the news with the exceptionally nice comments. :D

Progress will probably be minimal on this until the weekend comes. School is busy and all.

I do have a question I'd like to pose to you all. Do you think it'd be ok legally to reuse the sounds from Prophecy in the mod? Of course... I'm already using the models, so I guess it's a moot point, but I was just curious. Origin is gone, certainly, but wasn't EA currently in control of the liscense?

Anyways, I won't have to worry about sound effects and music for a while anyways, until I get the rest of the ships retextured and converted. In the mean time, here's a shot of a Fralthi II in game. I haven't redone the textures on this thing yet, but I did add a bump map that corresponds to its current textures. This was taken before I got the wild idea to remake the textures in a higher resolution. Anyways, here's the picture.


I'll likely remove the turrets from the final model to make room for the game engine's turrets. Hopefully it won't mess up the texture, but I'm pretty sure it won't.


One thing that will be nice about using the old low-poly models is that you can have much larger battles without a noticeable performance hit. :D