The Matrix Revolutions

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Nice to see that at least some people agree with me (if you mean me with your commend LeHah...LeHah isn't that a girls name?)

But now to a nearly complet different topic...what would you think of a DBZ movie with that kind of technic?
I mean real actors for a DBZ movie with bullit-time, slowmo and all the other quite cool effects of Matrix.
I think it could look realy good...


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Bandit LOAF said:
Ooh, Lord of the Rings. The new version is slightly better than the cartoon.
When I said remake I ment a movie remake from a movie.
Otherwise you could say the WCM was a remake of WC1 for example.

gevatter Lars

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LeHah said:
Leah is a girls name.

LeHah is derived from Batman: Sword Of Azreal.

I just happen to like the sound of the name. (which, for the record, is pronounced Lay-Hah, not Lee-Hah)

Mh intresting...thought it comes from He-Man (maybe that thought comes from your pic; isn't that Skeletor from the He-Man movie?)..think there was also a Leah in He-Man.

Btw making a WC Series with the movie material could be interesting if they would do a pre-WC1 series.
I allways thought that the ships and stuff from the WC Movie would be great to show pre-WC1 stuff, but not WC1 era.
Discriptions of pre-WC1ships from the novels fit quite good to the look of the movie. Also could it be intresting to see the first contact of Kilrathi and Mankind...and the war that developed from that point. How the politicans quarel if mankind should go to war or not...the rumors that spread in the cicil living and the military that always calls to arms if anything is up at the horizon ^_^


Victory, you say?
gevatter Lars said:
I allways thought that the ships and stuff from the WC Movie would be great to show pre-WC1 stuff
Didn't they do that with academy? :confused:

How the politicans quarel if mankind should go to war or not...
Isn't this is perfect timing for a sci-fi series about this? You can even have a futuristic "" saying that Thrakkath has no WMDs or something. Such a series would surely cause no controversy. :rolleyes:

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IIRC the Academy series was pre WC1, but so close to it that you can call it WC1 timeline.
What I mean is a timeline when Tolwyn was young..or to be more excact a Cadett on the academy.
IIRC there was a novel discribing that timeline...forgot the name of it.

Isn't this is perfect timing for a sci-fi series about this?
You can even have a futuristic "" saying that Thrakkath has no WMDs or something.
Such a series would surely cause no controversy.
For the first part...that would fit quite well...didn't thought about that when the idea comes to my mind.
For the second part...what is "" and what is/are WMDs?


again, wow. is a group that holds to the "its been over a year since the a-rabs rammed planes into the World Trade Center! Its over, we shouldnt be pursuing them any more, move on and be peaceful and happy and stop the anger!

WMD = Weapons of Mass Destruction. Nukes, germs, chemical weapons, crossover fanfic, or anything else that will cause suffering and death to large numbers of people or obliterate a wide swath of land.

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Ah now I beginn to understand what you think...well that would fit quite well into the situation.
Funny thing..well the real stuff that happend and still happens isn't funny at all, but that the WC theme could be used that way to take a different perspective maybe...even giving the possibility of telling the story of the view of the Kilrathi...well that could/would be enough material do make a small series.
(Makes note on his to do list...writing pre WC Storyline)


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I saw the movie yesterday and I was very disappointed. I loved the other two films but this one sucks, big time:

- Battle of Zion: Reminded me of "Space Invaders" (Atari). Anyway, who cares about that city? What about the billions of humans trapped to the Matrix? LOAF´s Admiral Ackbar theory greatly defines the meaning of the battle and the "peace" Neo got.
- Neo x Smith: DragonBall Z fighting....
- Trinity: dies in a very pointless way
- Persephone / Merovingian: They could have made a GREAT movie if they had kept it INSIDE the Matrix all the time, with Neo & Co. trying to beat the Merovingian and Smith.
- Sati: Annoying little girl, her best line was spoken by Smith after he takes over her.

And I could go on and on... And to think you have to buy a videogame (Matrix Online) or watch a cartoon (Animatrix 2) to fully understand the movies. That´s one thing SW always does right: You can understand the whole thing just by watching the movies. However, if you WANT to learn the story further, you buy the games, books, etc....


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You're completely missing the point that by the point the characters are in Revolutions, they're all archtypes and not people. Its about what they represent more than what they show. So, take it more as a metaphore.


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Yeah, I know, I´m just not good with metaphores... :( What´s your interpretation for the final scene (Oracle, Architect, Sati)?

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The last scene looked quite like "there will be a sequel".

What scene is more intresting for me is the scene where Neo dies...if he dies or is he just unconscious and what was this thing (face-maschin)?
Was it the Matrix as a person or just something like the Borgqeen?


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
I'm fairly certain Neo is dead. Without Neo, Smith couldn't exist. They're Yin and Yang. For your interpretation, composer Don Davis named the "funeral" scene "The Bridge To Immortality". Take that as you will.

The sequel you speak of is the Matrix Online.

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Interesting..never thought of Neo and Smith as Ying and Yang.
Seams as if Matrix trilogie has more deeper details as the first view let you think...but still I would just think its moer about action then beeing somehow philosphical.

Matrix Online...seams as if gamenewspaper at our side of the world are slow as usual...never heard of Matrix online...some kind of these Onlinegames RPGs that seams to pop out everywhere you look?


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I enjoyed the entire series, I am the only one of my friends who did lol. I always have enjoyed movies or stories that challenge or make you question your reality, and now that I have thought of it, there are religous undertones (took awhile I am not religous). Who would that make Smith, us I guess, people.
I didn't find Neo's death shallow, he was given another choice, and he could not defeat Smith, just as Smith was unable to best Neo (though he was kicking the tar out of him), and he had to sacrifice himself to defeat his foe (sins?).
I think if the movie was longer they would have fleshed out the characters from the seige of Zion more (like the ammo kid, who approached Neo in Reloaded), you kind of see the same think from Lord of the Rings, some characters (elven leader who dies at Helm's Deep, not good with names) when he died, it was done with much drama, and it was lost on some people who aren't fluent with the Middle Earth Dogma.
To have Xion fight the way it did with the heroes gone, also could be thought of as, maybe common people are the true heroes (I dunno, probably talking out of my hoop).
I will tell you one thing about the flying battle in Revolutions, if anything you have a pretty good starting model for a Superman fight lol.
Not everyone but some like myself, LeHah, and a few others, probably looked beyond the basics of the movie. The average (most of us are not average however) movie goer, wants an easy plot, and lots of glam. I personally give the series a thumbs up.
The movies also give you the impression by the end, that the machines are no more evil than us, and at the end when the Oracle is asked if we will ever see Neo again, and she pretty much says she is sure we will...maybe we are as much machines as the machines are, just flesh intead of metal, just a thought.
Thank you for listening to this tirade of the Insane!


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If you had seen the Animatrix cartoons you'd actually know that the machines are the good guys. WE started the war. WE destroyed the sky. They just acted in self defense.
And I completely agree that the interesting thing in Matrix is what isn't that obvious. All the symbolic and philosophy is what makes it great. That I never argued. Just that (at least compared to #1 and #2) this part was seriously lacking in Revolutions. Maybe it as better for people that theorize much about religions as there clearly had been references to stuff like "the sleeping god", "the blind god/prophet",... And while I admittingly am rather interested in the different world religions and as well in philosophy I am not all that savyy in regards of philosophy and religion combined into one.
In a certain way I'd also compare Revolutions to Odysee 2001 here. Without reading the book and/or in depth knowledge of eastern religions at least the last third of the movie made little to no sense and had only few depth. Revolution overcomes this for many by the awesome action sequences, but for those that aren't after this full action (like me) the problem arises.