The Matrix Revolutions


That's why I tried to excuse... but I wasn't aware that I said that you have something to do with action sequences, I ment the american movie industry. Sorry if that was not clearly stated.


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You know...there is nothing more confusing than a movie that explains absolutely everything to you and ends with a completely clear cut, all questions answered, no need to make stupid wild theories anymore ending.

I personally think that all the movies were a big computer game written by an alien to test Earth's willingness to fight off an alien invasion. But I also think that maybe everyone was a microscopic germ and the machines were some kind of kung-fu nanobots. I dunno though...these movies are pretty damn confusing for my incredibly small brain so I guess I'll just have to keep trying to figure it out. God I hate this movie for completely legitimate reasons.


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Most notably the reason why there could be no significant freeing of all mankind by the end of revolutions is this: the number of free humans as opposaed to those still connected to the matrix .

If we take into consideration how many resources and how much time went into saving neo in the first movie we get a good sense of the logistical problem that would occure if millions of people were freed of the matrix all of the sudden. Not only would they need food, but they would need shelter and clothing... So for the time being there is a neccessary coexistance with the matrix..

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That's a horrible, horrible excuse - you think it's okay that the movie didn't have a satisfying ending (or storyline, or anything else) because of an issue CREATED ENTIRELY BY THE STORYLINE? They *set this problem up themselves* - a remotely good sequel would have been figuring out a good way around it instead of figuring out the best way to show people kicking eachother for three hours.


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LeHah said:
I posted a perfectly good explaination of the Matrix movies I found on MSN on my Livejournal.
I've seen worse summaries and I've seen better ones. One main point I disagree is that it was purely the mainframe that destroyed smith. The energy seen could as well have been flown the other way - from Neo to the mainframe, couldn't it? Or even from Smith to Neo (through the mainframe). Kinda like a cellphone increases the radiation when there is a bad transmission. The mainframe destroying smith (even if through neo) seems to be a bit illogical to me as the question arises: Why couldn't it do the sam when for example the oracle was assimilated? Why did it need a human for that?


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I didn’t like Revolutions much for lots of reasons. It did had some interesting moments, but it wasn’t a very good movie.

Well, a few comments. I haven't read this entire thread, so I hope I’m this isn’t very repetitive. I'm not making a claim that any of those comments are the ultimate truth, they are just my opinion.

1. The original movie was about mankind's struggle for freedom against evil machines. The sequels are not.

2. Ever since Animatrix, it's clear that on this universe machines aren't really bad. Mankind is evil, and the poor machines were just defending themselves. Bad, bad people. All programs are alive, all programs love. If you delete or uninstall a software, you are evil. Machines and programs love, have sex, get jealous of their partners, and even reproduce. This nihilism sucks. It's dehumanizing too, since there’s nothing special about men.

3. Transcendence is gone on Revolutions, except for the symbolism. It’s interesting how Neo walks around dressed like a catholic priest. Neo sacrifices himself, the cross, the “Deus Ex Machine”, and all that.

4. The “red world” Neo was able to see. Now what could he see? Not any machine, because he couldn’t see the Logos. “Living” machines. And when the “ghost” of a sentinel passes through him, you could even say the “soul” of that machine.

5. The "Real World" was real, and there was only one Matrix at that time. Neo was not an AI, or a program, he was just a guy. I don’t think Smith was part of the previous processes. Smith was destroyed by Neo’s sacrifice, and the technical details of this aren’t really important.

Note: The IMDB forum about this movie is terrible, mostly because it consists of fan-boys claiming anyone who didn’t love the entire series didn’t really understand it.


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Bandit LOAF said:
If 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Return of the Jedi' followed the same awful design as the Matrix sequels did, they'd be about Luke and company preventing people from breaking into Admiral Ackbars house instead of defeating the evil empire. And at the end the Empire would say "Well, we've still enslaved the universe, but we're going to stop trying to break into Admiral Ackbar's house!".
You got that right.

How come Morpheus was so happy in the end? He dreamt about the day that the entire Zion was military defeated and had to rely solely on the mercy of the evil machines? The same machines that were enslaving mankind and would continue to do so? And that should they ever try to break to free mankind again, the machines could just come back and finish the job? How freaking stupid.

But I'm afraid your good story didn't fully capture the stupidity of it. Remember, Neo saved the machines as well. Somehow, the rebels would end up saving the Empire too.


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ChrisReid said:
I really don't think the movie was changed in any way to cater to the game.. It'd be pretty easy to make a Matrix online game no matter how Revolutions ended.
I'm not sure if it was changed... But the details of Matrix Online did reveal a lot about the ending of revoltuions. For example, that Zion and the Matrix would still exist and be operational.


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Congrats to Delance for making the most redundant and obvious comment in the history of the internet.


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cff said:
The Animatrix did show them as pretty nice folks.
Yeah, that was interesting, machines trying to assimilate into human society. People (as a whole) were such idiots in the Renaissance.

Uh, the rest of the thread seems to have disintegrated. I'll leave it here.


Hey, look on the bright side, maybe in twenty years or so some other director/directors will remake the series and make it right.


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Finally I can agree with LeHah on one thing in this thread ;)
Besides that I'd maybe drop that "as a general" part as I cannot think of a single instance where the remake was better right now.

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Besides that I'd maybe drop that "as a general" part as I cannot think of a single instance where the remake was better right now.
Scarface is the first one that comes to mind.


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I stand corrected. Damned Bakshi and his fucking Rotoscope animation.

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Don't know if its allready mentioned here..but does anyone else thinks that the fight between Neo and Smith at the Final was quite inspired by Dragonball Z?