The Lamest Insults Ever

Which of these is the Lamest Insult Ever?

  • I will kill you! -Kilrathi, WC2

    Votes: 7 17.1%
  • Got any doughnuts, pig? -You, Privateer

    Votes: 2 4.9%
  • You're a loose end waiting to be tied, pal! -Pirate, Privateer

    Votes: 4 9.8%
  • Every insult in Prophecy

    Votes: 28 68.3%

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MaHeSw said:
Speaking of Maestro here's another one of his taunts:
"Let's have a problem introduced. I'm Maestro, your dead" :)

...and there was I flying around, thinking that Maestro had said
"We haven't been properly introduced. I'm Maestro, you're dead" :p

Just kidding mate! - its a little difficult to hear the taunts clearly sometimes. :)

I just remember playing Wing Commander 4 and getting really really really tired of:
"Chalk another one up for the Maniac"
MaHeSw said:
And I say it's Stilletto :D
I never heard that Taunt when I had Amazon as wingman, but a lot of times when Stiletto was around. It sounds like Stilettos voice too (or the actor ;) )
You can say whatever you like, but I'm the one who's correct :p. Just take a look inside amazon.eng - you'll find the line in there.
If you keep taunting the Kilrathi in a row in WC3, they'll start saying something else.

Like, "I'll eat your heart and spit it out, Terran!" or something like that.
Yeah, that's one of the 3 they say, the other is just one of them roaring at you.

I liked the WC3 Kilrathi ace taunts though.. "Think of your lairmate heart of the Tiger.. Maybe THAT will sharpen your claws!" I also like how one of the Kilrathi aces ends his talks with a laugh while saying: "You leaf eater!!" I guess I liked them because calling someone a leaf eater or making fun of them for not having claws wouldn't insult a human, but a Kilrathi finds those things terribly insulting.. it adds a bit of culture to it.
LeHah said:
Most of Blair's taunts in WC4 are really lame.

yeah, but 'You're goin home in a box' was kinda good. I like the pirate one 'WHHOOOOEEEEE! DIE PIG! HAHAHA!' from WC4 the best
Iceman16 said:
I like the pirate one 'WHHOOOOEEEEE! DIE PIG! HAHAHA!' from WC4 the best

Did these guys somehow not realize that they were going up against Christopher Blair? The frickin Heart of the Tiger? I would have afterburned my pirate ass out of there and never looked back.
Death said:
That's an insult mentioned as being used by the Kilrathi against humans, in End Run.

And Hobbes was fairly upset/annoyed when he found out that in actuality it produced thunderous laughs from humans instead of the desired effect...they mention some other ones in passing when Bondarevsky is attacking ships at Vukar Tag
Death said:
That's an insult mentioned as being used by the Kilrathi against humans, in End Run.

I also recorded it for Standoff, since it wasn't too far after the events of End Run. I dunno if it's implemented or not, but you may possibly fly around in Episode 2 and run into a cat that says it.
Actually, I thought Blair's WCIV taunts were great. "You call THAT flying?! Better put in for your pension!" was always soooooo cold. Maestro's taunts rocked too, but Casey's... ugh, horrible, horrible.
Actually Hawk had a pretty wicked taunt, "I'm going to rip your head off and spit down your neck!" (I think it was Hawk anyway). Can't get much more intimidating than that.