The Hell(cat) you say?!

Quarto said:
Wow, really? And here I thought you meant a paint job featuring an evil donkey. Silly, uneducated me :p.
I didn't mean to imply that ALL non US fans need an explanation :p I have had some misunderstandings on these forums in the past due to cultural barriers. I think it's great to have such a diverse group of people on these forums, and the cultural barriers make it all the more interesting (misunderstandings and all). "A bad paint job" would be a criticism.. "An ass paint job" would be an even bigger one :D.. To someone less familiar with American slang as you and I are Quarto, it could be hard to understand that these two criticizing words become a compliment when put together- "a badass paint job".
When looking at your work, I sometimes realise that a long amount of time has passed sinced I first started to gaze at the pictures. Upon further consideration, I realise that I've neglected to swallow for said amount of time, causing certain facial fluids to end up where they're not supposed to.

This is one of those times. Damn good work.
...I need a towel over here.
lol, thanks man. hopefully get some more work on her done tonight, more than likely it'll be the weekend. working on some slighty higher priority WC projects ATM.