The Hell(cat) you say?!

what can i say, this baby is going to look great ;)

The good thing of having Heavily detailed (and accurate tot he original) mesh means that you won't have too much troubles with the textures ;) Cause mostly they will be used for specularity (you have to have this texture) and marking drawings ;)
luminon said:
Yeah, I'd like to see the pirate paint job too. That looked awesome on the Arrow.
Yeah, that was a bad ass paint job (for the non-US fans: bad ass=really good). Actually when I said "giving it your own paint job like the Arrow", I wasn't hoping to see BradMick make a copy of the Arrow's Pirate paint job, but rather to create his own unique/funny/interesting/whatever.. paint job.
and heres a 'how'd he do that?' question answerer

Mjr. Whoopass said:
Yeah, that was a bad ass paint job (for the non-US fans: bad ass=really good).
Wow, really? And here I thought you meant a paint job featuring an evil donkey. Silly, uneducated me :p.
Hehe, it's actually a good thing to explain - I had a French class where the teacher thought "badass" was an insult.
its actually prety easy. and yup i am.

lw makes doing things like panel lines a breeze, no mess when you do the cuts.

all the panel lines are geometry
How does it work in LW to do these small things?
I only know from Max that its possible but would take quite an amount of never tried that with XSI...well ok after just 3 weeks of look at it what do you except ^_^
it requires time. LW is good at that kind of things, cause of its great layers and boolean operations. But all in all it will take you some time to create those small detailes. Cause you need to model the detail you need, than stencil it to the ship and so on...
It mustn't be that details Brad...Cybarions explanation was all I needed....practical the same technik as Max as it seams...and just a comparsion is what I needed.
I don't know if the function shapemerge is known in LW, but I would properly work with that (its not an boolean draw the shape you want then merg it with the geometry to have new edges you can work with)
Wow, that's a really nice hellcat-model. Good work :)

I escpecially like those high-detail engines. Say, are you going to add a transparent cockpit too ? With all the details the model has, it would be really a shame keeping the cockpit a closed structure.
it'll have the cockpit from WC3 when all is said and done, and landing gear too. working on the bottom panels today, and gun mounts.
I hope you make the gears in the seperate layer, so they can be easily turned on and off when you need it ;)

but anyway amazing work my friend. I enjoy looking at it. The only thing that i want to ask you (and your boss), will it be for free download? if no, than will you allow me to use it and make a wallpaper? If no, than... well no :D
well...obviously cyb. what would be the point to having landing gear in the same layer as everything else? make it kind of hard to animate them.

as for releasing this thing......................i've had a couple of questions with regards to that. i'm still undecided.
thanks gents. timewise, i work mainly at night, sacrificing sleep time for work time. sleeps not to terribly important. took yesterday off on working on her, be getting back to it tonight.