The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

Awesome work! I've really enjoyed hammering my way through this the last couple of nights - Gotta say, can I request transfer to the Valkyrie Squad? :) Quick question - Will you eventually be releasing your version of Fred for fans who might want to put some missions together? (Though I do understand that your mission structure is properly more complicated than a standard mission)

P.S. Kudos on getting auto-aim on the Excalibur working, I really wasn't expecting that!
SDK is coming. It will include our templates, tools and step by step tutorials to get you up to speed.
Just wanted to say thanks for putting the effort into this project for all these years. The game plays great even on my crappy computer. Nice to have a new game that uses a joystick.

Going to be interesting to see the results of the SDK for other fan made projects in the years to come.
Wow, just finished it and I must say that Saga is quite a ride. Though early on I missed the format of intermission cutscenes/stories (and a chance to breathe), the rapid jump from mission to mission really kept me immersed in the fight right up to the end.

Possible spoiler comment:

Quite a feeling of joy and cool down at the end hearing about the surrender after fighting for many hours continuously. A feeling rather similar to what the PC might be going through at the moment.
Thanks for the awesome mod, guys. I've been playing it since it came out and all I can say is, Holy shit. It's kicking my ass! It's an absolute blast.
Epic so far! Great graphics and a great story! I really like the WC1 feel to it with the Ranks and Medals.Only question is how do I get out of the missions and back to the ready room where the Ship viewer et al is?

Great story, excellent military mood, awesome graphics. I'm still on the 4th mission and liking it very much.
The gameplay feels a lot like what I remember of WC3.

You guys have done a great job bringing this project to light. Congratulations on a wonderful final product!
Awesome, thanks for the replies Aginor and Mancubus. This game is my new favourite, it beats out Skyrim lol. I couldn't wait to get home from work tonight so I could fry some more Kilrathi in the Vega System (just finished Brimstone before I had to leave for work).
Quick question is the prologue included or do I need to get it separately? And let me Congratulate you for achieving your goal and giving us another Wing Commander game to play!
Quick question is the prologue included or do I need to get it separately? And let me Congratulate you for achieving your goal and giving us another Wing Commander game to play!
This full release of Wing Commander Saga contains two campaigns. The first is an upgraded version of the original "Prologue" campaign. It has been upgraded with an expanded story, more characters in-game, Wing Commander style autopilot sequences (rather than the long, time accelerated autopilot sequences used in the original prologue) and updated graphics and game play. You can select the prologue by going to the campaign room and highlighting the "Prologue" campaign.
I would also like to congratulate the Saga team on a job well done. The game really feels like Wing Commander, and it captures the "we're screwed" atmosphere of Wing Commander III very well. Though I would like to see more cutscenes, the pilot banter really makes up for it. My favorite wingman so far is Avatarr, probably followed by Assassin. The missions have ranged from fairly easy to really difficult (I'm playing with the difficulty set to 'medium'). Its frustrated me at times, but in a good way. I'll get gunned down by a Sorthak for the third time and quit the game in disgust....only to start it ten minutes later determined more than ever to beat the mission. I'm about halfway through the campaign at the moment, and I look forward to playing through the rest of the missions.

As Captain Moran would say, Bravo Zulu to you all.
And it continues :) A few WC2 Models are already in Saga and Scooby help me to take Enigma 2666 into Saga. Even Last Line of Defence will be release now at the final. Reason are the better code and the fiction viewer. So Saga doesn't stop now ;)

I only need to wait for the FRED Edit @ Tolwyn :)

Adams Supply Depot and the new Starpost he done fits into the models from Scooby good.

I already worked for myself on the Yorktown. I think that it has to many bays. Looks for me more as a Concordia Class. So here the changes by myself:


from this to this:

Scooby used a lot of single object and i remove the bays on the left side and used the hangarwall object and I think its looking good :) What did you think?
Congratulations! I followed your project from time to time and I admit, I thought sometimes you guys would give up and the project would join the ranks of other failed ambitious fan projects.
But you didn't give up and defied the odds, even though it took a while.

Great job!
I'm so thrilled to see this finally released. I remember doing a little bit of mission work back in 2008 and thinking then that this really was going to be something special. Congratulations to everyone who worked on this thing from beginning to end!