About stability..

...back in the days when I used to play SL online, I found the no-cd patch to make the whole game run bettter.
Hi Akula65

i recently reinstalled Starlancer and found ur post that u had the edit progs any chance of emailing them 2 me at all please

lost my one that i had.

Did you get the programs? If not I can email you one of them, which allows you to edit stats but not do any real modding.
Flying Target, Akula65,
You would be a life saver if you could point me to where I can get SLEdit, SLtool, and Statedit.
I am a long time player of starlancer, WC series of games, Tachyon, Etc. but I lost my HDD a couple years back where I had the info to hex edit the .bin files so I could customize the stats as I needed. Now I can only find a german language page of what I had and it doesnt translate right, and a reference to SLEdit on Lancersreactor which is now shutdown.

I would be in your debt for life if you could either point me to where I can DL the files or if you could email them to me. Thank you!
Exterminator17, PM me an address to which I can send them. If there any other StarLancer files you need from the old Lancer's Reactor, let me know. Here is a list of what I have: Hex-edited Fighters
Info.txt Hex-edited Fighters
Info.txt SaveGame Cheat SaveGame Cheat
Info.txt StarLancEdit 111 StarLancEdit 111
Info.txt StarLancEdit 111 Small StarLancEdit 111 Small
Info.txt Save Game Editor Save Game Editor
Info.txt SL Extractor SL Extractor
Info.txt TGA-SHP Unpacker TGA-SHP Unpacker 3ds2sl Converter
Info.txt 3ds2sl Converter
Info.txt Lightwave to SHP Converter
lwo2sl(1).zip Lightwave to SHP Converter
Info.txt MilkShape SHP Exporter Plugin MilkShape SHP Exporter Plugin
Info.txt MilkShape SHP Importer MilkShape SHP Importer
Info.txt SL Add-on Readme Template
readme.txt SL Add-on Readme Template
Info.txt SL Edit 20 Beta SL Edit 20 Beta
Info.txt SL Edit 212 Beta Update
sledit_2_1beta(1).zip SL Edit 212 Beta Update
Info.txt SL Edit 216 Beta Update SL Edit 216 Beta Update
Info.txt SL Extract Source SL Extract Source
Info.txt SL Hog Extractor SL Hog Extractor
Info.txt SL Stats Editor SL Stats Editor
Info.txt SL Tool 14 SL Tool 14
Info.txt SPR to BMP Converter SPR to BMP Converter Visual SL Texturing Guides
Info.txt Visual SL Texturing Guides
Info.txt Desktop Theme Desktop Theme
Info.txt Resolution Editor 101 Resolution Editor 101
Info.txt SOSS Chat Logs SOSS Chat Logs
Info.txt VB 5 Systemfiles VB 5 Systemfiles
Info.txt Combat Trailer Combat Trailer Music Music Music Music

Phoeniix, I PMed you the day after you posted, but never got a reply.

Yeah, we really need for somebody to host all of this stuff.
I wish i knew of a site that was a good SL site, but I tend to play in my own little world. I am on a dial up connection and have to go to the library to get a highspeed wireless to download files.

I live in the cow country here in New York state. I sometimes feel like I am the only person who likes these games up here. Thanks to all of you!
If you can get those files to me I'll stick them on the CIC's download server for anyone who wants them. It's a crying shame what has happened to TLR in recent years and we'd be proud to host some legacy StarLancer material on account of it.
StarLancer is rock solid on Linux under wine. Afaik it may even have force feedback support, been a while since I tested it. Last time I tried forcefeedback crashed it turning it off made the whole game run really well.
Problems with Windows 7 and Starlancer

This game crashes to the desktop and does not even start.

The only response I get from Win 7 is that the App crashed and an unsuccesfull search for a solution on the net.

Any solutions?
StarLancer is rock solid in wine under linux or Mac OSX. I don't know why windows is so horribly broken with it. Crashes on my windows xp/7 boxes all the time.
Pure stability for StarLancer seemed the case for a Windows 98 machine. You will run into random crashes on various missions under XP.
Pure stability for StarLancer seemed the case for a Windows 98 machine. You will run into random crashes on various missions under XP.

Used to crash every once in awhile for me on Win98, but that might have been the machine. One of these days I'm going to find an old Win98 box and buy it off someone...
I do have a 98 machine, but I used it for the first ion cannon mission where the game would always crash under XP. It worked without issues on both Easy, Medium, and Hard when I flew that mission.
I had a lot of problems with Starlancer and Windows XP and then with Windows 7. Then I discovered the problems with stability stemmed from the game having a problem with multi-core and hyperthreading. Thanks to Pix's for this info - see

This is the way I made it stable and I only had one crash thus far and this was due to Norton AV.

Try the following for stability:

1. Download imagecfg (a tool that came with windows 2000 server)
2. Unzip it to Windows\system32\ as well as Windows\system32\dllcache\
3. Make a backup copy of your exe and icd files. (the batch file changes the lancer.exe and lancer.icd files)
4. create a batch file named Starlancer.bat with the following in it:

“imagecfg -u lancer.exe
imagecfg -u lancer.icd
imagecfg -a 0x1 lancer.exe
imagecfg -a 0x1 lancer.icd

5. run the Starlancer.bat file once.
6. Play the game using the normal shortcut.
7. do this after each clean install
8. By the way in the properties of the lancer.exe do not use any compatibility fix and run as administrator.
9. Also ensure that you use the newest secdrv.sys and binkw32.dll (search other installed games and copy the newest into game directory after making a backup copy of the old ones)
Finished Starlancer

I completed the game and had no further crashes. So another game completed that had been sitting in my collection since 2005.
Hm... I still had crashes in missions 22 and 23, but with the help of a friendly savegame editor I pulled through. Now, my copy of Starlancer can finally be laid down to rest.
Anyone still active on this thread still have the SLEdit tool? TLR is really starting to annoy me, and their Forum has some sort of bug in the registration area that wont recognize dynamic IP's for some reason.
Well the solution does beat my workaround from running windows98SE from a USB stick. Have never checked out that game in multiplayer(the only game I play from that era is "Rune"(not runescape, the viking-slash'm-up based on unreal tournament's engine), and that has been modded to hell and even been refitted with DirectX10 capabilities now thanks to community efforts... Maybe I'll give starlancer another try.
Alexander: There is a very small chance that I might still have it, but since I finished SL, I felt that was FOR GOOD, and uninstalled/deleted just about everything connected to it (HD-space running low). I can't check until one month from now, though. If you search high and low and backwards and forwards, you'll *probably* come across it somewhere. I didn't get it through TLR, but I'll be a blue-nosed hyena if I know where I got it...