Max Gene

Currently on yet another playthrough of my first space sim, figured I'd get the opinions from others on this, and maybe some help on a few things.

-Was there a patch for it, or ANY way to increase stability? My friend and I played co-op about a month ago, and it was crashing constantly, although we somehow made it to mission 3 before quitting (it also didn't help when we restarted due to his deaths). I can play through singleplayer just fine, though.

-Instant Action. There's one level where you have to destroy turrets on 3 capships to get through the encounter, which is a timesink if you can even pull it off. I've never managed it in the Grendel, only getting the first ship- afterwards the others were too far away. Also tried destroying the engines, one by one, but it's still too hard on the burners.

Hacking another ship in and using ludicrously high velocity I was able to destroy everything, but the Zakov STILL doesn't go down! Is this a bug, or just prickishness?

After this, the next encounter involves going through a warp gate before it explodes, then attacking the Czar. I can't make it through the gate before it blows in the Grendel, but my hacked ship can easily. At the Czar, though... goal is to hit all turrets, and upon doing so the Czar exploded... but left its power core behind, waiting for a Jackhammer, which I had none. Is there anything after the Czar, and is it possible to get this far without a hacked ship?

-On a related note, anyone have the ship editor? I can't find it anywhere, and I could really use a few missile launchers on that ship of mine, if only for the Czar.

That's all I've got for now.
There's a whole lot after the Czar - all you need for that mission is at least one Jackhammer. Maybe take a couple for good measure. If in doubt, google a walkthrough, or I can send you one.

As promised, the editor is on the way now. My tips are to add afterburners to both lots of allied ships, slow down the USSR torps a bit (not too much or it screws things up) and maybe reduce the missile lock times.

There were no patches, so stability is pot luck. Some times you get through without a hitch, other times it's a bitch (hehe). Last time I played through it crashed a few times on the pirate base, otherwise rock solid. Such is life.

Oh, and Moose (your RIO) is an enormous twat! :D
There's rock solid stability in Windows 98. For the most part, just fly missions in XP up to the pirate base one. That ALWAYS crashes for me on XP, and then I use my spare old 98 machine to get past that mission. Resume play past the pirate base, and you should still have decent stability. Game crashes will still occasionally occur.
Odd... my inbox has plenty of space... how big is the editor? Also, the torps aren't a problem for me in the main campaign... one gets through occasionally, but whatever. More annoying are the laser batteries that serve no purpose than to hit you in capship combat.
Only 48K for the SSGEdit program. Can't be a space issue. Do you have any spam filters or anything else that can block attachments?
Come to think of it, I think both my yahoo and gmail accounts are skittish about exe attachments. Just rename it to something like .spoo and tell me which file to rename and it'll let it through.
Try turning off 3D Sound Effects on the menu, not sure if you've tried that but that's always increased stability for me, as well. (Though it's still random, as noted above!)
Yep, looks like google blocked the attachment because it was an .exe wrapped up in a .zip.

I'll have another crack at sending it tonight.
Hmm... the version I had awhile back was able to add missile hardpoints onto ships, which was what I was really looking for (SLEdit can handle stats). Anyone have that version?
Maybe worth you dropping a line to the guys at for that. They seem to have gone registered user only and dropped the Starlancer links, but they may just have it archived somewhere.

StatEdit was the only one I'd got to give you, but I do remember there being a lot of ship mods on there a few years back. I even dropped in a Confed Thunderbolt at one point.
Confed Thunderbolt actually comes standard with SLEdit, which I use to drop in the other ships and can also use to edit most ship stats. It's rather impressive work.
Here are the editor files (and info.txt files) I have:
File name: SL Edit 2.0 Beta
File size : 2.51 Mb
Category: Utility
Date: 7/20/2000 4:52:31 AM
Description: This program is the second version of Dustin Evans' SL Edit. Besides allowing extracting and unpacking files stored inside HOG files, it has many new features which include switching ships (you can fly Coalition ships), import ships, edit ship stats convert *.3ds objects to SL and more (btw, don't forget to send HCl feedback on the 3ds converter dll, so it can be improved)! Read the included readme files for specific information. Don't forget to uninstall the previous version of SLEdit before installing. ATTENTION: This version of SLEdit requires SL to be run on Hardware mode!

File name: SLEdit 2.12 Beta update
File size : 97.73 Kb
Category: Utility
Date: 8/9/2000 3:45:39 PM
Description: This update to SLEdit 2.0 has very useful ship importing features (imports textures automatically when importing new SHP files) and a separate TCACHE editor. Should also be a lot more stable, as it looks for the StarLancer directory in 3 separaete registry location and if it can't find it you'll be prompted for it. This will also fix some bugs related to imported ships' stats.

To install, *don't forget* to disable all ship swapping features, and only then replace the EXE with this one.
File name: SL Edit 2.16 Beta update
File size : 222.50 Kb
Category: Utility
Date: 4/1/2001 8:45:03 PM
Description: Fuzzball writes:

* Bug fixed in regards to unpack1w.dll error
* Allows the importing and switching of capships
* Allows importing of ship packs (also ships in packs can be made to automatically switch with ingame ships when you go to import)
* Allows removal of imported fighters and associated textures plus new interface
* Allows the use of 24-bit textures on capship models (should NOT be used on fighters)
* The TCACHE editor is now fuctional so modelers can use in game textures if they want
* Can be used to replace skins on ingame ships
* By Double Clicking on any texture, the texture will be converted and opened in MS Paint
* Supports the newest version of HCl's 3ds2sl converter
* SL Tool can be launched from most displays by double clicking on a ship name
(The user must place SL Tool in the StarLancer folder)
(On most Alliance fighters SL Tool will only open one of the two ships (Tiger / 45th))
* First updated readme file in several versions! =)

Though even while CapShip import is allowed, StarLancer currently crashes when some scripted events happen, for instance if the replaced capship tries to launch fighters, torpedoes or the like.

You need to have SL Tool and the earlier SL Edit 2.0 version installed prior to installing this update!
File name: SL Stats Editor
File size : 36.1 KB
Category: Utility
Date: 7/11/2000 7:08:43 PM
Description: The long expected stats editor, created by Warthog for editing *.BIN files. A great thanks to Warthog, MS and DA for agreeing on releasing this!

You need to unzip this file into the directory, where you've installed the program, eg. C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Starlancer/ as default.
Just run it from there. The program is delivered "as is", so it is totally used on your own responsibility. No support on this one!!! Remember to backup your *.bin files before editing, since you can possibly destroy the game.
File name: SLTool v1.4
File size : 127.22 Kb
Category: Utility
Date: 3/10/2001 7:40:16 PM
Description: SLTool is basically a SHP editor, it allows you to place new guns, missile mount points, etc. This new version has many new features, which includes animations, capship box structures and easier attachment positioning.

Let me know if one of these is what you are looking for.
I just found them, just looking on the wrong place

And just another thing, does anyone know how to put blind fire on any of the ships?

Because if i edit them, even those that have blind fire lose it.

Hi Akula65

i recently reinstalled Starlancer and found ur post that u had the edit progs any chance of emailing them 2 me at all please

lost my one that i had.