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Of course there's an sucky alternative intro that was replaced probably because it sucked.

I think it was removed more because of the fact that it gave away right off the bat the nature of the threat. From a purely academic standpoint, the intro had some pretty great CGI from the same people responsible for a lot of the great CGI scenes in the WC movie.
It has always surprised me that they kept the link to StarLancer at all -- FreeLancer was completely revamped after Chris Roberts left, and StarLancer was certainly not huge financial success they would have hoped for... so it shows a particular devotion to their fans that they would keep the intro in the first place.
The final Intro has the best CGI scenes from the old one, plus new ones that are even better. The whole Nomad destroying Earth thing was pointless. It gave away the enemy too soon, and it served no purpose. It also undermined impact of the Alliance’s ultimate defeat in the hands of the coalition, which lasted just a few moments. By cutting it they made the dramatic scene of the sleeper ships breaking trough the coalition blockade the climax of the movie.

I understand any opinion on this matter is highly subjective, but, to me, it boils down to this:

“We will never forget…”

… the ultimate defeat of our alliance, and the sacrifice made by millions so we could be here, today!


… that evil aliens are out to get us!

And LOAF, I think you a right, and they probably also needed some backstory explaining the origin of the colonies anyway.
I really like the intro that got into the game.
Pity that the inhabitants of the 4 houses actually forgot everything :)
The only other thing I really wished Freelancer would have provided was a world that would change as the player executed missions...

Example: I fly 10 back to back contracts to eradicate Molly patrols, killing at least 8 fighters each time....then I head out without a contract and run into a full force of molly fighters...but their only base in-system is a small outpost. Huh?

I'd seriously have preferred it if your successes would have changed the balance of power in individual systems. Have their sphere of influence change as you whittle them down...have that affect the commodity prices, for example, and the likelihood of being jumped in a trade lane.

Ack...anyways, yeah, freelancer was actually pretty well done...I'm sure I can always find something, you know?
I would have liked it more if there was a)Careers after the end of the story that MEAN something and b) A branching storyline
Given all the references to Battlestar Galactica in this thread, I think it's worth mentioning that the developers of Starlancer (Warthog) also did the Galactica game that appeared around the time of the miniseries; though it made a few concessions to the new series, it also kept such a substantial amount of the old material that the result feels something like a bizarre mishmash of both (and Starlancer) that I find strangely more appealing than either incarnation.