Some models...

A decent number (300ish) point defense turrets) would probably be really bad concerning polycount (i'm hazarding a guess more than the hull itself)
There's also another issue is because of the ship's shape, each turret will on average just cover one quadrant (for small short-range point defense) and between half and a forth for the longer range stuff.
Hey, Scooby! Did you finish the station you posted in June (page three of this thread) already?
I would love to have it in my mod's final mission (which I started today, using a placeholder).
Sorry, I haven't gotten around to texture it yet. I'll start on that tonight.


Plus two P2 models for the future...

the Straith

and Duress

Good news about the station AND two of my favourite ships in the works.
<-- happy person thanks to Scooby
Would it be to much to ask if you could put the ships that don't have a background, with one like that ship that a mix of terren and kilrathi?
Couple more ships...

Predator (an Excal-drag-veng)

and a Rapier Mk 3 (or 4) whatever came after Arena (or during)
Dirk, the little cousin to the rapier... (I believe i started out with klav's models that we were going to use for saga)


Armament consists of two pulse particles (or basically one bank with two guns)

Also a top down view of what I've released so far. I think you'll figure out the canon and near-canon ones :)
Also a variant on the Raptor, a second altered version will be coming as soon as this one is done. Deathsnake had some ideas to return it to wc2-3 era.
Right now armament includes 2 heavy mass drivers, 4 heavy? lasers and a stormfire, plus a rear turret. About the same size as the thud.


I think the second one looks a little better, the one on top reminds my of a Tapir with the long snout. Though i could imagine a two-seated bomber variant as well, like a reconfiguration of the heavy fighter variant for smaller carrier ships.

I think we can safely say you single-handedly set an unreachable record as the guy who released the most playable Wing Commander ships in the shortest amount of time. Or is there a 50-strong development team we don't know about?
Nope Scooby is a modeling machine. Sometimes I suspect him to be a time traveler or he got some extra arms and heads, working on thousand models at the same time. ^_^
I find it amazing how he can keep up the level of details while working so fast.

As for the Raptor.
I agree that it might look better to move the cockpit a bit forward. On the other hand the original had its cockpit quite far in the back too. Here is what I build using the Clawmarks as referance.

From that point of view he is right with haveing it quite in the back. Maybe the strange look comes from the way the nose is shaped quite different. The original is very straight and narrow while the new one is more fat and round.
Hmm I would like to see Version 2. Its look the predecessor of the Sabre and used as Heavy Fighter/Light Bomber and the line is then continued with the Thunderbolt VII.
Second one it is then... just need to fix up the texturing/uv a bit.

Hmm I would like to see Version 2. Its look the predecessor of the Sabre and used as Heavy Fighter/Light Bomber and the line is then continued with the Thunderbolt VII.
The texture has a single large bay for a single launch torpedo. Generally I keep the heavy fighters with just one torp. Oh ya, there's quite a bit of Thunderbolt in this model. The whole nose section, the intake section, engine section and even the turret section.

Also a new carrier under works :)