Sins of the Father

Chapter 13

Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Perry Naval Base

Security Department

“No, no no!” said Sidney as he sifted through the files while looking up at the view screen showing the faces of dead officers from the Orion Function Room. Lieutenant Walker walked into the room holding two cups of coffee and place one next to Sidney
“Something missing sir?” asked Lieutenant Walker as he sat down across to Sidney and began to look at the files of the officers
“No” said Sidney as he continue to read through files, “I don’t know what I am looking for but I know for some reason these officers are the key to the case”
“I agree sir” said Walker, “but I am scratching my head as to how officers who are already dead are found onboard a station far away from where the fighting was, let alone the condition the bodies was in”
“I don’t I, what did you say?” Sidney stopped at mid-sentence looking up at the Lieutenant
“Sorry sir?”
“About the bodies, the condition they are in?”
“Well if I can understand about biological degradation, there is no way the bodies we found at the function room could have been well preserved. Except for the markings on their chest generally they body would be decomposing right about now”
Sidney looked over to the faces on the screen thinking over the information he has accumulated
“Hmm Lieutenant, do we have details on how or where the officers died during the Battle of Earth?” Walker turned to a computer console next to him and tapped in a few keys and waited for the computer to respond.
“According to the records of the four men and the four women” said Walker as he began to read through the data, “Lieutenants Dale and Wong were onboard the Lexington when she was destroyed, Ensigns Graham and Jody Gooding were killed onboard the Moskva, Captain Jessica McNell was part of Earth’s fighter wing and was KIA, Lieutenants Joshua Stone and Vanessa King died onboard the Concordia and Lieutenant Commander Diana Ablett died onboard the Verdun so far we have”
“Wait a moment” interrupted Sidney “the Concordia was not destroyed at the Battle of Earth. The ship survived but was later destroyed at the Vespus System. Bring up Lieutenants Stone and King on the main viewer” Walker punched in a few keys and the faces and record of Lieutenants Stone and King appeared on the man viewscreen on the wall. Sidney walked over and looked at their file.
“What other details do we know?” asked Sidney “we gathered that all eight officers did some time in the Intelligence division. We were able to identified them when we first found them, we know that they were present during the Battle of Earth, yet you found that they all died at the Battle of Earth, that does not make sense”
“How so sir?”
“Well if they all died at the Battle of Earth how come the records showed that Lieutenants Stone and King were killed during the battle yet if I recalled the Concordia was severely damage and the lost of life was minimal. Injuries they had plenty of but they did not have that a great number of fatalities. Something is not right here. Do we have the coroners report?”
Walker pulled out a file folder and passed it over to Sidney for him to read.
“This is not right” said Sidney “the file does not mention anything about their deaths on the Concordia during the Battle of Earth. Only they died with no exact date?”
“Well their bodies were identified sometime after the Battle of Earth, yet somehow their bodies were found here on the station. Something does not seem to add right”
Looking at the file and looking back up on the view screen at the photo at the two officers, Sidney had a hunch that something was not right.
Chapter 14

Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Perry Naval Base

Security Department

“That’s it I think I had enough for tonight” said Sidney as he stood up yawning and stretching his arms out, “I am going to the promenade and get something to eat before hitting the sack”
Lieutenant Walker was reading the files without looking up “Alright I will stay back a bit and read on a bit. Maybe I might find something”
“OK don’t stay up too late Lieutenant” said Sidney “I like to see you back the next morning feeling a bit refresh”
“Don’t worry sir” replied Walker, “I’ll be fine for the next day”
“Alright then I will see you tomorrow” Sidney headed to the exit door behind where Lieutenant Walker was sitting.

Promenade Level
15 minutes later

“I’m so bugged” grumbled Sidney as he poked at his food. Racking his brains through the names of the officers KIA, MIA, names of command ships, numbers of dead bodies and other information was beginning to take its toll on him and he is beginning to feel the pressure.
Earlier on that day, Admiral Terrell checked in on Walker and him and informed them that they have exactly one month to solve the case before the next update before the Sector Regional Government. If they cannot solve the case, he would have no choice the close the case and send Sidney back to JAG/Internal Affairs Command for next assignment.
Wondering what to do next, Sidney pulled out the Black Confederation Medallion his late father left for him. Looking at the medallion, Sidney knew that the object in his hand is somewhat responsible and is the key to solving the case, but he uncertain to where begin.

Meanwhile back at the
Perry Naval Base - Security Department

Lieutenant Walker begins to read through the last file on his desk looking up at the walled viewscreen of the picture of Lieutenants Joshua Stone and Vanessa King who died onboard the Concordia.
Walker stood up from the desk and walked over to the viewscreen with the file folder and compared to the two information profile. Walker was cross referencing the information when he heard the door slide open.
“Decide to come back for more sir?” asked Walker as he continued to read through the information profile. Turning around to expect to see Sidney, Walker saw a person in full marine combat gear with a conceal helmet covering the face making it impossible to see who it was. The person was pointing a pistol towards Walker.
“What is the meaning of this?!” asked Walker “how the hell you get through here without being checked!” Walker was able to see the waiting room behind the intruder and saw his secretary on the floor lying on the floor in a pool of blood
“Give me those files” said a strange robotic voice from the person
“And what if I don’t?” said Walker
“You will meet the same fate as your secretary” said the intruder “the files!”
Without much choice Walker picked up the rest of the files Sidney and him was reading off the desk and handed them over to the intruder.
“Thank you for your cooperation” said the Intruder, “I must bid you goodbye” raising the pistol at Walker’s head
“Hey you said I would meet the same fate as my secretary if I don’t cooperate!”
“I lied” said the intruder as he pressed the trigger on his pistol
Chapter 15

Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Perry Naval Base

“Want some company?” Sidney looked to see Admiral Terrell walking up to him with a tray meal “looks like it has been a long day for you”
“I’ve seen better days” replied Sidney “are you sure that if we can’t solve this within the month, we are forced to close this case?”
“I’m afraid so” said Terrell as he sat down and took a bite out of his meal “the Regional Governor is asking for results on this case. The media are having a circus about this incident and if we don’t clear this up soon we are going to have problems”
“I suppose we don’t have much choice” said Sidney “you think we would have got a lead by now”
“I would so too” said Terrell “but I guess they have left not much clues for you and Lieutenant Walker”
“We are going in circles” said Sidney “I don’t know what I am looking. We are seem to be focusing on those dead officers”
“Maybe you should try again tomorrow and look at a different approach” said Terrell “you have been focusing too much on the people. Maybe you should try looking at the other information you have”
“I guess so” said Sidney as he took a sip from his tea
“Commander, Admiral!” Terrell and Sidney looked up and saw two security officers running towards them “Sirs you have to come quick to the Security Department”
“What’s wrong?” asked Sidney
“I think you should come upstairs with us sirs” said one of the security officers “I think you should see for yourself”

* * *

“Damn me!” said Sidney as he looked down at the body of Lieutenant Walker “how could this happen!?”
“Do we have visual data files on this?” asked Admiral Terrell
“We do sir” said one of the security officers “but when we tried to contact the security observation deck, the officer in charge says that the visual data files are missing”
“What do you mean missing?” asked the Admiral
“Well sir, it seems that the person who did this knew that we would be looking for the image files and have either taken the data tapes or have deleted them. We cannot trace them”
“The files are missing” said Sidney as he walked over to the desk where Walker and he were working on “all the files of the dead officers are missing. All of them”
“Looks like we are in trouble” said Terrell “big trouble”

* * *

“Do you have the files” asked the cloaked individual
“Yes” replied the robotic voice stranger “all files have been attained and accounted for”
“Any direct contact with their security personnel?” ask the cloaked individual
“Lieutenant Walker and one other”
“Loss of life of any individual is unacceptable”
“Loss of life was unfortunate” said the robotic voice “and the situation was deemed necessary”
“Two lives plus the numerous others already” said the cloaked stranger “too many already for this to occurred. The files please” the robotic voiced stranger handed a pouch containing the files.
“Thank you” said the stranger “your services are no longer required” suddenly a metallic claw shot out from within the cloaked stranger, swiping out at the individual’s head.
Sparks flew as the metallic claw struck across to where the head was located.
“Such a waste of valuable resources” said the individual turned around leaving a room “and such potential you could have had. I expect orders to be obeyed and followed to the letter” the cloaked individual looked down at its metallic claw to see several dents and scratches “ah I guess I have to polished this again” a Kilrathi paw came out from within and wrap around the metallic claw pulled it out revealing a stump limb “Time for a replacement”