Sins of the Father


Rear Admiral
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I have started working on another fan-fiction on a different nature for the Wing Commander universe. Here is a brief background story and the prologue to 'Sins of the Father'
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Sidney Nettleson didn't want to go back to Perry, it was where it started and where it ended. Happy dreams, memorable moments and painful past. But when a call came from Admiral Terrell, his old friend on an investigation , Sideny culd not ignore his friend and decided to help his friend.

Once arrving to Perry, Sideny found himself in a situation never though possible. A conspiracy which spread all throughout the known Sector possible the entire Confederation. A conspiracy which dates back hundreds of years and very few who knew about it died at the hands of its masters.


Somewhere in the Gemini Sector

He was standing in front of the console typing in the final command keys for the program activation. There wasn’t much time left and he needed to send the file to his superiors. If they didn’t find out what he had discovered and it was only a matter of time before they found him.

For the last three days, rogues were chasing him and it was fortunately that he found the old abandon communication room. He thought that Confed had closed down and cleared all comms room in the system, but somehow he managed to find one before the rogues found him.

The screen in front of him flicked on and off as if it was about to shut down,
“Oh god damn no! Not now” growled the man as he pressed a few buttons and flicked a few switches, “just a little bit longer” the man watched the monitor as he watched a progress bar showing on the screen indicating how much of the file was being uploaded onto the secured line to Confed Command. Slowly the progress bar gradually begins to fill up the bar until there was about 20% of the file left to be uploaded.
“Come on” hissed the man, “just a bit more” watching on and with sweat beginning to form on his forehead, he heard a voice in the background
“Having problems are we?” said someone behind him. Quickly turning around and pulling a side arm from his holster he aim the pistol into the darkness hoping to spot the person who was talking to him. He couldn’t see anyone in the room as all the lights save a few in obscure places were shorted out. All he could see where shadows and dark areas, “now is it for any reason to raise a gun at me” continued the voice
“You stay away” said the man, “Come any closer and I will send all what I found to everyone I can find” he heard the stranger’s voice laugh
“How could you when the console can no longer function” the man turn around and saw the monitor begins to the flicker then went blank.
“Damn no!” said the man, “not now”
“Oh yes” said the stranger, “now with that gone, we can deal with you” the man did not turn back in time as he felt something hot, sharp and painful hit his back. A few seconds later he could smell the subtle faint odour of burnt flesh. He turned around trying to see the shooter only to see a red laser shoot out from the darkness and hit him in the middle of the chest.
Looking down he could see the laser wound on his chest, he dropped to his knees beginning to feel dizzy and disorientated, “It is a pity that we had to kill you” said the voice, and “such a waste of good talent and you could have been a fine contribution to our organisation”
“I will never join you” said the man as he tried to stand up. It was then he knew that he lost and he didn’t have much time. Reaching into the side pocket of his pants, the man tried to pull something out but was too late when another laser shot hit him on the chest causing to fall on his side.
“Argh!!” the man fell on his side convulsing in pain he received and then still. The man was dead.
“Aw you’re dead now?” said the voice, “damn I thought you could last a bit longer” the sound of a gun being holstered back in its pouch could be heard, followed by a footsteps and a door being open and closed. Unaware by the shooter the dead man had still his hand in his side pocket. Inside the pocket was a small data pad with the message Send R File to Blue Leader, it was followed with two small screen buttons send and decline. The dead man’s thumb was pushing over the send file and the unknown R file was sent to another location.

* * *​

In a quiet room
In the Epsilon Sector

Sidney Nettleson awoke slowly.
The computer console was beeping in the darkness – a tinny annoying ring.
“Computer lights” the lights in his room blared out brightly lighting up the entire room, “Damn it! Computer lower light level by one half!” the room lights dimmer to a soft glow just enough for Sidney to see where he was going.
Checking the time on the wall before answering the call Sidney notice that it was only 12.35 am. He had only just got into bed only an hour minutes ago and already he is feeling like shit.
Shuffling his way to the computer console, Sidney to bang his left foot against the desk, grunting and hopping on his right Sidney reached over to activate the console. On the monitor a young man in naval uniform appears somewhat nervous knowing that the man had awoken Sidney.
“Yes can I help you?” asked Sidney as he put his left foot down after rubbing it
“Sorry to wake you sir” said the young man, “but I have been informed to you that you are presence is needed for an investigation” Sidney grumbled to himself, I already clear the Gordon Investigation he thought what does he want now, “Tell the Commander I will be at Torgo Command in 40 minutes”
“Yes sir, well um” the man stuttered trying to say something
“Is there something else Lieutenant?” asked Sidney noticing the rank insignia on the man’s shoulders
“Well sir I am not from Torgo Command”
“Huh?” Sidney’s daze and groggy feeling wore off immediately when the man spoke, “what do you mean you are not from Torgo Command?”
“Well sir I am calling you from Perry Naval Base in the Perry System, Clarke”
“Yes I know where Perry Naval Base is Lieutenant” said Sidney, “that is on the other side of Sol Sector. Who in the right mind wants me when I am over here in the Epsilon Sector?”
“Um I don’t know sir” said the Lieutenant, “but the Admiral said you are urgently needed”
“Admiral?” Sidney curiosity kicked in, “Admiral Terrell are you referring to correct”
“Yes Sir” this is unexpected of Terrell, thought Sidney, it must be real bad otherwise he wouldn’t call me. “Lieutenant, inform the Admiral that I will take the first shuttle out of here and get there as soon as possible. Did he say what it is about?”
“No sir he did not say” replied the Lieutenant, “I will inform the Admiral that you will arrive as soon as possible”
“Good Nettleson out” Sidney walked over to his closet and pull out his uniform and tried putting it on while looking for his boots. It was about a year since he spoke to Admiral Terrell and ever then it wasn’t on the best of terms. He didn’t forgive Terrell for lying to him about his wife, well ex-wife. But he can’t live on hating him for not telling him the truth. I suppose he was trying to protect me from the truth he thought as he found his boots and put them on, he did try to avoid me getting hurt Sidney walked over to the refresher unit and looked at himself at the mirror. How long has it been since he found out about Sarah? How long did Terrell knew about Sarah? Sidney push the thoughts and questions out of his mind as he washed his face and quickly shave himself trying to look somewhat distinguishable. An officer always had to look presentable at all time. That was what his late father said about being in the Navy.

Walking out of the refresher unit he walked back to the console and picked up his ID card and personal effects.
Picking up his ID card Sidney looked at his face and the details it read:

Sidney Nettleson
Confederation Navy
J.A.G. / Internal Affairs
Rank – Lieutenant Commander
Serial No#80709176

Sidney shoved his card and into his left shirt pocket, picked up his satchel which was hanging over the chair and headed out of his room. This is going to be a long day he thought as he left his room and head towards the main lift exiting the accommodation wing.
Good start, mystery, intregue and a shooting. It has the makings of a pretty original story.

I look forward to reading more.
Chapter One

One week ago

How could this happen, thought Terrell, in all his years of service in Confed Navy he never seen a murder or a crime scene like this. He thought he seen it all with the Kilrathi, with their claws mark found on captured Confed civilians and military personnel. But seeing this makes the Kilrathi look like kitten.

Terrell had hoped the assignment on Perry would be nothing more than monitoring pirate activates in the sector, reading and checking reports and patrolling all the major blockade points especially in the Clarke Quadrant. No more constant moving from ship to ship, system to system fighting Kilrathi on all fronts with no where else to go. Perry would have been a nice way to finish his career.

Terrell looked at the bodies all across the floor while Security forces personnel were taking image shots and suited officers were collecting forensic evidence for analysis. Watching at the people doing their job, Terrell walked over to a group of officers who were discussing about the evidence they found, “Lieutenant Walker what have you got so far?”
“Admiral from the mess we found we estimated that there were about 15 people here and that is counting all the body parts” the Lieutenant shivered at the mention of the body parts, “Sorry Admiral I’m trying to stomach this in”
“That’s all right, Lieutenant” replied Terrell, “I am trying to stomach this myself. Any idea what happen here?”
“No sir but whatever happen at the end was sure one hell of a gun fight. I think it is somewhat related to the murder back on Perry base sir, the bodies in the unmark transport at Newcastle a week ago and the bodies in the abandon warehouse at Tingerhoff” Terrell full attention was now focused on the Lieutenant, “How could that be?” asked the Admiral
“Well sir we were doing an inventory count of all items found” said Walker, “when one of my aides found something. If you follow me sir” Walker led Terrell pass several sheet covered bodies to the corner of the large hall when an intact body was found on its side in a foetal position. As they walked closer Terrell could smell the burnt flesh from laser fire but when he saw the body as he got closer he saw that the body was all black. The body was burnt black all over.
“What happen to that man?” asked Terrell as he covered his nose and mouth with his hand.
“Actually sir it’s a woman” corrected Walker, “as you can see sir the woman is in a foetal position and we think that she was cringing as we think she was shot with a flame thrower or something”
“What does this body have to do with the murders and the bodies found?”
“Well we had a few of men scan over the body for anything when they found out that she was lying on top of something” said Walker as he passed over a small plastic bag carrying an object inside. Terrell took and the bag and looked inside the clear bag.
The bag contained a black 8 pointed star which looked like The Confederation Star. But the Confederation Star was a blue 8-pointed star. “Lieutenant what is it?”
“I don’t know sir” said Walker, “the body we found in the old comm. room back at Perry also had the same black 8-pointed star on him. We concluded that these two incidents are very closely related but we are drawing a dead end as we cannot figure out how. We are drawing blanks sir” Terrell thought carefully about the new information he was told.
“I wonder” said Terrell as he fiddle the bag between his hand
“Sir?” said Walker uncertain if Terrell was talking to him or not
“Oh it is nothing Lieutenant. I am thinking of something or someone who might be able to help with this case” Terrell walked back to the main area of the hall where all the investigators were standing, “Ensign Conner” Admiral’s Terrell aide came running across avoiding the bodies across the room, “Yes Admiral?”
“Get me a secure comm. link back to Perry Command. I need to speak to Captain Goodin”
“Yes Sir” saluted Conner and headed out of the hall
“You know something sir?” asked Walker who stood next to the Admiral
“No Lieutenant. Just a hunch”

* * *
“Admiral with all due respect, you should not be travelling to other systems” said Captain Sandra Goodin, Admiral Terrell’s personal attaché, “you don’t know if you might run into terrorists. Retros, Kilrathi raiders or even Mari-ad Rems might take advantage if they hear a Confed Sector Admiral is flying to systems assessing non-critical situations”
“Captain I have been assigned to this post for only six months and already this murder case has taken its toll over the last month and a half and I cannot ignore from the reports I have received. Besides the Retros have never been a concern, our military forces with Commodore Reismann commanding is doing an excellent job monitoring the situation along the borders and the blockade points and with Admiral Cheng monitoring the Mari-ad Remnants and I am certain that they pose no threat to the stability of Confed”
“But Admiral!?” said Goodin, “that still does not justify your actions of leaving Perry Command”
“My duty is to this Sector Captain” said Terrell, “and that includes all matters which involves all of Confed. These people who were murdered were military and civilian personnel and that is my responsibility. You do your duty Captain and I will do mine. Just get in contact with Lieutenant Commander Nettleson and have him meet me back at Perry”
“But sir, reports indicate that he is on the side of Sol in the Epsilon Sector”
“Well you better call him quickly before he moves somewhere further away Captain” said Terrell, “we wouldn’t want to find him in the middle of Kilrathi territory when we find him”
“No sir. I will contact him straight away”
“Very good, Terrell out” Terrell switch the communication console off and lean back in his chair stretching out his arms and arching out his back, “does this have to been so stressful” he said to himself. Getting up from his chair, Terrell walked over to the edge of the bed and picked up the evidence back he took from Walker. The eight-pointed black star reminded him of something long time ago.

Five years ago he recalls meeting a Rear-Admiral Anthony Cheng at a Flag Officers Conference, who was recognised for his efforts of eliminating the Mari-ad threat prior and during the early years of the Kilrathi War. Admiral Cheng recalls in his early years when he first encountered the Mari-ad that an agent of a secret military intelligence group working within military intelligence was responsible for monitoring internal and external threat within Confed.

Anthony recalls that the secret Intel-group had discovered of another covert group which works outside of the chain of command of Confed military and working independently and performs questionable acts which are of concern to both military and civilian intelligence. Anthony recall rumours the Intel-group were not able to capture any operatives of the Covert group but only to find a black eight-pointed Confederation Star every time they come close to finding any of their operatives. There was no known links between the Black Star and the covert group, but Anthony believe that for some time there was some connection with some of the underground criminal syndicate and Black Star.

Holding the evidence bag, Terrell walked back to his console and went into the Confed military database and search for Admiral Cheng’s current position. The computer register that Admiral Cheng was away on active assignment and his location was not known.
Damn just when I thought he might be able to help he thought. With Admiral Cheng out, that leaves only one other man he could ask for and he was hesitant of asking him giving their past history. He didn’t have much of a choice and there wasn’t many people with much experience in these unsolved cases.
I hope he takes this up thought Terrell, I am out of ideas right now.
I hope everyone is enjoy my 2nd Fan Fiction I am writing it is somewhat different from most of the war-based fan fiction we mostly seen. Enjoy this next instalment

Chapter 2

Current time
Star Date 2669.021

Location – Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector

Admiral Terrell’s Office

“Bloody hell I should have taken the holiday when I had the chance” grumble Terrell as he looked over the daily reports. Ever since coming back to Perry the investigation over the murders and the bodies found on the unmarked transport has been weighing heavily on his mind. To have an unresolved case on his record might look bad on his record but he is uncertain to how he will report this to his superiors if nothing has been achieved. He definitely needs help with his.

“Sir Lieutenant Commander Nettleson is here to see you?” said his secretary on the comm. screen monitor.
“Very well send him in” replied Terrell. The Gemini Admiral stood up from his chair and walked over to a small bar behind his desk. He as he poured himself a glass of water he could hear the door open and closed followed by footsteps approaching towards him.
“Lieutenant Commander Nettleson reporting sir” said the voice behind him, Terrell turn around to see the man who once was a good friend. Why so formal he thought he never was formal with me before, until now.
“Commander thank you for coming on short notice” replied the Admiral as he motion for the officer to sit down, “have you read the report we sent to you regarding our request”
“Yes Admiral I have” replied Nettleson
“Commander you don’t have to formal with me. We are friends”
“Used to be friends sir” corrected Nettleson
“You are not going to let this pass are you?”
“Sir with all due respect may we focus on the situation” Terrell didn’t like the Sideny was not addressing the issue but he can’t argue that Sidney was call to Perry for a specific reason and is here to do his duty.
“Very well Commander” said Terrell as he sat down at his desk, “as you have been briefed and read the reports regarding the bodies at Perry, Newcastle, Tingerhoff and the latest found at New Detroit”
“Yes I just read the latest report of the 10 plus bodies found. Any evidence found at any of the scenes sir?” Terrell pulled open one of the desk draws and pulled out the clear plastic evidence bag containing the black Confederation Star, “Here take a look at this” Sideny took the bag and examined the contents.
“The Black Star?” asked Sidney
“The who?”
“There suppose to be a rogue group within Confed Covert operations. Apparently several members of Covert Ops left the unit and form their own group going around doing their dirty little deeds”
“I am not familiar with them”
“I shouldn’t believe that you wouldn’t Admiral” said Sidney, “they have only become active since the beginning of this year. Previously they were just a bunch of unhappy operatives who didn’t like the orders they were receiving and beginning to have doubts about their duty to the Confederation”
“All because of the orders they received?”
“I think it goes beyond that I think Admiral” continued Sidney, “it was rumour to believe that Black Star uncovered a conspiracy that certain elements within Confed wants the military to maintain control of the government even after the end of the Kilrathi War, assuming there is an end to this war”
“That is a pretty strong rumour to go talking about” said Terrell, “to have the military to maintain control of the government even if we win after this war is highly unlikely. To have such would spark civil unrest”
“True but the rumours that members of the Black Star did find the proof they needed but many of their operatives were eliminated and it is said to believe that only a handful of these so-called Black Star operatives are still out there at large”
“So you think that this so called Covert Group is somewhat related or link to these incidents?”
“It is possible Admiral” said Sidney, “but I will need full access and all information to all incidents and murders which are link to the Black Star, directly and indirectly”
“Very well, Lieutenant Walker is the investigating officer on this case. You can find him at the Security department here. He will help you with anything you need. He has been informed that you will be taking over this case and he will be your second in command until further notice”
“Yes sir”
“On a different note. How are things Sidney?” asked the Admiral referring the Commander by his first name
“Everything is well Admiral” Terrell did not like the response he received
“Look Sidney, I know what happen 18 months ago about your wife. I didn’t know until you arrived. She was caught with the suspect, along with the crimes and activities she was involved with. I couldn’t do anything about it. The evidence was amounting against her and I couldn’t do much about it”
“Admiral” said Sidney as he stood up, “If there is nothing else you tell me about the case. I would to begin the investigation as early as possible. I would like to go to my quarters and get some rest. It has been a long flight here from Epsilon and I need the rest before I start” sighing in defeat Terrell sagged his shoulders giving up of trying to apologise Sidney about his ex-wife and trying to make amends, “Very well Commander, my secretary has your quarters arranged along with all the files and information you may need. If there is anything matter you need to clarify, Lieutenant Walker can help you. Otherwise you can come and see me”
“Thank you Admiral” Sidney saluted Terrell and turned around and left the office.
“God damn it” growled Terrell. He wasn’t happy with that meeting. He was hoping that they started and leave on good terms, but given the way Sidney was treating him, it seems that he has not forgotten about the incident and forgiven him for that matter.

* * *

30 minutes later

Perry system, Clark Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Perry Naval Base
Accommodation Wing

Sidney Nettleson’s personal Quarters

He sat there on the side of the bed holding a glass of scotch in one hand and small picture frame on the other. The picture showed himself and his wife, his ex-wife actually, Admiral Terrell and several other officers and their respective partners at one of many previous Naval Ball.
It was one of his memorable moments in his life. He had a career with the Navy which he was proud of, a wife who supported and loved him, who also work in the Naval Intelligence and friends who share his life in both work and social life.
That photos was many years ago along with many memories, drinking the rest of his scotch Sidney reached over to the table in front of him for the bottle of Scotch and pour himself another drink.
His meeting with Terrell was something he wanted and he was ready for forgiveness from anyone. Not from his wife and not from Terrell.
15 years of friendship all torn away in a instant and marriage gone forever. Now that remains is his duty to the Confederation and the work he does. While continuing to look at the photo and reminiscing of past events the computer console on his desk start beeping a low ring tone indicating that someone wanted to contact him.
He ignore it at first then after a while he grudging got up from the bed and walked to the console and activate the comm. link to receive the call. On the screen was Admiral Terrell’s secretary, “Sorry to bother you Commander, but Admiral Terrell has asked me to pass on the latest information on the murder cases including the forensic analysis from the recent case”
“Thank you Lieutenant I will look it over, Nettleson out” his slap the off button and the console went blank. This wasn’t the time for him being interrupted. He wasn’t in the mood. The console beep again indicating another caller, getting a little pissed off of being interrupted he turn back and hit the comm. link again, “Now what!” he growled
“Is this a new way to treat people hey Sid?” said the caller on the monitor. Sidney’s anger and slightly drunker stupor disappeared instantly as his old friend and comrade in arms, James Wallace was on the screen smiling
“Jim!” said Sidney, “What are you doing here on Perry? It has been eons since I last heard from you. How are you?”
“I’m well Sid, I heard you just arrived on Perry and I thought I might chase you up for a drink or did I catch you at a bad time?”
“No, no Jim” smiled Sidney, “I’m good. Yeah sure I would love to catch up for a drink”
“Good stuff” replied Jim, “meet you at the O G Bar, say about 30 minutes?”
“Yeah I will see you then” smiled Sidney as he switched off the comm. link. Sidney walked into the refresher unit and gave himself a quick wash off and cleaned himself up, whistling a happier tune.
Yeap played JA2 and liked it.
The name chosen wasnt intentional and it did have a nice ring to it and thought night try it.
Chapter 3

O G Bar - Promenade Level
Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini System

“I can’t believe you here” said Sidney smiling “and a Captain now. Have they given you a command yet?”
“Actually yes Sid” said Jim, “They have given me one of old Ranger-class they dug up back from the scrap heap the TCS Pantheon”
“The Pantheon? I don’t think I have heard of it. How is it?”
“I would not be surprised if you did. It was originally the TCS Ticonderoga”
“Man that was commission in ‘23?!” said Sidney almost scoffing his drink
“Well I suppose Confed is getting desperate, especially with the attack on Terra. They pulled out every ship they could muster scrap heap and all”
“What is that ship carrying what 40 fighter those Ranger carriers?”
“Yeah it ain’t much compared to the Concordia class carriers and escort carriers, but we are here after most of the ships were decommissioned during the false peace treaty. We don’t have many ships left except the broadswords, a few of those paradigm destroyers, a few older model corvettes and patrol boats”
“Damn that is not good” said Sidney, “I’m guessing the majority of ships are place at the blockade points” Jim nodded both knowing the answer.
“We have no choice, the Kilrathi attack in strength at those check points and we are running low on ships and resources even the militia here in this sector are stretched out too thinly”
“So what are you doing in Perry then?” asked Sid
“The Pantheon is going to meet up with the task forces at each of the blockade points and hopefully bolster up its defences” said Jim, “Confed is really pulling out everything that they grab. I would not be surprised if they pull out the tug boats and strap a few guns and missiles to it”
“I wouldn’t be surprised at all” said Sid, “when do you leave?”
“In three days. We are taking in supplies and extra crew. But enough of me what about you? What are you doing here on Perry? When I tried calling you at Torgo in the Epsilon Sector, I was told you were heading to Perry on the other side of Sol. That is bit of a jump skip and a hop?”
“They called me in on some murder investigation”
“Oh you mean the bodies found in at Perry, Newcastle and Tingerhoff?”
“You know about the cases?”
“Only what I hear on the Network News” said Jim, “I hear that it is pretty gruesome with the bodies found and all. I heard that you solve the Gordon Investigations and found the culprit behind those activities. If you can do the Gordon case then you van deal with this case. I think you have your work cut out Sid”
“Ah it keeps me busy and focus on what I am doing”
“Yeah I figured” said Jim, “which brings me to my next question Sid. Have you spoke to Sarah lately?” asked Jim, referring to Sid’s ex-wife who is now in imprisoned.
“No” said Sid “and I think I know what you are going to ask Jim. Terrell and I are not talking about the matter and I don’t want it to be brought up”
“Sid, Terrell apologise to you when it was too late about what he found” said Jim “Terrell didn’t know that she was your wife at that time and he was doing his duty. You know that as much as everyone else”
“Yeah but I don’t care about that” said Sid, “the point is that Terrell should have told me first before going ahead with the arrest and everything else. I could have tried to talk her out of it and maybe resolve any issues”
“She is gone when you saw her again at the prison, “she’s had it”
Sidney looked at his empty glass pondering about the past events which happen between Terrell, his wife and the crimes that were committed. He wasn’t sure if he could ever forgive himself or anyone for that matter of what happen. Raising his hand, a waiter came by and poured another drink.
“Is this why you came to see me Jim?” asked Sid, “to reopen old wounds and bring back the past?”
“No, I am here to see how you are coping for the past year and half” said Jim, “you should have taken time off”
“And do what?” said Sid, “there isn’t many people around. My brother is on some mission assignment, Jessica is busy working on her thesis, mum and dad are other touring around the galaxy and god knows where they are at moment”
“You could have taken a holiday Sid. You are a workaholic. You were then and you are still that same workaholic I knew. Take a break, put your feet up, I know that are nice planets to visit in this sector, I hear that the girls at New Constantinople are the best looking people in three sectors on this side of Sol” Sidney chuckled at the suggestion, “So I have heard” said Sid, “look Jim I know that you are trying to help and all but I know what I am doing” finishing his drink, Sid got up and headed out of the bar, before heading out he turn back to Jim and place his hand on Jim’s shoulder, “Jim it was great to see you again. Maybe when I finish this case maybe we should catch up and have that holiday, maybe take on the casinos and see those showgirls you mention”
“That would be good if you can keep up with me” smiled Jim. “just keep that wallet of yours ready. You don’t know what fun we are going to get into”
“I can bet how much fun we would have” smiled Sid, “see you Jim. Take care when you are at the blockade points. You know how dirty those cats fight?”
“Yeah I know. All the best Sid”

* * *​

20 minutes later

Perry system, Clark Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Perry Naval Base
Accommodation Wing

Sidney Nettleson’s personal Quarters

He was back in his quarters, back in the same position he was about a couple of hours ago before meeting up with James, Captain James Wallace. He was back on the side of the bed looking at the photo frame with another glass of scotch in his hand.
“I should have seen this before” he said to himself as he finished his drink he got up put the photo frame back on the table when he noticed data pad next to the computer console, “I don’t remember having this” he said as he picked up the pad and activate it. The data pad flashed on and a series of information screen on providing more details information on the murders and the bodies found. Images were also screen on the data pad showing the scenes of the crime, including images of all evidence that was recovered which he was not given access to yet.

At the end of the files and images he scroll through, a message appear at the end of it.

Lieutenant Commander,
These files and images are information which you will not be given access to. Your assistant to this investigation will not give you full details and may hinder your efforts to find the assailants to these murders.
Use whatever resources possible to solve this case.

There was no name or initial indicating who sent the file or the data pad. Sidney connected the data pad to the computer console hoping to trace the data pads origin and last possible location. The computer indicated that the data pad was not register and does not recognise that it is a data pad.

“Now that is strange” said Sidney, as he pulled out the data pad, “not a data pad?” he looked at the data pad, turning it around and examining it. It looks like every other normal data pad, standard Confed-model and design; it even had a Confed serial marking and registry number on it.
“I’m too tired for this” sigh Sidney as he put the data pad back on the table, “must sleep” Sidney moved back and into his bed and tried to get some sleep at the same time afraid of having the same dream he has been experiencing for the last 12 months.

* * *​
Please note that this chapter may or may not scare some readers and hopefully does not offend anyone.
Hope you enjoy what I have written in the last few chapters of 'Sins of the Father'

Chapter 4

Security Department
Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Star Date 2669.022.0945

“Well sir that is pretty much the run down of everything we have on this case” continued Lieutenant Walker as he brief Sidney on the past week on the murder cases, “we have accumulated all the information we obtained and the results from the forensics teams and our team are pretty sure that they are all related”
“Hmm” Sidney grunted in reply as he rummaged through the files and photos that were taken at the different locations.
“Sir may I asked?” said Walker, “is it true that there is such a group called Black Star?”
“I do not know Lieutenant” replied Sidney when he found a manila file folder he was looking for under the pile of other papers and taking a document which detailed all of the evidence found, the bodies at the different scenes and the results from the different forensic testing, “it is theory but proven that the Black Star does exist and I don’t know if how this all relates to it”
“Well sir, if you read my report, several black Confederation Star medallions were found at all crime scenes and I clearly stated my theory how it is all related”
“Yes, yes I know I read your report Lieutenant” said Sidney, “but it still does not prove anything. For all we know it could some punk kid who is getting the kicks out of it of putting medallions at the crime scene and running off just in time to see us trying figure out what is going on” although he is showing that he doesn’t believe Walker’s theory, Sidney was in fact believe that Walker’s theory is quite plausible and possible that the Black Star maybe involve. He just could not be bother of telling the Lieutenant that he was right and he is on the right track.
“In the meantime Lieutenant lets go through these cases carefully one at a time and make sure we are not missing anything” Walker and Sidney went through the files and documents of the crime scenes, cataloguing and cross referencing with each other.

What seem like only twenty minutes was in fact three hours, Sidney and Walker lost track of the time when a communication console near the men was beeping indicating that someone is trying to contact them. Walker got up from the table and answered the call while Sidney was reading through the reports.
Sidney wasn’t paying much attention to the conversation between Walker and the caller, but he could the comments from Walker
“Say again Ensign? Where is it? Are you sure? How many? Has anyone else report this? Very well Ensign locked down the entire area and make sure no one enters the area. Security personnel only I will be down shortly”

“Something the problem Lieutenant?” asked Sidney when Walker end the communications
“Yes sir there has been another murder at the Orion Function Room on the Observation level” replied Walker “but the Ensign did not tell me how many people are dead. He just said that I have to see it to believe it”
“Very well then Lieutenant I guess we have to see for ourselves shall we?”

* * *​

20 minutes later

Orion Function Room – Observation Level
Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector

“Get these people out of here!” shouted Walker as he and Sidney tried to get pass the large group of people who are blocking the entrance to the function room. Sidney looked around and could see bystanders, of duty officers and non-coms looking about, figuring out what the commotion is about. He could also see a few network news reporters hanging around the group trying to get the latest scoop.
When some of the reporters saw Walker and Sidney coming through the crowd, the reporters converge on the two men trying to get a statement
“Lieutenant is there another murder on Perry?”
“Is this related to the case in the other systems?”
“Is the Black Star related to this?”
“Does Admiral Terrell have anything to say about this incident?”
“What is Confed going to do to solve these murders?”
The questions were coming in left, right and centre and Sidney was getting fed up with the reporters. They all wanted the juicy gossip so they can splash it all over the network when they never consider about the family of the victims and the people involved.

As Sidney and Walker got closer to the function room entrance ducking from the microphones and lights glaring in the way Sidney could save half a dozen security personnel blocking the entrance and forcing people. Ahead he could see a marine Sergeant along with the other marines pushing back people telling them to make room for the investigators to come through.
“Sergeant what the hell is going on!?” asked Walker, “I thought Ensign Lynch had the area clear and sealed from all the public?”
“So did I sir” said the Sergeant, “but someone must have got wind of the situation and must have told someone. Ensign Lynch is inside trying seal off all possible entrance and exits’ hoping that no one gets a chance to see what is inside”
“Do you know what happen Sergeant?” asked Sidney
“No sir. I was called in by Ensign Lynch to hold off the public from coming in closer. I have not seen anything sir”
“OK, lets take a look Lieutenant and see what kind of trouble we are in”

* * *​

As soon they entered into the function room, they were met with a huge plastic sheet that blocking their way.
“Hey what gives!?” asked Walker as he look around how far the plastic sheet was blocking the entrance
“Lieutenant Walker is that you sir?” said a voice in a distance
“Is that you Ensign Lynch!” shouted Walker, “what the hell is going on!?”
“Just a minute sir” said Lynch, “give me a minute” Walker and Sidney waited and could see a man, possibly Ensign Lynch through the plastic sheet to meet them, “sorry sirs” said Lynch as he crawled under the heavy plastic sheet, “but we had to cover the area and making sure the people don’t see what we found” Sidney looked at the Ensign and notice that the officer was very pale as if he was being scared the shit out of him.
“Ensign, are you feeling alright?” asked Sidney, “looks like you pissed your pants or something?”
“May I speak freely sirs?” asked Lynch
“Go ahead” replied Walker, Lynch walked over to the wall nearby and leaned back
“Sir I cannot explained what we found in there” said the Ensign, “I received a call from a couple who was walking past the function room and reported that they smell something foul coming from that room as if something just died or burnt. So myself and another went to have a look and found the bodies”
“Bodies?” said Sidney, “how many were there Ensign?”
“Eight sir” said Lynch, “but it is not the bodies you should be worried about”
“Oh and why is that Ensign?” asked Walker
“Because some sick freak position the bodies in a certain pattern”
“Position in a pattern?” said Walker, “OK I am confused”
“Follow me sirs and you will know” said Lynch as he walked past the two officers and left the plastic sheet up for them to walk under, “you have to see it to believe it”

* * *​

“My god!” whispered Walker, “is this possible?!” Walker and Sidney were looking down on the floor in the centre of the function room where eight bodies lied.
The bodies’ four men and four women were on the floor forming a circle with their feet pointing towards the centre of the circle and the heads facing out.
“I don’t think I have seen anything like this” said Lynch as he stood back from Walker and Sidney allowing to take a closer observation, while other security personnel were taken image shots and taken samples for forensic analysis.
“Something is a bit strange” said Sidney as he knelt down by one of the dead female bodies, with a gloved hand; he tilted the woman’s head to the side, checking for any sides of strangulation or injury on the neck. He examined the rest of the body without moving the body as much as possible, looking around, seeing if there is something that could give him a clue to what happen.
“Something you noticed sir?” asked Walker
“I don’t know” said Sidney, “something looks familiar when I saw these bodies as if I saw if somewhere else but as something else” a bright light flashed near him and Sidney turn to see some of the security personnel were taking photo to be sent back for analysis. The photographer took another shot from a different position and loaded the camera device and waited for the image to be printed out.
“Damn talk about freaky pictures” said the photographer as he pulled the printed image out of the camera
“May I have a look at it please?” asked Sidney as he walked up to the photographer
“Sure take. Personally I wish I didn’t have to take these photos. Just looking at them gives me the creeps” said the photographer as he moved to a different direction and took another photo.
Sidney looked at the photo and saw what he recognised. The men and women were place and alternate positions. Where one man was lying down, the women was lying lower, then the next man was lying roughly at the same line as the first man followed by the following lying across the same level as the first women. It looked as if the men were placed higher and the women were placed lower.
“Get me a large step ladder now!” order Sidney
“Sir?” asked Walker
“Just get me one now!” about ten minutes later two marines came in the function room pushing a large step ladder into the crime scene.
“Alright, put that away from the bodies, but enough for me to see over them” the marines push the ladder back a few metres back, avoiding the wires, boxes and other people around. Once the marines got the ladder in place, Sidney rushed up the step ladder and looked down at the bodies. Once he got up and saw the bodies from above he knew that his worst fear was correct. The bodies were positioned into star formation. An eight pointed star. The Confederation Star.
Chapter 5

Security Department
Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector

An hour later

“I can’t believe that we actually have sick freaks!” said Walker as he looked at the bodies on the view screen, “what twisted mind would do such a thing?” Sidney was sitting next to Walker flicking through the pictures on the view screen with a remote showing pictures of the bodies and other valuable evidence found at the function room, “I don’t know who is responsible Lieutenant, but I am sure as much as you do that we want to find the people responsible and put an end to these murders” Walker nodded in agreement as he continue to look at the images being flicked across and going back to his file he was holding contain a detailed report on the evidence found at the room.
“Wait a minute” said Sidney, he stopped flicking the image and was looking at one of the men, then flicked to another picture of one of the dead men and then flicking over to the remaining two dead men “Walker do yo see something peculiar about these men”
“No sir” said Walker as he looked the images of the four men being flicked across
“Computer, display images of all four dead men” said Sidney and the view screen changed images and four images of the men were shown together across the screen. Sidney got up from his chair and walker up to the view screen and looked at the images one at a time, “Lieutenant, what do have on these four men?” Walker flicked on a computer console nearby and accessed the records of the men they recovered,
“Right, we have Naval Officers 1st Lieutenant Todd Dale, 1st Lieutenant Stanley Wong and Ensign John Graham and Marine Officer 1st Lieutenant Joshua Stone”
“Anything of interest about these officers?” asked Sidney
“Nothing spectacular” said Walker, “they all served on different ships”
“What ships were they serving on?”
“Um let see, we have the Verdun, Concordia, Moskva and the Lexington”
“That’s interesting” said Sidney as he started tapping the view screen with his finger, “they have one thing in common”
“Sir?” asked Walker, “what do you mean they all have one thing in common?”
“Lieutenant if you recall in the bulletin and network news, those ships were involve at the Battle of Earth”
“That was not so long ago?” said Walker, “maybe it is just a coincidence”
“Hmm I doubt it Lieutenant” said Sidney “a lot of officers were pull back to Earth to defend against the Kilrathi assault. So I don’t think that it was a coincidence. Even I was on Earth when it happened before I was sent to the Epsilon Sector on my last assignment” Sidney continued looking at the four pictures, when he noticed the top button on one of the officers’ shirt was undone and he could see what could be the edge of a burnt mark. Looking at the other 3 officers he noticed that they too have a similar burn mark, “Lieutenant, did the coroner find any burn marks on their bodies? Somewhere near or around their neck?” Walker typed in a few keys and scanned through the coroner’s report he pulled up, “Yes sir he did, he said that all found men had a logo of a” Walker stopped midway as he continued to read the report
“Lieutenant?” Sidney turned around to face Walker, “what did the coroner find?”
“A eight pointed star” whispered Walker as he pressed a button and the image of the four men disappeared and was replaced with one of the dead male officers with a image of the Confederation Star burnt into the skin near the below the throat
“Damn” said Sidney as he looked at the images, “do the women have it as well?”
“Yes sir they did” replied Walker, “the report said the burn star on each of the bodies were exactly the same shape and symmetry and located and at the same position, on the chest just below the throat”
“Hmm something is missing” said Sidney, “all eight bodies got the star burnt into them the men were at the Battle of Earth. What about the four women?”
“Same sir” replied Walker, “I just checked their assignments and there were on several of the ships that were assigned to defend Earth when the Kilrathi attack. Um sir they was something I found just a moment ago”
“And what did you find?” asked Sidney
“Well I cross reference all eight people and checked with everything I could find on the database and found one thing”
“Which is?”
“They were Fleet Intel”
“All of them?” Walker nodded in response of Sidney’s question, “Lieutenant did any of those officers ever served in covert ops?”
“I don’t know sir let me check” replied Walker as he access the officers database, “Um sir it seems that all officers both men and women served briefly in covert ops and have moved in Intelligence and or other divisions”
“Hmm just a little too convenient” mumbled Sidney
“This is all too much of a coincidence is it sir?” asked Walker, “all these officers were at the Battle of Earth, they are all Intelligence officers and served briefly in Covert Ops. Even the victims of the other murders they were all officers. This is too much of a coincidence. It is impossible”
“I agree” said Sidney as he sat back in his chair. Looking back at the images on the view screen Sidney tries to think of the connection between the murders and the Black Star Medallion, “this is going to be harder than I think. Lieutenant can you download all information on the eight officers to my personal console. I am going to have a look at these people and see what I can come up with”
“Yes sir”
“In the meantime continue with your investigation, hopefully we might be able to find something”

* * *​

Location unknown
Perry Station

The unidentified man was working at the console, attempting to access the secure detail files of all officers on board Perry Naval Base. The man was at the console for the last hour when he was able to crack into the main system.
The monitor in front of him sprang to life with lists scrolling down revealing all the officers on board from the commanding officer to the lowliest officers who are currently serving at the blockade points. The man scroll through the files name and stop at a file label –

Terrell – Admiral

The man attempted to access the file but couldn’t as it require a high level clearance and he did not have the codes to crack the system at that level. The man scroll through the names until he came across the file name –

O’Connell – Commander

He was able to access Commander O’Connell’s file giving him full records and personal details of the officer. Next the man scroll through was able to access several other officer’s files.

Hamlin – Ensign
Lam – Captain (Space Forces)
O’Brian – Lieutenant Commander
Roland – 1st Lieutenant (Marines)
Sato – Ensign
King – Major
Craig – Lieutenant (Navy)
Rennie – Captain (Space Forces)

The man finished searching for the people he was looking for and downloaded the details to a portable data pad. After completing the download the man log out of the system and headed out towards the door. He stopped briefly for a moment thinking of the names he access and then turned around and walked back to the computer console. The man log on to the secure database and type in a specific name and details –

Name - Nettleson, Sidney
Armed Forces - Confederation Naval Forces
Division - J.A.G. / Internal Affairs
Rank -
Serial No (optional) -

The name left the rank and serial number alone as he didn’t the details to those but knew who this man was. The computer registered the request and started searching for the man’s record. The computer did find Sidney Nettleson’s record but he was not able to gain access as his required a high level clearance.
“How peculiar” said the man, “you are not a high level officer? That I know. Maybe I might be able to find out later” the man logged out and switched to the station’s commercial network where people are able to gain access to the latest news and bulletin around the galaxy.
The man scroll through the network until he came across the network news report of the murders found at the Orion Function Room. He activated the main link and he was watching the main news feed of the event that transpired some time ago.

“Lieutenant is there another murder on Perry?”
“No comment”

“Is this related to the case in the other systems?”
“Can you please make way...”

“Is the Black Star related to this?”
“…make way please, move! Get that camera out of the way”

“Does Admiral Terrell have anything to say about this incident?”
“No comments please at this point of time”

“What is Confed going to do to solve these murders?”
“Sergeant what the hell is going on!?...”

The man smiled as he watched the news reporters asking questions to two men who were trying to get through the crowd to the function room where the murder scene was.

“So you’re Nettleson” said the man, “You going to be Terrell’s dog hey? I guess I have to keep an eye on you won’t I?”
Smiling still the man turns off the console and headed out of the room leaving the door open.

* * *​

Twenty minutes later

A middle age janitor was walking down the corridor with his cleaning trolley when he sees one of the doors to the secured rooms open.
“Now this shouldn’t be” said the janitor as he walked up to the door and was about to close and lock it when he saw a light flickering inside. Peering inside he saw a computer console monitor still flicking on and thought someone forgot to turn off the console. Walking in, the janitor walked over to the console and was about to turn off the console when he noticed a portable data pad next to the keyboard.
“Ah I see you found my data pad” said a voice, the janitor turned around and saw a man in the doorway, he could see the man’s face because the room was completed dark save the light from the monitor and the lights outside in the corridor which were being blocked by the man in the doorway.
The janitor could see the face but he could see that the man was pointing something at him. A gun!
“Sorry sir I didn’t mean to” stutter the janitor, “I just saw the door open and I was about to lock it when I saw the monitor lights still on”
“Oh really?” said the man
“Sir I didn’t touch anything, I didn’t see anything”
“No of course not” chuckled the man, “I believe you”
“Thank you sir”
“But my hand does not believe you” said the man as he raised his gun towards the janitors where it is now pointing at his face.
“Sir please I won’t tell you anyone I swear!”
“Yes I know you won’t” replied the man “that is why I am going to kill you” the man pressed the trigger shooting the man in the head “ah look at this now. You made a mess all over the room” the man walked over pass the now dead janitor and picked up his data pad and walked out of the room, locking the door behind him.
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Chapter 6

Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Accommodation Wing
Sidney Nettleson’s personal quarters

Star Date 2669.022.1630

Sidney returned to his quarters after a spending a few hours with Lieutenant Walker going through the files and evidence on all the cases relating.
Lying on the bed, Sidney was reading a hard copy of a report from a previous related murder case when his computer beeped indicating someone is trying to contact him. Groaning as he tried to get up and shuffled over to his desk and tap the computer console to see who was contact him, it was Admiral Terrell.
“Am I interrupting Commander?” asked Terrell
“No Admiral” replied Sidney, “just going through the reports and files. What can I do for you sir?”
“Nothing exactly” replied the Admiral, “just checking in and see how you are managing?”
“Well it is harder than I expected sir” said Sidney, “plus with the media in our faces all the time it is harder to concentrate on the case at hand”
“I see” said Terrell, “well if it helps I will get my people on it and keep those media vultures off your back so you can concentrate on your investigation”
“Much appreciated Admiral thank you”
“No worries. If you need any help just let me know”
“Will do, Nettleson out” Sidney turn off the console and went back over to his bed and lay down looking up at the ceiling.
How the hell am I going to solve this one though Sidney, there were so many things with questions marks and so many things he need to check and so little people to help. He might consider informing Walker to recruit more officers to assist in the investigation maybe it might lighten the load a bit.
Sidney continues to think and plan in his head what would be his next course of action, unaware that he was gradually falling asleep and gradually dozing off.

Two hours later

Sidney Nettleson awoke slowly.

The computer console was beeping in the darkness – a tinny annoying ring.
Was he experiencing déjà vu again? The room was dark save the soft light glowing from his computer console on his desk
“Computer set lights at dim setting” the room lights dimmer to a soft glow just enough for Sidney to see where he was going. Looking over at the chronometer, Sidney noticed that he was asleep for two hours, “Damn I must be that tired?” he said to himself as he got up from the bed and walked over to the console. A young male officer appeared on the screen, “Sorry to bother you Commander” replied the officer, “but we were trying to contact you the last half hour”
“Last half hour?” asked Sidney
“Yes Sir” said the officer, “Lieutenant Walker was trying to contact you and was able to get a hold on to you and is heading to your quarters now. He asked me to try contacting you before he arrives at your quarters”
“Did he say why Ensign” asked Sidney when he noticed the rank the officer was wearing
“No sir” replied the Ensign, “all Lieutenant Walker said was to try waking you up before he arrives”
“Well consider your assignment completed Ensign” said Sidney, “I will deal with the Lieutenant Walker shortly, Nettleson out” Sidney deactivated the console when someone knocked on the door, “Lieutenant Walker is that you?”
“Yes Commander” replied the muffle voice of Lieutenant Walker, “Are you alright sir? I have been trying to contact you?” Sidney walked over to the door and pressed the release button. Sidney shied his eyes away from the bright lights from the corridor when he saw Lieutenant Walker and two security personnel with him, “something the matter Lieutenant?” asked Sidney
“No sir” said Walker, “it is just that when you did not respond to my calls I was worried and thought you may have been the next person who might have been hit”
“I doubt that Lieutenant” smiled Sidney, “if I recalled this is a secure accommodation wing for Confederation Officers correct?”
“Yes sir. But still I like to be sure that everyone here is safe, including the Admiral’s well being”
“Well I can understand Lieutenant” said Sidney, “now is there something you wanted to see me about?”
“Yes sir” said Walker, “the reason I was trying to contact you is that one of our security personnel was doing a sweep in one of the operations wing and they found the body of a janitor shot in the head”
“So what does that got to do with me?” asked Sidney
“We search the room and we found out that the assailant was using one of the operation consoles and tapped into the our military personnel files including yours”
“Yes sir, but there is more. I will sure you when we get there”
“Give me 10 minutes to get myself clean up” said Sidney as he quickly closed the door and rushed over to the refresher unit and clean himself up.
Damn this is not good thought Sidney; could he be the next target? Did he stumble across something which he wasn’t supposed to know?
Quickly heading into the refresher and out, Sidney bolt out grabbing his jacket and essentials, Sidney jumped out of the door nearly colliding into Walker and the two security personnel officers.
“Careful sir” said Walker slowing the commander down “you don’t have to rush. We have sealed the area and no one is able to come in and of the crime scene except authorised personnel
“Right” said Sidney as he tried to regain his composure, “OK what can you tell me then?” asked Sidney as the group started walking down the corridor towards one of the main lifts, “Well sir” said Walker as he started to explain the who story and current situation of the latest murder, unaware by the group that a miniature camera device was sitting in one of the air vents looking at where the group was walking towards, recording their movements and their conversations.

* * *​

In a private room somewhere within Perry Naval Base

“So you are Nettleson” said the stranger, watching the group on the screen that was being sent via the remote camera that was hidden in the accommodation wing
“Now I have good look at you. You do look somewhat familiar. Now I have to consider what I should do with you. Terrell should have not got you involved”
“So what you going to do with the human” said an alien voice
“You don’t need to worry my feline friend” said the stranger, “our work will continue as per usual. This man is just a minor inconvenience and can be rectified”
“I hope so for your sake” said the feline voice, “because the Order will tolerate such failure”
“Who said anything about failure” chuckled the stranger, “you should know anyone who comes across me is found dead no matter who the person is”
“And what of me?”
“You are a different matter my feline friend” said the stranger, “we work together for mutual cooperation and benefits and so we are on a neutral situation”
“Very well” said the feline stranger, “but be warn the Order is watching you and if this Human finds out what is happening it will be your head”
“Rest assure my friend” said the stranger, “I am sure that he won’t find out” looking back at the monitor, the stranger watched on as Sidney and Walker were continue talking about the latest find and the investigation they have been working on.
“Soon Sidney you will meet your fate”
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Chapter 7

Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Operations Wing

Star Date 2669.022.1845

“Not a pretty site ain’t it sir?” said Walker as he looked at the remains of the dead janitor on the floor as an investigation officer took an image shot of the body.
“No” replied Sidney, “What was he doing here in the first place?”
“Well we have maintenance services go through all the wings and clean the area, even if they have not been used. I think it was the Admiral’s new policy of maintain a clean environment throughout the entire station”
“I think he might be taking this a little bit too seriously” said Sidney
“That may be sir” said Walker, “but we have our orders sir” Walker and Sidney looked on as several investigation team officers go through the crime scene and categorising any evidence they could find. Sidney walked up and kneel next the body of the janitor, with a pair of metal tweezers he carefully lift up part of the janitor’s jackets looking underneath to see if there was anything underneath.
Everything looked normal to him, the janitor was wearing the standard maintenance uniform, and a standard ID badge stuck on the outside of the janitors left breast pocket and was wearing a maintenance utility belt. Sidney stood up when he notice a small gold chain hanging over the janitor’s belt.

Leaning over he picked up the chain with his tweezers and tried to pull it out. The chain was caught on to or was being held by something underneath the janitor’s pants. Sidney with his other gloved hand, slid his fingers into pants along the belt line and pulled it up allowing him to pull the chain out.
“Damn how many are there?” asked Walker as he saw Sidney pulled out another black Confederation Star
“I think that whoever is doing these murders are leaving these medallions for a reason” said Sidney as he stood up look over the medallion. He called over an investigation officer and placed the medallion in an evidence bag.
“Why would this person leave these medallions behind?” asked Walker
“I think this person is trying to tell us something” replied Sidney, “I think that the person is trying to tell us something”
“What do you think the person is trying to say sir?”
“I don’t know” said Sidney, “but I am guessing it is more of warning, something like to stay out of their way or something”
“How do you know they are trying to say that sir?”
“Well I think they are warning us not to get too close, otherwise we might be next on their hit list”
“Not if I have anything to say about that” said Walker, “As if I am going to let some sick freak get their hands on me”
“I hope so for you sake Lieutenant” said Sidney, “because I don’t plan to die early”

Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Admiral Terrell’s Office

Star Date 2669.024.1005

“So far we have come up with no leads whatsoever” continued Sidney as he and Walker gave Admiral Terrell an update on their investigation
“It looks pretty bad over this side as well gentlemen” said Terrell, “I have the media buzzing all over the place, trying to get every piece of information they could get about these murders. This as well they want to get any information about the Black Star. To make matters worse, I received word from my superiors from High Command and want an update on this case and want to be kept appraise of the situation”
“What have you said Admiral?” asked Walker
“Same thing as we said the media. We are still investigation and still gathering new information daily and trying to disseminate the information from fact and rumour”
“Well we got a whole bunch of information to go through sir” said Sidney, “If there is nothing else for us sir we would be going back to Security and go through the evidence and information we gather”
“No gentlemen, you are doing the best you can do. Dismissed”

* * *​

Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Chow Bar – Promenade Level

Star Date 2669.024.1345

After returning from Admiral Terrell’s meeting, Sidney got stuck into separating all of the information they gather and tried to determine what information could be useful. All the dissemination took a toll on Sidney and decided to take a break and headed down to the Promenade Level and have lunch at one of the popular food joints.

Terrell sat down at a nearby table and was ready to eat his lunch when he heard a female voice call out his name.
“Sid! Sid!” Sidney turned around and was met front on with two small people colliding into him and hugging him. Looking down he saw a small boy and girl looking up at him with big grins.
“Oops Um can I help you two?”
“We came to see our nephew Sid” said the girl
“Yeah” said the boy
“Your nephew Sid?” smiled Sidney, “I guess that you must be Auntie Jasmine and Uncle Michael” Sidney grinned as he tousled with their hair, “I know a Sidney, but not a Sid” both of the kids stuck out their tongues
“Well we have not found him yet” said Michael, “can you be our nephew Sid?” grinning Sidney kneeled down and hugged the two children, “sure I can be your nephew” laughing the children started talking as one trying to their get their uncle’s attention telling him stories. Sidney was trying to listen to them when he noticed a couple walking up towards him and the kids smiling.
“Well I was wondering where those two were” said the man, “somehow I doubt there is any place you could hide. They seem to know where you are all the time” smiling Sidney stood up and shook his brother in laws hand followed by a hug manly hug, “Amos!” smiling Sidney as it slowly became a large grin, “you mangy bastard. How are you?”
“No better than you are you sook” replied Sidney’s brother in law
“What are you doing here?” asked Sidney, “I thought you were at the front in the Vega Sector?”
“Well I was” said Amos who suddenly looked a bit sheepish, “but your sister and I had some unfinished business”
“Unfinished business?” asked Sidney he looked over to his sister, Beatrice who slightly blushed when her brother look at her curiously
“Well Sid, Amos and I have been holding back something and we never got time to get it done and we would like you to be our witness to our marriage”
“Me?” Sidney was speechless
“Yeah mommy and daddy are going to get gold rings on their fingers” said Jasmine, “Michael and I got to see them”
“Oh did you?” said Sidney, “I guess they looked pretty?”
“Yeah” smiled Jasmine “I want a ring like mommy’s and daddies”
“Maybe when you are older” said Amos, “So Sid, would you do the honours of standing in to be my witness?”
“I will be honoured” said Sidney, “don’t you need a female witness as well”
“Yeap my cousin Anna is here as well a few family and friends as well”
“Anna here!?”
“Oh I forgot about her” Beatrice covered her mouth, “Anna still has a thing for you. Kids let leave your dad alone with Uncle Sid”
“Aw mom!” the kids groaned
“Don’t worry kids” said Sid, “After when we finished I will take you to the sims-arcade” the kids eyes brighten at the mention of arcade and the pair bolted out of the food court with their mum chasing after them.

“Amos you know that was almost five years ago” said Sidney as he and Amos sat down, “I was married and had priorities”
“Yeah but Anna is Anna” said Amos, “she fell in love with you when she first met you and there was no way turning her away from you”
“Even though I was in love with another woman”
“So you do having feelings for her?”
“A little bit” said Sid, “Look Amos after what happen to Sarah. I don’t want to take another chance at a relationship or anything. I am not ready”
“I think two years is a long time and you have to move on mate” said Amos, “if there was anything I learn about this war, is that one day you might lose someone who you might never get the opportunity to see again and wonder to yourself what if you taken that different path”
“Is that why you two are getting married now?”
“Sid we have been together for ten years. You could say that we were married as soon we got together. You even said that we were the perfect couple and look at us now we have two kids. Now I just want to make it official”
“I suppose, but how did you get off from the old Glorious?”
“Like every other officer Sid” said Amos, “I spoke to my Captain and said I requested leave so I can get married”
“You said that?”
“Well something like that” smiled Amos, “I think the Captain didn’t mind, give the fact he knew I was with somebody and already had two kids”
“Oh well I suppose” said Sidney, “how much time do you have left before going back?”
“Well we have a month or so. So we planning to get married here and see the families back at Sol before going back”
“Well let’s get cracking shall we. We have some things to organise. I guess my lunch has to wait now” Sidney and Amos walked out of the food bar continuing talking unaware in a corner on the promenade a lone stranger hidden by the shadows was watching the two with a scope, zooming in on Sidney.
“So now I know what you like” said the stranger, putting the scope away. The stranger turned around and walked down the alley.

* * *​

Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Confederation Chapel
Accommodation wing

Star Date 2669.024.1230

“But sir we have lot of data we need to sift through” said Walker as he chased after Sidney who was wearing his full formal dress uniform
“Lieutenant I think a couple of hours will not make a difference”
“But sir!?”
“Lieutenant that’s enough!” snapped Sidney as he stopped walking and turned around facing Walker, “Look Lieutenant, cases come and go as they please. People come in and do the work as required. This on the other hand, is a wedding and happens once in a blue moon and it is personal family matter. I would like for once go and enjoy some of life’s precious and private moments” Walker stood dumbfound and couldn’t find a response to Sidney’s statement, “Look Lieutenant we have several investigation officers on our team. I am sure the other officers can do the job as well as I can. Take your men and go through the information and I will see you after the wedding”
“Yes Sir” said Walker as Sidney turned back and headed into the chapel.

* * *
To be continued…..​
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Chapter 8

Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Officer’s Function and Reception Hall
Promenade Level

Star Date – 2669.024.1430

He was wondering what he is going to say. He could say a hundred and one different things and can’t decide what to say first.
“The best way to start is to say something from the heart” that is what Beatrice said to Sid during the beginning of the reception when the two siblings caught up together after the wedding ceremony, “it is not that hard Sid and you know that”
It was not that hard at all and Sidney knew that. He stood up and tapped his wineglass with his knife getting everyone’s attention. Soon every eye’s were now focused on him. Sidney has not felt this nervous in front of a gathering of people since the Academy graduation when he nearly fainted.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I believe it is my responsibility that as best man, that I have to make a speech and so in case of an emergency I have written up my speech in case I forget” Sidney pulled out a set of cue cards from inside his suit jacket and held them ready in front of everyone, showing that he came prepared. The people laughed as Sidney took out the cards as he prepares his speech.
“Ladies and gentlemen” began Sidney “oh wait I done that bit” Sidney tossed the first card over his shoulder where it landed somewhere behind his chair, the crowd burst into laughter as Sidney tried to get his speech under way.
“Ah here we are” continued Sidney, “I have known Amos since our days at the Academy and as some of you people may or may not know, Amos was a mangy bastard and he knows how to get into trouble” there were nods among the small group of people as well as a few chuckles here and there, “Amos knows to have fun and never misses an opportunity. I could list all the things he done at the Academy but I think I let the man himself tell you about them another day. But seriously folks I come here today to say that I could not be more proud than for Amos to be my brother in law and the one who marries my sister. Although, I would have to say one thing, Amos, you bastard it is about damn bloody time!”

“Yeah damn right!” said a voice amongst the people. Everyone laughed at the last comment that even Amos and Beatrice could not help laugh at the comment. Sid let the crowd calm down a bit before he resumed his speech.
Sidney took a moment to look around and continued his speech, “Amos has many qualities, some bad and some good. But among those qualities Amos has always been a man who is loyal to his friends, family and fellow comrades in arms with the Confederation Forces. Now he has another responsibility, his wife and already his ever growing family” a chuckle was heard among the guests
“I can’t say much but for this” said Sidney as he lifted his glass, “Amos, you have been my best friend for 15 years. We have been through hell and back and there is no better man I would want to be my sister’s husband and my brother in law. Beatrice, we share many experiences as children and as young adults. You have been my rock and guiding light in times of need. I can’t see a better man who will be with you and looking you for years to come and from the words of a movie Beatrice and I know well, ‘In maritime tradition, I wish you both clear horizons, my good friends and make it so’ and so ladies and gentlemen I propose a toast wishing them the happiness and good fortune. To the bride and groom”
The wedding guests all stood up and raised their glasses “To the bride and groom!” they all saluted to the happy married couple.

* * *​

In a room somewhere in Perry Naval Base

Two large figures were standing around the monitor, watching the festivities that were occurring. The so called wedding which they were told was not like the things they expected to see. Human cultures is still very alien, even after a millennium, they still have trouble understanding them.
“Is that the human you refer to” said one of the alien
“Yes” replied the second, “our operative says that this is the individual who is leading the investigation”
“That human must not found out about our plans” said the first, “if that human finds out what is to happen, all our plans will be nothing”
“Patience my friend” said the second being as they both continue to watch the monitor, “our operative is watching this human very carefully. The operative reported that the human is investigating the remains of all our rituals we performed. The operative believes that the human is not getting close to finding the truth”
“Very well” said the first, “and what of the operative? Do you have any use of the human once it has been no use to us?”
“I have wonder about that?” said the second one, “I believe we can some further use of the human, a slave, a pet or maybe a viable food source when we return to homes space” the first one made a soft laugh which sounded more like an old man wheezing.
“Ah yes, I heard that the humans tasted like our Hik-Ke’s back home. I wonder if it is true”
Both of the aliens laughed as they continue to watch the monitor of the wedding.
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Chapter 9
Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Accommodation Wing

Approaching to Sidney Nettleson’s personal quarters
Star Date – 2669.024.2330

The reception went longer than anticipated and he knew he drank too much. But he didn’t care, it was all for good reasons. Sidney was holding a champagne bottle in one hand and his other arm was draped across the shoulders of Amos who too was drunk both mumbling and laughing. The two best friends were exchanging stories and memories of their past childhood reliving those moments.
“Do you remember the day when” slurred Sidney as he tried to make a sentence
“Nah I remember when you” said Amos at the same time, both trying to talk over each other, while stumbling across the main corridor, Sidney tripped over himself and fell against the wall pulling Amos with him causing his brother in law to fall across his legs. Both men stumbling across the floor and looked at each other with stunned looks, followed by a loud roar of laughter between the two.
“You think we are going to disturb the rest of the people sleeping in this wing?” asked Amos as he sat up against the wall next to Sidney; take a swig out of the champagne bottle he and Sidney took at the reception.
“Nah” slurred Sidney as he took a swig from his bottle, “actually there is about 10 or so people in this wing”
”How many people can this accommodate this wing?”
“Oh something like 30 or so people” replied Sidney, trying to hold down chuckle
“And you have only 10 personnel in this wing?” said Amos,
“Yeah but there was one thing about it thou” smiled Sidney, “I found out that everyone in this wing are women” Amos looked at his brother-in-law in astonishment and grinned wickedly at him.
“You in a wing of all women?!” said Amos “what the heck are you waiting for stud? I am sure there are some fine woman here would take your fancy”
“Yeah maybe” said Sidney as he tried to pull himself up, “once I finished this drink and sober up I might asked one of them fine ladies and ask them out for coffee”
“Well don’t forget to clean yourself up then” said Amos, “man you stink like shit!”
“You one for talk” smiled Sidney. Both men finally reached to Sidney’s quarters while making loud drunken noises along the way, possibly waking up the women that were asleep in the wing.
“Come on Sid, open the damn door” growled Amos as he took a drink from the champagne bottle
“Bite me” laughed Sidney as he fiddle with his access card on the card swipe. Finally the drunken naval officer was able to swipe the card through. Sidney and Amos crammed through the doorway only to find both their faces on the floor, followed by two loud snores which could be heard throughout the corridor.

* * * *​

Amos tried opening his eyes, still feeling a bit groggy from last night. It was still dark in the room and he could not see himself or Sidney, save the soft glow of the computer monitor light on standby mode. Amos sat up from the floor he landed, his legs was on top of Sidney back from the fall. Amos grinned and jabbed him with his boot, “Bloody hell Sidney don’t you clean up your mess. I bloody fell over you!”
“Hmm what” said Sidney, Amos spun his head around to where Sidney answer. He could not see Sidney but he could faintly see the body of someone reflect from the monitors light on the bed, “Sidney is that you on the bed?”
“Ah huh” said the person on the bed, Amos quickly jumped up from where he stood and lean over to where the main door is and fumble to along the side of the door looking for the light switch.
Suddenly the room was filled with a bright white. Amos closed his eyes tightly and slowing opening them up again to get his eyes adjusted to the light.
“Fucking hell Amos!” growled Sidney from the bed, “turn off the frigging light would you!”
“Um Sidney when was the last time you came back to your quarters?” asked Amos
“What the hell you on about?” said Sidney as he toss around the bed throwing his blanket over his head away from the light, “We just came back from your wedding!”
“You never came back during that time” Amos voiced suddenly change into a serious tone, “I think we got a problem Sid”
“What is it!?” snapped Sidney as he sat up from this bed. Sidney’s face instantly changed when he saw what Amos was looking at.
By his brother-in-laws feet was the body of a dead man in a Confederation naval uniform looking upwards at the ceiling. Sidney quickly got up and walked over to the body, “what the hell! How the hell he get inside here?” Sidney looked around the room; nothing appeared to be tampered save the half empty champagne bottle that was lying next to the bed on its side.
“This does not look good” said Amos as he knelt down and took a closer look at the body. Amos looked at the face and noticed that there was bloody oozing behind his head, indicating that the naval officer might have been struck on the head. “You better get security here and your Lieutenant Walker, Sid”
“Yeah this is pretty nasty” said Sidney as he walked over to his computer terminal and activated his comm. link to security” the black screen was then replace with the face of the Night Watch Officer in Security, “Sergeant, Lieutenant Commander Nettleson, contact Lieutenant Walker immediately and inform him that there has been a security breach in my quarters and inform him to see a forensic team at once”
“Yes Sir” replied the Sergeant. Sidney turn back and looked where Amos was still looking around the body.
“You have any idea where he came from?” asked Amos
“How the heck should I know Amos” said Sidney, “we came back at the same time, how the heck am I suppose to know”
“Well this does not look good whatsoever” said Amos, “I hope we can find out what is going here”
Chapter 10
Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Accommodation Wing

Sidney Nettleson’s personal quarters
Star Date – 2669.025.0530

Sidney didn’t recall when the last time he was in cramped room. His quarters were a room of peace and quiet, of solitude and a place to reflect and think things over. In the last hour, Lieutenant Walker and his security officers were sweeping the room for hidden devices, bombs, listening traps anything with their scanners while a medical forensic team was assessing the body that was in his room. Sitting on large supply box holding a mug of coffee and a rug over his shoulders, Sidney was feeling a little cold and a little out of place.
“What the hell happen?” he thought, “how the fuck did that body get in here!?”
Sidney looked around as the officers were combing through his quarters. Looking down the corridor he could see the other occupants in the accommodation wing coming out of their quarters curious to see what the commotion is all about. From the far side of the corridor he could see Admiral Terrell coming out of the lift and heading towards him with his aide walking behind him.
“This is not going to be good Sid” said Amos he dropped next to Sidney with a rug in one hand and a coffee mug in the other, “What is Terrell going to think when he sees this?”
“Don’t ask me” grumbled Sidney, “I don’t how the body got in”
“Sidney are you alright?” asked Terrell as he walked up to Sidney and Amos, the Admiral turned around to look through the door to where the body lay on the floor and watching the security and medical personnel were conducting their analysis, “Not a way to end a wedding celebration?”
“No sir” said Amos, “I thought I must hit some kind of box which Commander Nettleson left behind”
“Well it seems that the Commander may have forgotten to clean up his mess” smiled Terrell.
“Is there something you want Admiral?” asked Sidney as he looked up at the station commander, “I am not feeling all too well at the moment”
Terrell was quiet for a few seconds before he pulled out a data pad from inside his jacket, “I know that this not the best of times but I think you might want to look at this” Sidney took the data pad from Terrell and activated the pad. The screen flashes on with a message with private and confidential written across. Sidney entered his security code and watched as the message scroll down in front of him. As the message scrolled his eyes slowly widen as he continued to read the message.
“What is it ask?” as Amos
“It’s my mother” said Sidney, “there has been an accident” Sidney dropped the data pad to the group shocked with the news he received.
“Sidney?” Amos bent over to pick up the data pad
“She’s gone Amos” said Sidney, “she’s dead”
“I’m sorry Commander” said Terrell, “this is probably the best of days for you”
“Commander” Lieutenant Walker walked over to Sidney and the others, “we found these inside the jacket of the body” passing to Sidney a photograph and a data pad.
Sidney took both items and looked at the photo. The photo showed a group of Confederation officers sitting around a table of what look like a dinner function everyone was wearing their dress uniforms or some formal attire with their respective partners sitting with them. There was no one in the photo he recognises, yet there was something or someone very familiar about the group that he could not put a finger on.

“Do we have an ID on the person?” asked Terrell
“Yes sir” replied Walker but was hesitant to tell the Admiral
“Lieutenant?” asked Terrell
“Sorry sir” said Walker, “it’s Lieutenant Dekker”
“Dekker? As in Lieutenant Commander Michael Dekker?”
“Yes sir”
“Should that name be familiar?” asked Amos
“I am surprised you never met any of the Dekkers” said Terrell
“Michael Dekker is the son of Commodore Maxwell Dekker” said Sidney without looking up at the group, “my immediate superior”
“Shit” whispered Amos “this is not good”
“No I don’t think that is going to be good” said Terrell, “when word reaches to Commodore Dekker, we will have to start talking fast” Sidney looked at the data pad which Walker gave him, flipping it over he examine the pad seeing nothing significant about. It was the standard issue Confed-issue data pad used for accessing and transmitting information and or data. Flipping back to the front, Sidney activated the data pad and an audio file was the only thing found in the pad. Sidney accessed the file to hear a muffled conversation.

“….are everything in…”
“…charges will…files all ready”
“They have been……….we shall see to it”
“…..this time, we ……..”
“Commander…..Admiral…..Lieutenant…..Colonel……Ensign……Sergeant….Corporal….Fleet Captain….Private……”

“What the!?” said Sidney, “why is my name mention”
“I don’t know sir” said Walker, “but from the sounds of it, sounds like a number of officers and non-coms are targeted for something”
“Lieutenant, try to get the full message of the file” said Sidney, “we need to know what the hell that conversation was all about”
“Yes sir”
“Admiral, I am going to take a leave of absence. I am heading back to Earth”
“Very well” nodded Terrell, “you need to sort out your family matters first. Walker will sort the situation here while you head back”
“Thank you Admiral. Amos you better go tell Beatrice, I will organise transport back to Earth. We got a lot of work to do”
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Chapter 11

Star Date – 2669.033.1330

Cardiff, England – Earth, Sol.
Nettleson’s Family Estate

It has been ten years since he last visited home, let alone Earth. For the last ten years he has been focused on his duty and his career and it was all work, little play.
The funeral service was attended by family members, relatives and close friends.
It has been ten year since Sidney spoke to anyone and it was somewhat good to see them ago. There were many people he didn’t recognise and people he did.
The funeral was a perfect gathering for the families who have not seen each other for so long to finally catch up and reminisce on the past , catching up on old times and possibly repair old wounds.

It has been too long thought Sidney as he sat watching the children playing by the pond.
Sidney recalls so many fond memories of him and his sister playing by the ponds. Now a next generation of the Nettleson’s are playing by the pond.
“I wonder if Plucky is still around” Sidney turned around and saw his sister come by and sit next to him on the stone bench, “it has been so long hasn’t it?” she said as she looked on at the children playing around the pond, “I wonder what ever happen to Plucky?”
“Probably found a mate and bore some nice ducklings or something” said Sidney as he took a sip from his tea, “probably guarding his mate’s nest from the younglings”
“You remember the day when we put that pain bomb on Plucky’s nest” chuckle Beatrice, “Plucky though it was an egg and sat on it hoping that it would hatch”
“Yeah I do” chuckled Sidney “and the egg exploded covering Plucky all over in purple paint” Beatrice to laugh remember that incident
“Mother was furious; it took her almost three days to get that paint of his feathers”
“It was worth it” said Sidney “after all that time he sneaks into the house and steal the food from the pantry” they laughed a bit more before they both calmed down a bit and watched the children playing.
“We should have came home sooner and visit her” said Sidney, “she keeps calling us, asking when we would come by and visit”
“She knew that we were all busy” said Beatrice “you were with the JAG and I was always working on my Doctorate and all. She knew that we were busy, we at least spoke to her on the network”
“But it was not the same” said Sidney, “there was a few times I return to Earth where I would be debriefing with the department and I could have made a quick stopover and visit her. It is just not right that mother was all alone.”
“You can’t change what you did” said Beatrice, “you had an obligation as do I. She knew that as well she knew it would be the same with father. We all knew that we would be away once we commit ourselves to Confed”
“Why does it have to be like this” said Sidney “damn not fair and damn it, it had to be now!” standing up Sidney turn around and heading inside the house putting down his teacup he walked inside the house and headed to the kitchen and found himself a bottle of whisky and poured himself a drink. Some of the guests who were in the kitchen noticed Sidney sudden change and quietly left the kitchen, giving the eldest son a moment alone.
Beatrice entered the kitchen shortly after watching Sidney taking a drink of the whisky.
“You shouldn’t drink too much” said Beatrice, “we have the family to see to”
“I’m sure they manage without me”
“Um actually you are needed to for hearing”
Looking up at his sister Sidney looked at her in surprise “What hearing?”
“Mother left a will of some sort for us” said Beatrice, “according to her representative. He told us that we would be given a whole bunch of details and some sort”
“Yeah but the catch is we have to fly over to Denver, Colorado”
“The United States? How come?”
“Well that is where the Attorney’s office is located” said Sidney’s younger sister, “apparently he flies over here whenever mother needs to sort out any legal matters”
“Very well then. We will go see this attorney first thing in the morning”

* * *
Star Date – 2669.035.0930
Denver, Colorado, United States of America.

John Saget’s Office

Sidney and Beatrice were sitting inside John Saget’s office waiting for him to arrive. His secretary told them that he was busy with another client but mention that they could wait in his office while he finishes his work.
Looking around the office, Sidney was impressed with the layout of the room. Although living in the 23-24 century, the office has a certain old style look from an attorney’s office from the late 20th century. It felt that the attorney wanted to live in the past or something.
“Nice little office” said Beatrice as he gazed around the room admiring the interior design
“Looks like the guy never left the era or something” said Sidney as he saw the numerous of photos, certificates, awards and other little mementos what lay about.
While looking around, the main door into the office and Sidney turn around to see his mother’s attorney enter carrying a satchel and folder of notes hanging out.
“Sorry to keep you waiting” said John as he dumped his bag and folder on his desk. Turning around he walked up to both Sidney and Beatrice’s hand before sitting himself down, “damn Senators always seeking amendments to the Confederation Constitution and demanding too many things here and there”
“Must be hard work for you?” asked Beatrice
“Well it keeps me out of trouble” said John “plus it pays the bills”
“Thank you for your time to see us” said Sidney, “my sister told me of a will or some sort left by our mother?”
“Quite right, yes quite right” nodded John as he tapped in a keypad console on his desk. On the left of the office, a side section fell away and revealed a hidden compartment where several shelfs could be seen with several data chips and pads were stacked across. Walking over John pulled out a data pad from his pocket and pressed another set of digits and commands. A data pad popped out from the shelf and John pulled it out and passed it to Sidney.
“On this data pad is the details of her will and belongings which will be allocated accordingly”
“Looks pretty much straight forward to me” said Sidney as he gazed through the information on the data pad.
“Not exactly” said John, “apparently there is another will made by your father which was suppose not to be read until your mother’s passing”
“What!” both Sidney and Beatrice said in unison
“Mother said that father never made a will” said Beatrice
“I guess she lied”
“Actually it was your father’s request that you both not be told until your mother’s passing” said John, “apparently it had to do with his work as a Confed officer”
“As if I had not heard that one before” said Sidney “may we see it?”
“Your father’s will and details is also on that data pad” said John “the wills of both your parents are both secured with our data-banks and can be only access by either of the two children”
While Sidney and Beatrice were reading through the data-pad, John then pulled out another small box and passed it to Sidney, “I was told that once both your parents passed away, your father had explicit instructions to hand you this. The box is seal with a finger print scan which recognised only yours”
Taking the box and looking at it, it didn’t appear suspicious of any sort except it looked like a standard medallion box where one would be put a medal in for safe keeping.
Placing his thumb on the small scanner, the box click indicating it was unlock. Taking a quick peek inside the box Sidney’s eyes widen at what was inside. After seeing what was inside he quickly shut box and put inside his jacket pocket.
“What is it?” asked Beatrice
“I will tell you later” said Sidney who appeared to be shaken, “you don’t know the contents of this box?”
“Not at all” replied John, “the contents of that box were locked for a specific reason and apparently access can be obtained only by your prints. So I would not know what would be inside the box”
“Thank you for your time John” said Sidney as he stood up and shook hands with the attorney, “I appreciate it”
“No problems. If there are any matters or information you require regarding your parents wills and their requests, please let me know”
“Thanks I will keep that in mind”

* * *
Star Date – 2669.040.1000
Confed Transport 224-4220
En-route Perry Naval Base
Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector

‘For the last twenty years we never spoke to each other let alone speak at all. I wish I was a better father but I couldn’t. I was a man with a duty and obligation which I had to see to.
I wish things were different Sidney and I wish things were different. But no matter what happens to me, to your mother and to your sister I am and will always be proud of you’

Sidney replayed the audio message over and over again which he picked up among the belongings which his parents left behind. The audio message was something he didn’t expect. Looking outside the view port at the stars, Sidney couldn’t decide whether to hate him or forgive him for telling him how he felt and what the large gap of his life that was missing of not seeing him.
Sidney played the audio message again and set it for repeat. Closing his eyes, Sidney tilted back in his chair and tried to clear his mind and focus at the task at hand. He has a case to solve but it has become more complex.
In his other hand was the medallion box which John Saget gave him now. Looking at it the medallion he wondered what to do. The shiny black 8 pointed star was looking at him beckoning him to do something. Sidney could see his distorted reflection on the medallion and was tempted to throw it out of the airlock.
What did you get yourself into dad thought Sidney what the fuck you do!?
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Chapter 12

Perry System, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector
Perry Naval Base

Security Department – Lieutenant Walker’s Office

“Are you sure about this” said Lieutenant Walker as he examined the black medallion Sidney received from his deceased father “your father was involve with these people?”
“There is no other logical explanation” said Sidney taking the star back “he must have been involved with something”
“Could it be possible that he was involve because of the work he did?” asked Walker, “you knew that your father was serving with Fleet Intelligence?”
“Yes and he served with the Governments Intelligence Service” said Sidney, “he even served a short stint with Admiral Vance Richards”
“Admiral Richards? I didn’t hear about that?”
“No one should” said Sidney “very few people knew about it” there was a brief quite pause between the two officers
“How was the service?” asked Walker referring to Sidney’s mother funeral service
“It was pleasant” replied Sidney “it was a nice way to see her off. Bit sad but nice”
“Um sir should you take some time off before you continue with your investigation?” asked Walker “we have been able to cover the investigation while you were gone. We got no results but we are doing our best”
“No Lieutenant thank you” said Sidney “I had enough time already. Besides ain’t I the officer in charge of this investigation?”
Walker smiled “Yes I suppose. Sorry sir. I guess I am so used to doing things a bit differently without another senior officer working on the same case as I am. I will come back later. I am going to see the Admiral”
“Yes Sir”

* * *

Admiral Terrell’s office

“So far nothing has come up while you went back to Earth” said Terrell, “but I have been contacted by the Regional Representatives”
“The SRR?” asked Sidney
“Actually it is the Quadrant Governor” said Terrell, “he is expressing some concern about this situation and wants us to speed up with the investigation”
“Well these things do not happen over night Admiral” said Sidney “we are working on very little information and leads”
“I know but with the government looking over our shoulders we might get into a little bit of hot water if we do not produce results”
“Don’t worry we will get something”

* * *

Meanwhile at a small eatery on the Promenade Level

The person was sitting in the corner booth, the person features was hidden from the large cap that was covering the face. It was hard to see if it is a man or woman that sat in the booth. Because being in the corner not many people would take notice and usually people sit in the corner booth are usually people who wish to be alone. The unidentified person was watching a small visual data pad, and watching the conversation between two officers in an office.
“Actually it is the Quadrant Governor; he is expressing some concern about this situation and wants us to speed up with the investigation”
“Well these things do not happen over night Admiral, we are working on very little information and leads”
The person continues to watch the conversation when a pager alarm sound off, turning off the pager the person looked at it and read the message.
Looking back he continues to watch the conversation between the two officers,

* * *

“What is the current situation then?”
“Well Walker thinks they have found a possible link but not sure” Sidney continued when they were interrupted by a female voice on the Admiral’s intercom.
“Sorry to interrupt you sir” said the female voice, “but Lieutenant Walker is here with some information for you and Commander Nettleson”
“Very well Lieutenant, send him in” Walker entered the office a minute later carrying three data pads, “You got something for us Lieutenant?”
“Yes sir” replied Walker “and we are not going to like these” he passed a data pad each to Terrell and Sidney, “if I may Admiral” Walker indicated to a view screw behind the Admiral’s desk. Terrell nodded as Walker walked over and activated the screen.
The view screen turned up showing a portrait shot of the eight Confed Officers. Next to the photos were texts scrolling down showing their service records.
“Sirs these are the officers we found at the Orion Function Room 19 days ago” said Walker indicating the images on the view screen, “As you can see on the data pads I gave you gives you their details on their service records”
“Yes they were all Fleet Intelligence Officers” said Terrell, “I read the report that you and the Commander learn that they all present at the Battle of Earth, serve in Intelligence Divisions and did some time in Covert Ops”
“Yes sir, but there was something we found about them that was disturbing” said Walker as he tapped his data pad. The texts on the main view screen on the wall continue to scroll down until all eight sections stopped to a star date 2668.306.
“That can’t be!?” said Sidney standing up and looking at the main view screen and checking with his data pad “are you sure about this?”
“I checked with every possible details we have” nodded Walker I even check with the main personal records from High Command from Sol. It is accurate”
“How come that date sounds familiar?” asked Terrell
“Because that was the date of the Battle of Earth” said Sidney “according to records the eight officers were killed in action at Earth”
“Impossible?” Terrell’s jaw dropped at the revelation, “how could that be?”
“We have eight bodies in the morgue with their identity recognised and yet the records show they are already dead?”
“Is it possible that their records be falsified sir?” asked Walker “that is one possible explanation”
“Unlikely” said Terrell “no matter what division you serve. Navy, Space Forces, Marines, Intelligence, Covert Ops, Operations or what ever there will be some record in the military database”
“But people who are already dead?” said Sidney “something is not right?”
“There must be something missing?” said Terrell “Lieutenant Walker, find out more about the eight officers we need to know more about them”
“Yes sir” said Walker and left the office
“What do you think Sidney?” asked Terrell, “this is a sudden change of news?”
“I didn’t expect this. I should have seen this before. I should have check their records thoroughly”
“You did what you did” replied the Admiral “we just got a spanner in the cogs now and we are dealing with something much more complex than expected. You better go and find out more about these people”
“Its going to be hell I tell you” said Sidney turning back and looking at the faces of the eight dead officers, “if word leaks out that we have officers who have been dead twice, it is going to be a media circus”
“Tell me about it” said Terrell, “I am not going to like this”