Sheffield's Shipyard

alright here is the finished model (rounded edges and tweaked mesh). Now i'll start texturing it. Would be a tough task, but i should make it ;)


I'm so happy. It's not even my model, yet I'm happy. go figure.

on a side note, I know you sead it was final, but if could just select the bottom vertices of that hangar on the back and pull them down to about the same height as the bottom orange engine cube, it would be more accurate.

I like your work. More to the point, I like looking at your work. Very nice!
Bob McDob said:
Obligatory WCIII-Destroyer-Not-Sheffield post.

To reiterate this because people haven't really gotten the message despite all the debate about it recently - the ship is not *Sheffield* class. We happen to see one (of presumably thousands) that's named Sheffield.

There's no class name known for the WC3/4 destroyers.

Model looks fantastic, though!
Coming from a don't-remember-the-original-model and innocent-onlooker perspective, I'd suggest the model needs more detail. It looks a bit blocky and basic as it is. A few additional finer details could make it look really awesome and really large.
well, we are trying to stick as close to the original as possible. I used ingame cinematic's images, so trying to be 100% accurate. Although some detailes to the bottom had been added, to give it more realistic look.

@Spirit: about textures, well there are still windows to do, inner part texture and possibly markings. So what I wanted to ask is - how should i mark Sheffields? Confederation symbol or Border Worlds or both? I very very doubt that at a timeline of WC:U borderworlds had any of the sheffield class ship. So I would go just for confed.
i got tired already.

There is no sheffield class, cause we do not know what class it is. We call it sheffield, due to the name of the ship in WC3 of this class. So i think i can call it a sheffield. And not to call it unknown-class-ship.

Here is the update btw :D



Regarding bays: the Sheffield herself does not have a launch bay. Later versions, such as the Coventry, do. It's analagous to the Arleigh Burke-class destroyers of the USN -- the first version had no helicopter bay, and the 'Flight IIA' update added them.

The launch bay in the 'Flight IIA' WC3 destroyers carries four Hellcat Vs.
Maybe it's just a docking bay.

In order to avoid much mucking around with the fleet AI system, the way I wanted to do things is that ALL capships carry at least 1 or 2 escort fighters which are launched as soon as there is a battle. (You know, like the Gamal Gan carries you and Maniac in WC2SO2). The difference between carriers and other capships is that carriers have (lots of) multiple waves of fighters.

The Sheffield looks absolutely stunning! One thing though -- does it have any main guns (as in nonturreted)? You know, antimatter guns and the like. From the look of the ship, the Caernaven-class destroyer carries an antimatter gun in the front, and lots of missiles in the two side launchers. Does the Sheffield have any of this? (I guess it's something like an AEGIS cruiser, so maybe it has antimissile missiles?)
Is the picture correct for the Caernevon ships in the WC3 section of the ships database? The picture looks identical to the one for the destroyers (even the stars are in the same place).

The WC3 destroyer looks pretty close to the destroyer in the WC4 section, but the WC3 Caernevon looks -radically- different from the WC4 Caernevon.
What's that gun looking thing in front of it then? Is it just a radar dish? I cannot tell ^^;

Looks like a dish of some sort to me -- I don't think there's any way to claim that it's a weapon... and especially no way to claim that it's a *specific* weapon. No anti-matter guns on the specifications or in the actual game.

Is the picture correct for the Caernevon ships in the WC3 section of the ships database? The picture looks identical to the one for the destroyers (even the stars are in the same place).

This is a clever in-joke: the "frigate" model does not appear in Wing Commander 3... when the game needs one (in the Alcor series) it just 'names' a destroyer "FRIGATE".

Check with me about any weirdness in the ships section - its fairly inaccurate about a lot of things.