Screenshots Release Thread


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Don't worry about it. I don't go through this thread anymore, but I still check it from time to time to see if any screenshots actually get posted. Back in the day, sometimes they'd make it here but not to the project site or other places. At this point, the team is good about making new threads for that kind of thing and updating


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meisdavidp said:
A final note regarding the statement "Sorry for caring.": Caring isn't resurrecting and summarily raping an eight month-dead thread.
You're a complete imbecile. It's not even possible to resurrect a stickied thread - such a thread, by definition, cannot die until someone unstickies it.

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In meisdavidp's defense:

Many other forums have had provisions against bringing back old threads... and, in fact, so have we in the past. Our decision to treat our archives as something that can be used to help people instead of some kind of precious record is a recent enlightenment, which certainly doesn't jive with the make-as-many-threads-as-possible attitude that most boards have.

While it certainly always seems to moderators that a regular user enforcing rules without authority is an attempt to suck up in some manner, I think there's more to it - I think it's usually an honest attempt to let people know what's *right*. It's a natural thing - if you see someone breaking the law in-real-life, you react in some manner... that doesn't transition quite right to the we-fix-things-you-have-fun system that most internet message boards run on. So I think, however wrong, it's a noble attempt in a sense.

Now, obviously, he made a few mistakes beyond trying to do the right thing -- he's not enforcing a real rule and even if it were real he's talking about it in a thread where it couldn't apply anyway... but that's common human stupidity, which infects us all at some point or another. I think that meisdavidp is a good poster who tried to the right thing, however wrong he was - and Chris' slap on the wrist is enough, we shouldn't need to attack him beyond that.

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Their will be cutscenes. Not that much for the Prologue but hopefully more for the final release...that is if I could ever manage to get more freetime or we find someone else to work on them.

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Hey guys. All the screenshots you posted on this thread REALLY got my attention. It looks like you have every single ship from the entire WC universe on that list.

When you're done, will they all still be on that list?

Sorry if I didn't explain myself correctly, but, the list fills me with so much wonder and awe, I can't even explain myself... :)


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Well, all Wing Commander 3 will be included plus lots of Wing Commander 2 craft. A couple of ships, based on the Origin sketches from Behind the Scenes CD, have also made it into the game :)