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Sylvester said:
You guys do realize that the WCS model of the Confederation class has been on the Fleet Tactics website for four months?

yes, but it is yet to be finished :D

gevatter Lars

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Made me wonder that Fleet Tactis should have a finished model while we don't have it.
Still I had prefered the other model instead of this but well it shouldn't be.


gevatter Lars said:
Made me wonder that Fleet Tactis should have a finished model while we don't have it.

The reason is pretty simple. I never finished converting this model into a pof-file. 1) It wasn't needed that much, 2) I had no mood working on the model and the major reason is 3) I had no time, since I worked on other stuff like you know :)

I just plugged some turrets on it on behalfs of Psych's request, so that he can insert it into his website. This turret-placement isn't even complete or final in this shot. Maybe I will start working on it, when the prologue is finished. We will see. ;)


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I dont understand why the next page won't display when I click it. I just get a picture of a ferret. I'm going to clear my cache now.

EDIT: Hmm. Whenever I posted it sent me to the last page... weird


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I just wanted to write a quick update to let folks know about a couple developments. First, I'd like to mention that we're working as hard as we can to get the full game out by our announced release date. That work, however, hasn't blinded us to problems in the prologue. We've found a couple common errors that cause light failures, and are working now to get the fixes in place.

Additionally, we are working to expand the content of the game in order to offer you a perfect experience: among those additions are simulator mission! :)

Finally, fiction viewer is in progress. Basically, following stuff is to be done:

- Add some way to parse the text from the mission file
- Add code to save the text to memory and free it once done with it
- Scrollbars
- Set everything up so you can flip through the 'chapters' using buttons.
- Integrate it into the existing command briefing/briefing system. Most of the coding for that is done already, but hasn't been tested properly.

As always, keep the faith - the release will be available soon, so keep your eyes here! Comments and/or questions are welcome!


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SpaceDrake said:
This thread has grown very, very quiet and that makes me sad... :(

Actually there is tons of work going on, like ...*censored*... :) Seriously though, there is. :)



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So does that mean not much work was being done when you guys were able to pump out new screenshots every week for a year? :) With the rest of the Saga board being as slow as it is, I'd retire this thread personally and devote new threads to new items as they came up.


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There is a small difference between makinhg new models or making/balancing new missions. Plus we do not want to show a few things were are working on yet :)