Scariest moment

On another topic though I think I have to change my scariest moment to the fact that alot of tv shows have been refering to armaggedon lately.

Yup, the fact that a lot of TV shows have been refering to armageddon is definately the scariest moment in Wing Commander.
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Yup, the fact that a lot of TV shows have been refering to armageddon is definately the scariest moment in Wing Commander.

Well atleast my real life Scariest moment as the whole thing freaks me out. :) but I see what Your saying I guess I wasn't paying attention to the fact that this is Wing Commander scariest moment. Oops :eek:
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I think I saw that movie. Its been on the a bunch of the Cinamax channels this month, but what are you refering to by that comment?

The previous post said "Delete This Post!" so I made a response to it.
Scariest moment...... I guess the very first time in WC3 that I autopiloted (sp?) and the screen changes to the ass end of the Behemoth, and I thought I was going to rear end a capship, because the last time I had engines filling my screen like that I DID hit something. Also I had no shields left, the little Arrow had about had it anyway. I felt like I was flying an eggshell. As soon as I moved the stick and saw what was really up, it was cool. But it did freak me out for a second. *WHEW!*:D
My scarriest moment was also with a ship with no shields. It was in Privateer and I was hunting down some retro as we were in a astroid field. This was tords the beggining of the game and I was flying in that "wonderfull" -cough- Torus. My front shields failed and I took some damage and just as I took the retro out I looked over at the right edge of the front window and saw a astroid come down right on me before i could react. The screen turn red and the computer froze for abit then after it restored I was out of front, right and most of my rear sheilds -heart resumes beating-.
Yeah, the Tarsus is all round inferior to the other ships--the Galaxy is better than it at everything, and the Centurion and Orion are better yet at their specialties. If you ARE stuck with the Tarsus, though, get the engine upgrade and level 2 shields at least--level 1 is like tissue paper.
I've gotten along with Level 1 shields just fine. I don't even get level 2 when i'm in the tarsus, it's just a waste of money and energy that you could spend on better guns. all you have to do is learn to avoid the guns of your prey! :D
Or just do what I do, buy a new ship ASAP lol and thanks for the spelling lission Wild its not like I've played the game in the past few mouths :p j/k
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It's been a few "mouths" since you've taken a spelling "lission" too.

Good job Riot -Gives him a golden star sticker- :rolleyes: Anyways I wrote that in the morning give me a brake :D
My scariest problem was probably playing the WC games so much and practically living the WC universe to find out one day my fellow WC friend said it's all fake.